Leo Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Leo man and Libra woman have one thing in common – they are both in a search for the perfect partner. Libra woman can wait for a lifetime to meet that man of her dreams. She has some special charm and you can feel harmony when she enters the room. This will attract the watchful eye of the Leo man, a hunter.

The Sun makes a sextile between these zodiac signs makes their relationship enables a good communication and mutual understanding.

Leo Man

You can like or dislike a Leo man. One thing is for sure – everybody will admire him in some way. He is confident and proud, generous, loyal, but also stubborn, full of vanity and jealous. There is no way to stay indifferent about the Leo man.

When you see this guy, it may look like he is self-enough. No one can approach him as he is too haughty. This the image the Leo man leaves when people see him for the first time. However, under the surface, there is a person who is almost afraid to be alone. He is truly happy only when he is with the people he loves. Talking to him is pleasant and fun. Even though he might want to be dominant, but you will get used to it.

Leo man is sometimes a bit selfish, but never in a way to neglect his friends or family. You can count on him at any time of day and night. Leo will always make space for you, even though he is sometimes too busy with the work or the private life. Having a Leo as a friend means you will always have someone to rely on.

Working with the Leo man can be a nice experience. This guy wants to be in charge and might act bossy. Still, there is no way he will show disrespect or that he will humiliate people who work in the different position. What’s more, the Leo man will be responsible for everyone and will make sure everybody has whatever they need. This guy has good diplomatic skills and will use them often. That is why people will never oppose him. They say that a nice word opens many doors, so that is the Leo man’s principle.

There is no chance the Leo man will live a boring life. He has to have some kind of amusement all the time. A job will give him a part of it, but that is not enough. Leo is sociable and likes to hang out with friends and family. Love will fulfill him the most. But, if he gets into a routine and sees that nothing interesting is happening, the Leo man is capable of making a drama just to produce a reaction. Then he will fall back and watch.

Hiding emotions is the Leo man’s things. He is very emotional and sensitive, but his pride doesn’t allow him to show that to the world. Leo man is also romantic, which is something you wouldn’t say also, right? Once he falls in love, he will be almost as the Pepe le Pew! Just give him some time and you will see the loving side of the Leo man that can make you feel like a queen. Generous Leo man won’t regret anything in this world just to prove to you that his honest emotions.

Libra Woman

Libra is mostly known as the most balanced zodiac sign. Libra woman is a personification of the balance, harmony and tactful. That is very attractive, especially to the people who have the opposite personalities.

Libra woman may look like she is completely innocent, but this is a tricky situation. She might sometimes pretend, but not with the bad intentions. Libra woman has a dose of foxiness, through which she usually gets better job positions or presents.

This lady is someone who will take a risk. Through this risk, she can grow mentally. She can be like a real scanner and scan the situation. After measuring the pros and cons, she will act. When the Libra woman is in the lower position, she will go step by step to her goal – better position. She usually strives even for the manager positions. They somehow suit her, as she is a reliable person and as we mentioned, knows how to bring the balance.

The ruler of the Libra is the Venus. Venus is the planet of aesthetics, beauty, charm, and gracefulness. Those attributes are easily applied to the Libra woman, making her really feminine and attractive. Men adore her for these womanish attributes. It is easy to fall in love with her.

Knowing that she has the army of men waiting for her, she will be pretty hesitant which one to pick. It may seem easy, but among all those fellows in the line, it is really hard to pick only one. However, this doesn’t mean she will give them the motive to approach her. The Venus brings her a lot of guys but she will pick only one. It will just take a little bit of a time until she makes her mind.

If you want to win the Libra woman’s heart, first of all – be patient. Secondly, be romantic. Buy her flowers and roses, teddy bears and hearts, buy her chocolate and sweets. This is the kind of attention this lady asks for if you want to touch the right spot. Of course, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to call and text her, spend time together and talk all the time.

The moment the Libra woman picks a guy who she wants to be with, this is almost a definite decision. If she could choose, she would stay with this person till the day she dies. There is no need of being with a lot of superficial men, but with one who is worth giving up on everybody else. You might think that she will stay a bit reserved, but if you do all those romantic things, she will return the same way.

The good side of the Libra woman when she is in a relationship is that she doesn’t have to always be right. If you two are in an argument, she will try to also understand your perspective of view. Libra woman will put herself in your position and eventually see her mistake. But, if she realizes you are on the wrong side, be sure that this woman will be painfully honest and her words might hurt you.


Love and Marriage

Leo man will definitely stand out in the crowd of the men interested in the Libra woman. He is optimistic and charismatic. Libra woman can’t resist his charm. This will please the Leo man instantly, as he will feel special. Imagine that. Out of 10 men, the Libra woman chooses the Leo. Such a boost for his ego!

Still, these two will feel the attraction from the moment they see each other. It is impossible not to notice that. She has that tenderness and is very sweet. Leo will find it interesting.

The ruler of the Leo is the Sun and the ruler of the Libra is the Venus. These two planets will affect their relationship. It will be harmonious and well balanced. These planets bring them good communication and energy, but a lot of physical attraction also.

It is great to have someone with whom your desires, ideas, and plans can be turned into reality. Whatever she thinks of, he will do, and the opposite. There will get along really well. This couple will treat each other nicely.

Leo is a fixed sign, while the Libra can is a cardinal. She will organize things – meetings, parties, family lunches, going to the cinema etc. Leo man will be like a voice of reason, as his partner can be a bit enthusiastic about everything. So, you see that sometimes even the Libra needs someone who will balance and control her.

Yet, when the Leo man exaggerates in his controlling and manipulative actions, the Libra woman will react. She is calm and stable, but this doesn’t mean that he can play her like a toy. Libra woman knows when it is enough and will openly say her opinion and attitude about this. Something that she won’t like also is the spoiled behavior of the Leo man. If he fails to get what he wants, he will make a whole drama.


We mentioned that these two signs can have a good communication. You will agree that the communication is the base for a friendship. Pure energy will flow between them.

Leo has that vivacity and power, while the Libra woman is balanced and calm. Those attributes of them are very complimented.

Leo man will sometimes mind the Libra woman’s hesitancy, but eventually, he will see that this is something he can turn into his favor. This way, whenever she doesn’t know what to do, he will be the one who makes a decision. Leos love that.

Who says that a man and a woman can’t be friends? Leo man and Libra woman are an example. He represents the masculine and she – the feminine energy. They will highly respect each other’s qualities and learn from each other.

Interesting Facts

You know Pete Sampras and his wife Bridgette Wilson – Sampras? They are the Leo man and the Libra woman combination. This couple represents the good sides of both zodiac signs and their marriage lasts for almost 20 years now.


The Sun and the Venus make a beautiful connection between the Leo man and the Libra woman. These two can make good friends, but it is a pity to stay on that level. They fulfill each other and enjoy everything they do together. Leo man will see the Libra woman as his goddess, which the Libra woman almost really is.

On the other hand, she will appreciate his romantic and emotional side and will melt in his hands. This couple has the great chances of being together for a lifetime.