Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Two fire signs in one place can make a good love match. Leo man and a Sagittarius woman live their lives pretty relaxed and compliant. There is also a lot of fun activities and hanging out with friends.

Besides Leo’s periodical need to make drama because he is bored, he is cheerful and optimistic. Sagittarius woman is nothing else – easy going, merry and playful. The attraction, at first sight, might easily happen between the Leo man and the Sagittarius woman. They will motivate each other and achieve great things together.

Leo Man

How to recognize a Leo man in the crowd? He walks like he is on the red carpet, with his head held high. Leo’s limpid eyes can make your knees totter. His face is striking – sharp nose, square face, and full lips. When we talk about his behavior, he doesn’t try to be impressive, because he doesn’t have to. The way he talks and smiles simply draws attention and the Leo man adores it.

Leo man has a strong will. No force on the Earth can stop him from achieving what he had imagined. This man always goes forwards. There are no regrets about the pasts experiences and mistakes.

Leo man will learn a lesson and won’t repeat eventual errors. His strong character makes him dominant. There is a secret need to rule over the world inside the Leo man. Maybe he won’t rule the world, but it is definite that he will build his own. He will be the king. People respect the Leo man as a leader, knowing how trustworthy he is.

Being active and having an interesting life is a priority for this guy. If he has nothing to do he will become unhappy. A thought of getting retired provokes a light panic. Leo man simply needs some kind of entertainment.

This man knows how to set up a line between the intellect and emotions. He is very smart but the emotions don’t blind him. Still, he is not that macho man like he represents himself. Leo is not too stable when it comes to the relationships. Even if he doesn’t show that he is in love, there is a burning flame inside of his heart. Leo man is afraid of being hurt and cheated on.

Leo man treats his woman as a lady. He is the one who asks for attention, but he will also give it to his special woman. Romantic Leo man is capable of doing anything for love. He will even look funny at the times, which is not typical for the Leo man.

If you are having a problem, be sure that the Leo man is the right person to call. It is in his nature to protect the others and to help them. Reliability of the Leo man is something worth appreciation.

Leo man’s arrogance is something that really stands out. However, he doesn’t act that way intentionally. The stars gave him the failures just as the virtues. The ruler of the Leo sign is the Sun, which makes him adore shine and luminosity.

Sagittarius Woman

For a Sagittarius woman, life is a party. She is always on the go, having a good time. Through many activities, she meets a lot of people. This doesn’t bother her, as she likes to have a nice communication. the Sagittarius woman will take everything that life has to offer – the good and the bad. Bad things give her experience and make her wiser, even though she is already wise enough. This woman is one of the most intelligent zodiac representatives.

Sagittarius woman has big goals. She is not pleased with the trifles, but only with huge things. Sagittarius lady also tends to be the best in everything she does, whether we talk about a carrier, cooking or dancing. Knowing this, she wants a man who is as good as she is.

This man needs to have many qualities. Meanwhile, until the Mr. Right appears, the Sagittarius woman will spend her time and have fun with men who are above her range. She won’t dent into these contacts, because she is well aware that none of them will last.

Honesty and justness are two moral standards that lead the Sagittarius woman through life. This is something she will ask from other people also. She will always go towards her goals, but will never even try to use unfair mediums.

According to this, it will take some time and effort, but the Sagittarius woman doesn’t mind it. She believes that being corrupted or disrespectful will always come back to you in an even worse way. Sagittarius woman wants to sleep tight and peaceful.

We emphasize here that the Sagittarius woman is very clever. Everyone that tried to play games or to be dishonest with the Sagittarius woman made a fool of himself. Here is a note – your every intention will be well understood by this smart lady. Make sure those intentions are nice. Sagittarius woman is like a sensor for the lies.


Sagittarius woman is extremely seductive. Her body and her eyes are the biggest attributes she uses massively. Men can’t stay immune to her amazing looks. Not only that she is good-looking, but she is smart and witty, which is a big plus in the men’s world.

Intelligence will always attract the Sagittarius woman. Yet, her own mind can convince her that she grows emotions for someone, even when she doesn’t. That is because this woman yearns for touches and loving. She is dreaming of meeting a person who with she will spend her life.

However, this can make her vulnerable and open to the persons who don’t have not even similar qualities as she has. Basically, she will deceive herself.

The thing is, this lady believes that she can’t be complete without the other person. It’s like her happiness depends on that special someone, without who she is almost devastated sometimes. She needs to realize that her happiness depends on herself.

Love and Marriage

We don’t doubt that the relationship between the Leo man and the Sagittarius woman can last for a lifetime. These signs have the same philosophy – that finding one true person is the main goal in their lives. Once they meet that true person, none of them will be unfaithful or will let anything tear them apart. Every relationship has some difficulties, but this couple has great potential for overcoming them.

Leo man will see that he could rule over the Sagittarius woman. He doesn’t want everything to be subordinated to his will or to act tyrannically. The domination is an inborn attribute of the Leo man and he has to express it in some way. Maybe he will take the advantage of the situation, having the idea that will only benefit the relationship. On the other side, the Sagittarius woman is smart enough to see through the Leo man’s intentions. However, she will eagerly accept this.

This woman is capable of giving up everything for love, and as she will believe he is the one – she will agree on anything. Sagittarius woman will also see this as an act of the mature and strong man, a figure that has to have some power over a woman.

Leo man will think that everybody else would do the same for him because he has a too high opinion of himself. He will give this woman a lot of love and will take care of her, but he needs to realize that the Sagittarius woman takes some kind of sacrifice in this relationship. Leo man just has to give himself as much as she does, if not even more.

These are the Fire signs, which tells you enough already. Sexual energy comes to the 1000 degrees here. They are absolutely crazy about each other when it comes to the bedroom.
One more highlight of this relationship is the motivation they tickle in one another. There is no doubt they are ambitious without each other, but together they can conquer the world.


The energies and the intellectual level of these two signs are exceptionally compatible. Leo man and Sagittarius woman will share activities on many levels. There is almost nothing they would do separately.

Sagittarius woman has a bit more initiative than the Leo man, who can get lazy now and then. Living an interesting life is the ideal of the Leo man and Sagittarius woman, so it is impossible not to agree on these terms.

Leo man and Sagittarius woman would make good business partners also. The ideas of the Leo man and the action of this lady can produce new inventions and practical things.

They admire each other in every aspect of life. Considering each other as reliable and truthful persons, their friendship will only grow through the time. Sagittarius woman might dislike the moments of Leo’s egoism, but that won’t produce anything serious.

Interesting Facts

Leo’s gemstone is the Ruby and his favorite color is red. The zodiac signs the Leo is most compatible with are Sagittarius and Aries.

Britney Spears is one of the most famous Sagittarius women. Sagittarius woman’s lucky numbers are 3,30, 12 and 21 and her lucky stones Amethyst.


Leo and Sagittarius are considered as one the perfect matches among the zodiac signs. They do have a harmonic relationship, but this is more the Sagittarius woman’s merit. Leo man will get the full enjoyment of his imagined kingdom with this lady.

On the other side, she will find the protection and love within him. Of course that every relationship has some potential if we talk about two persons who want to stay together. Leo man and Sagittarius woman really want that and they will fight for their love.