Libra Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

It is hard to resist a Libra man’s charm. Aquarius woman will be one more on this list of women who likes the Libra man. Yet, there is something mystical about the Aquarius woman. Libra man appreciates loyalty, but it is a bit hard to keep him only for yourself.

Aquarius woman won’t even have to try, this man will be crazy about her. She will tickle his imagination and keep him wanting more. Add that these two have a great level of communication, and there you go – it is a match.

Libra Man

Libra man has a great reputation. This guy is widely known as someone who has a big heart and is really sociable. He is also positive and adorable. Libra man is a magnet for the opposite sex, as it is hard to resist this nicely packed-up man. If you would ask his friends what do they think of him, they would probably say that he is their best friend. Libra man is always there for you, especially if you need an advice. He doesn’t have the need to criticize you if you made a mistake. He would actually help you how to figure out a solution, but it might take a while.

As this man wants to always make a good decision or to give a good advice, he will think it over many times. Libra man will prepare all possible outcomes, pros, and cons of his suggestion. Yet, too much thinking is never good. He will make some mistakes now and then, which will bother him. It is important to remember that he can’t please everybody and that he should be more spontaneous sometimes.

Libra man tends to take things to a balance. Living in a mess is his biggest fear. Yet, we are not talking that the Libra man will obsessively clean his room or sweep the floor every day. It is sure that he will live in a tidy and clean space, but this is not his property.

The most important thing in the world is to make his life harmonized. He tries to do everything right, to be righteous and kind. Libra man wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if he said something disrespectful to someone.

He dreams of living in a peaceful world, without wars and violence, without arguments or fights.

This man appreciates loyalty over everything. If you are a true friend to him, you would never talk behind his back. Libra man dislikes gossips. If you are his partner, never cheat to him. Even a little flirt with some other guy would hurt him. In this case, you would see the opposite side of the Libra man. This perfectly balanced, kind guy, might turn into a raging fire. Even if you two continue a relationship afterward, it will never be the same.

Libra man is extremely generous and caring as a partner. He has strong emotions but probably won’t show it off in the start. Libra man also needs some time to decide that it is the right time to start a serious relationship.

However, when he makes up his mind and chooses a woman, he will do his best to make her happy.

Aquarius Woman

All of the zodiac signs, the Aquarius woman is probably the strongest democracy supporter. This woman believes that everybody has a choice and that those choices should be respected. We shouldn’t live life to please the others, but to please ourselves. Aquarius woman strictly sticks to this rule. Live, and let the other people live – this is her motto.

As we already mentioned democracy, the Aquarius woman can easily achieve high political positions. Don’t be surprised if this woman becomes president of the state. She has that special courage and attitude and is a born leader. Yet, you would probably hardly say that she has that potential, but she sure does.

Aquarius woman is always in a company of a lot of people. She doesn’t mind it, as the zodiac sign who is very sociable. You probably heard about those energy vampires. Somehow many of them see the invisible aura of the Aquarius woman and want to get a bite. Aquarius woman is willing to talk to everybody, so her energy spreads all around and drops off. That is why she should go somewhere on a trip, alone, and take some time to fill the batteries and enjoy peace and quiet. This woman can also get in a slight depression, so needs to get away from everything for a while.

The best solution is to visit a country with a completely different culture. She will love getting to know their customs and behaviors. Aquarius woman is a bit of a psychologist deep down. She will analyze persons she meets and things she sees through the day.

Aquarius woman has that ability to see herself through a decade, or even more. She exactly knows what will happen in the future with her, how she would look like etc. That is a bit weird part of the Aquarius woman. You would maybe get the impression that she is clairvoyant. Still, let us disappoint you – she isn’t. Stars simply gave her the possibility to live ahead of her time. She already lived through this moment a long time ago. That is why she might seem absent or distant sometimes.

This woman is a strong type. Don’t ever think that you will get her just because she needs a man in her life. Oppositely, the Aquarius woman is pretty self-sufficient and know how to live life alone. She will start living alone as soon as she starts earning money. Aquarius woman wants to enjoy her freedom and pick the fruits of her hard work.


Maybe you would get the impression that the Aquarius woman is cold and distant, unapproachable and aggressive. The truth is, yes, she might get a bit aggressive, but this woman tries to canalize it through exercising, yoga, or through her job.

If you want to impress the Aquarius woman, try to seduce her with your intelligence and humor. Giving her tons of compliments will only draw you far away. This lady needs mental excitement before everything, so cheap tricks won’t work. When you finally get her for yourself, you will be surprised with her openness and willingness to try new things. Aquarius woman doesn’t care about a place or time. When she wants you, nothing else is important.

Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Aquarius woman might easily meet at some party. These social butterflies go out a lot and are invited to every party or celebration. Both of them would go, even if they are tired or sick. Missing an event is a big pity. Their characters and energies will dance together.

Additionally, this match is not about attractiveness only. This couple will have endless talks on the first day when they meet. As we mentioned above, the Aquarius woman asks for mental excitement over the physical one. Libra man will surely make her wish come true, but she will fulfill his criteria also. However, let’s not ignore the fact that these two will be a fierce combination when they get to the bedroom.

Indecisive Libra man won’t make the Aquarius woman angry or bothered. What is more, she will take the lead when it is needed. He will appreciate this a lot, as many women would just walk away. Aquarius woman will put that cherry on the top. On the other side, as she has many visionaries, it may take her to a wrong track. Libra man is a bit dreamy but definitely much more realistic than his partner. He will help you stay on the ground when she tries to fly off.

Yet, when we talk about emotions here, the Libra man has much more sense for a commitment. Aquarius woman appreciates love but wants to be free as a bird. She wants to leave and come back whenever she wants. It confronts with the Libra man’s understanding of love as belonging to the other person, who belongs to you also.

Aquarius woman doesn’t want someone to capture her. Libra man will try to make her compromise a bit, as he is willing to do that also, but she will probably ignore it. She might understand that her partner’s emotional demands are just too much for her, and eventually leave.


Libra man and the Aquarius woman’s friendship is one of the strongest among the zodiac signs. They click the second they meet, which is already a good sign. If you meet someone who makes you a better person, that this is the real friend. These two really complement each other and work towards common goodness.

We already mentioned that these two have nice communication and understand each other well. Libra man and the Aquarius woman are confident in each other as friends. It would be the best for these two to stay on friendly terms, as their level of romance doesn’t have much potential. They can be an example that man-woman friendships exist.

Interesting Facts

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were one of the most intriguing and eccentric celebrity couples. Their love story didn’t last long, but definitely was a great example of how the Libra man and the Aquarius woman can get along. Destiny decided that these two should meet and fall in love, but wasn’t meant to last for a lifetime, as Lennon was assassinated in the 1980s.


Libra man and the Aquarius combination wear something specific within. They can make it through as a couple, as they have the potential. Everything depends on the Aquarius woman. She should invest a bit more emotions here, while the Libra man needs to stop pushing her.

However, as they can be really good friends, this time maybe it is better not to damage these great aspects with romantic emotions.