Leo Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

A love match between a Leo man and a Scorpio woman is extremely intense. These two fixed signs are crazy about each other, but with a negative and positive connotation. The passion here is off the chain. They will act as if they are glued. Because of that, the Leo man and the Scorpio woman can be possessive of each other.

The jealousy is set to default in this relationship. Stubbornness can also be a threat to them as a couple. They have almost violently drive for each other, which just has to be controlled a bit if they want to stay together.

Leo Man

If you already met a Leo man, you probably know that this man is the center of attention. It is almost impossible not to notice the energy he is giving off. Leo man might seem a bit different each time you see him, but this energy and positive vibes are always there. There is no chance you will see the Leo man sad or depressed, not because he isn’t, but because he hides it well.

Leo man wants to leave an image of a social guy, fun and active, a bit elusive. And he is actually sociable and funny, but not elusive. This is just his trick to attract women. Leo man is aware of the women’s psychology. Being distant and repulsive can be even more attractive than giving attention.

Leo man is playing the games just to make some dynamics in the everyday life. This is completely harmless to the other side. Leo man is conscious and wouldn’t ever do something to hurt someone by intention. This man is lead by high ethical and moral standards – honesty and justice are at his core.

Ambitious and creative, the Leo man has great chances to be successful. He strives for high positions and responsibilities. Working with a lot of people is interesting to him. Leo likes to be in interaction with people and knows how to put them in the right place. Any job that requires good communication skills, responsibilities, creativity will fit him, but the best option is some leadership position.

Leo man usually gets money quickly and easily but spends it even quicker. He is generous and women like this about him. This type of guy who will buy them roses, chocolates, shoes and bags, and whatever his lady wants. Leo man is a gentleman, has good manners and is well educated. Is there anything more to ask for?

What this man doesn’t like is definitely being ignored. This might seems like the end of the world for the Leo. How can someone dare not to notice the king? Yes, he has a high opinion of himself and thinks he deserves to be noticed by everyone. Leo man is an egomaniac, thirsty for attention. If you want to become closer to him, make sure to give him a few compliments now and then and always listen carefully when he is speaking.

Scorpio Woman

When you think of a Scorpio woman, you will probably think of a real scorpion. This zodiac lady is a bit notorious among the signs, even though she has many good sides. But, what is sure, she is dangerous as hell if you provoke her.

Scorpio woman is a strong and dominant lady who knows to handle her a little bit of heavy character. She knows well how to control herself, which is something she learned through the years. Being balanced is important to the Scorpio woman. That is why she has to be patient and stable.

Scorpio woman is a materialist. She likes money, thinks of the ways how to get it and to spend it. Scorpio is well aware that only a job with a good salary can enable her shopping tours and trips she dreams of. Having a well-paid job is a must. Scorpio woman is not a niggard, she will spend the money easily. As the feeling of money in her hands is one of the best things in this world, the Scorpio woman should find a job in finance or banking.

This lady is considered as one of the most attractive zodiac women. Some men admire her, while the others have some kind of fear when they are around her. What is sure – none of them is indifferent about the Scorpio woman. Everybody would want to have a try with her, but her venom is an obstacle.

Scorpio woman is covered with the veil of mysteriousness. Men usually can’t see through her emotions and actions. Sometimes the Scorpio herself doesn’t know the depth of her emotions. Changeable mood will of the Scorpio woman will make her partner feel confused.

The right partner for this woman is either calm or temperament. A man who is calm and tolerant will understand her personality, while the temperament one will compete with her and try to dominate. Still, the first option is better, and more possible, as it is a mission impossible to dominate over the Scorpio woman. She is the one to be dominant in a relationship. However, her man should sometimes speak against her, as she will be bored with someone who is reticent.

The Scorpio woman’s venom is a threat to the ones who betray her. Having her as a friend or a partner means you will have someone who is 100% with you in everything. She won’t lie or cheat or talk behind your back. But, you have to be sure that you don’t do that to her. She despises deceptions and once she feels it, her poison will be all over the place. It is much better no to provoke this situation so better decide on which terms you want to be with the Scorpio woman.

Being so temperament in life means only one thing – the Scorpio woman is temperament in intimate relations also. Her sexual drive is strong. Make sure you do everything to please her, and she will respond in the same way or even more.


Love and Marriage

Having two strong and tough personalities like these might provoke a volcano or emotions. Leo man and Scorpio woman can’t be indifferent about each other. They have so much in common, that those things somehow collide. This is the type of the relationship when they love each other now and hate each other in five minutes. But, hate is also an emotion. It reflects how deep emotions one person have for the other. If someone’s act causes hate, this means that moved us deeply.

Leo man can be sometimes jealous, but this doesn’t happen often. On the other side, the Scorpio woman will give him a reason to be jealous by flirting with the other men. However, she will never cheat on her partner. Leo man will react on that of course, but the Scorpio woman will be jealous also. Leo doesn’t flirt as much as she, but those women around the Leo man will seem like a threat to the Scorpio woman. This way, they enter the jealousy circle, and it is very hard to get out of it.

It is hard to match two zodiac signs that will have so much passion and desire for each other. They feel the fatal attraction for each other, which can open up some new chapters in the bedroom. One look is enough to light a fire within them, not to talk about a kiss or a touch. Yet, after some time the couple will realize the different views they have about sexual relations. Leo will put more emotion, while the Scorpio woman thinks of it physically.

The relationship can turn into some kind of torture between the partners. They will have a strong wish to make it through, as they both know they have never felt something like this to anyone else. Still, they won’t be truly happy. They will be obsessive and stubborn, without having time to discuss the problems. If they really want to stay together, they will have to control emotions and passion. The middle is always the best.


Both the Leo man and Scorpio woman have sharp minds. They are both honest and will always say what they mean. There is no doubt that people love them as friends, but the Leo man and Scorpio woman friendship can be a bit raw. Each conversation can turn into an argument. A lot of drama will be involved. Still, when their passions calm down a bit, they will continue to talk normally. They are used to having ups and downs in their friendship. Leo will always be the piqued one and the Scorpio woman will be the one to ease it up.

Leo man and Scorpio woman think that it is better to even have an argument than to be completely indifferent and cold. Somehow, they wouldn’t be able to break the contact completely. Even if their perspectives aren’t similar, that is not a reason to give up a friend. Listening to the Leo man and Scorpio woman’s conversation will make you laugh for sure.

Interesting Facts

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are a couple that announced the separation seven years ago. Today, after that long seven years period, they are still married. This is exactly what we tried to explain above.

Leo man and Scorpio woman will have many difficulties, but imaging the separation will seem horrible to both of them. It is the hardest when you can’t be with someone, but still can’t be without them.


These fixed signs will always go their own way. Scorpio woman will try to understand some of the Leo man’s acts, while he will only see her faults without much thinking of the reasons. But, what makes them as a couple is their intelligence, similar goals in life and passion.

This couple has to invest a lot of effort into building a stable relationship by controlling themselves in the critical moments.