Leo Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you have two strong egos at one place, it can be a complicated or a funny situation. Leo man wants to get compliments from his partner all the time, and the Taurus woman needs all-the-time affection and love. Yet, their needs can match and the couple can enjoy time spent together. What is nice, they will try to fulfill each other’s desires and needs.

This can be a constructive base for the long-term relationship. Yet, it happens more often that they don’t feel any emotion towards each other so the split up is inevitable.

Leo Man

It is somehow logical that people tend to think that the Leo man is not too emotional. Maybe that is because they combine it with the sangfroid of a lion, but in this case, it is totally the opposite. Leo man has warm emotions and strives for love. Yes, even this big boy can turn from a beast to a little kitty. Yet, we will accentuate that this is his nature when it comes to relationships. He would want to cuddle all the time and spend time in bed with his partner.

Believe it or not, the Leo man will have some difficulties in completely breaking up with his last girlfriend. Even when he splits with a woman, he will still think of her, until a new one comes. Yes, until she comes. Because even the Leo man can be passive in searching for the love of his life.

But, the Leo man is not always like this. It can happen, but not too often. Leo man is more of a tracker. He sniffs the good meat, just like a lion. And when he sniffs it, there is no way to stop him from seducing this woman. Women are weak in front of men born in this zodiac sign. Leo looks like a guardian, he gives the impression of security and safety to other people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the popular Leo man, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Statham, Robert De Niro also. You see, when you see one of these guys, you instantly feel some kind of affection. They are very intelligent, good-looking, dignified, strong men.

When in a relationship, the Leo man will try hard to prove to you his loyalty and affection. He will buy you expensive presents, tell you jokes just to see you smile, take you everywhere with him.

Once he gets you, there is no way he is leaving. The big heart of the Leo man needs love and will do everything that his woman feels loved and respond to him the same way.

However, the Leo man is usually well aware of himself. Sometimes he will do things just for show, to demonstrate how big he is. At the other times, he can act selfishly.

You can trust the Leo man. He will be with you if he wants to, there is no need to play with your emotions. This man will think twice about the choice of his partner, and once he is sure, he won’t betray your love. Leo man, still, doesn’t want you to see that he is too attached, so it is better to read between the lines.

Taurus woman

Taurus woman has two great sides of her personality – she is sentimental and she is patient. But, of course, there are many more attributes within this woman. She is also stable, realistic, focused, persistent and caring.

Stubbornness is definitely her biggest flaw. If the Taurus woman thinks of something one way, even if the whole world stands upon it, she will think the same. This rigidness in the way she thinks can be a problem sometimes, but on the other hand, just because everybody thinks one way it doesn’t mean that is right.

Taurus woman tries to control herself sometimes. She knows how temperament she can be, so for the sake of the peace, she will ignore many things. It is in her nature that she wants her life to be balanced. Yet, there are times when people come across the Taurus woman’s limits. In this case, you better run.

Exploring new things is nice, but not necessary. If something is new, it doesn’t mean it is good. Taurus woman will always pick monotony over the excitement. She is even a little bit afraid of the new, so there is no need for changes. Still, as she is not alone in this world, her friends or partner will make her move and explore. Taurus woman learns lessons through new experiences and won’t make the same mistake twice.

Seducing the Taurus woman may take time and patience. She knows how to seduce a man, but likes more to be seduced. She wants to see her man trying. Once he gets her for real, this man will understand that it was worth the effort. Taurus woman will surrender all her being to this man, possibility for a lifetime.

She is waiting for the right man because she thinks that she is the right woman. Taurus lady is devoted to her job, but nothing can compare to a family. Once she gets married and has kids, no job on earth can compare to that. She will spend all her free time home, cooking and playing with the kids.


Taurus woman needs her partner to show her that he loves her and that is loyal. She maybe overreacts when it comes to this as if she doesn’t get attention every day she will get jealous. Besides this, she wants her man to give her financial security.

Venus is the ruler of the Taurus sign. As a feminine planet, it affects the Taurus woman a little bit more than a Taurus man. It gives her sensuality, feminine look, curves and subtlety. This lady is a hedonist – meaning loves to enjoy life. It is necessary to be careful about this. Food is one of the Taurus woman’s enemies, as she can get really chubby over the years, especially after the labor.

Love and Marriage

Venus and the Sun will affect and determine the Leo man and the Taurus woman relationship. These are warm planets, meaning the love between these two signs is warm. The middle is the best sometimes. They have affection for each other, but nothing fatal.

It is the Taurus woman who needs more love than the Leo man. She will be needy and ask him to tell her nice things and cuddle with her. Leo man will, on the other side, want her to show that he is the king. He wants compliments and admiration. They will give their best to fulfill the expectations of each other. Still, this trying to be what someone else wants from us can turn into a pure confusion. Relationships should be about adapting, not changing.

Both of them can be stubborn. Taurus woman has the tendency to be more stubborn in everyday life than in love. But, it might be that the Leo man takes control of this side of hers.

What is good, this couple can have endless trust in each other. This is a combination of two fixed signs, meaning that they are pretty cold-headed. They can expect that the other person will be 100% loyal and honest. You must admit, it is hard to find these days.

Leo man and the Taurus woman attract each other. They will get into a bedroom, but then they will start arguing about who will do what. Leo man can be lazy sometimes, expecting his partner to please him. Taurus woman is different in this aspect, wanting both sides to participate. If they are sharing a bad together, they should be together in everything else. She is more into sex as an emotional act, and he is more into physics.


Leo man and Taurus woman will hardly be friends. It is because they share different values in life. Taurus woman puts an accent on the material side.

Even though the Leo man wants gold and shine in his life, he won’t insist on it. He will be more into making himself as perfect as possible, expecting the others to admire him. His ego might get on the Taurus woman’s nerves and boom – a war can begin.

We mentioned that the Taurus woman can control herself in many situations, but the selfishness of the Leo man will irritate her a lot.

Even though the Leo man likes to be home and get lazy, he is still more in public places. He wants to see everything from above. Maybe he would pick a café on the rooftop and watch people do their things. Taurus woman doesn’t find this interesting. She likes the home atmosphere more, but of course that she will go out sometimes. Chances of a meeting are rare, but they still exist.

Interesting Facts

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer, Debra Winger and Timothy Hutton, Peter Bogdanovich and Louise Stratten were a famous couple of the Taurus women and Leo men. Is it interesting that all these couples married in the last century, around 1950-60, and none of them stayed together.


The warm combination of the Leo man and the Taurus woman can last if the two comprehend each other’s needs and are willing to devote to their fulfillment. The base here is good as they trust each other

. But, trust is not enough to keep two people together. Their emotions are mild, which is sometimes better for a couple. The passion between them is also somewhere in the middle. Yet, these two have to try hard to actually stay together.