Leo Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Do you think it is possible to reconcile the Water and the Fire? Well, we have such combination here. Leo man is the Fire and the Gemini woman is the Water. Still, the Water will bring out some flames in this relationship.

Flirty nature of the Gemini woman will make even the king of the jungle feel insecure. Imagine that! Leo man will develop jealousy, as his partner can’t control her seductive side. Yet, these two persons have many common sides, as they are sociable and outgoing types of personalities.

Leo Man

Leo man has many characteristics. Let’s start with his similarities to a real lion. There is no coincidence in the astrology. This zodiac sign got the name “Leo” for the reason. Firstly, the ruler of this sign is the Sun. This is a shiny, warm planet. Golden shades of the Sun are usually visible in the Leo man’s appearance. He has golden hair or the fire in his eyes. When we mentioned the hair, it usually looks like the lion’s mane.

The posture of the Leo man radiates with pride. His walk and the way he talks are full of dignity. Sometimes it can look like he is a proponent. No doubt, he sometimes really is. But this man cannot ignore the fact he is close to perfection.

Women like the Leo man. You know all that quotes on the Internet about the lion and his lioness. Well, every woman would like to be his lioness. Leo man picks the woman who can really represent his queen. He has no need to go after women who are above his range.

Leo man wants to impress, all the time. Even when he gets the woman he wants, he will keep on trying to seduce her. Buying presents or going to the exotic destinations is something Leo man does to impress his partner. It is great because he knows that love can fade away if you don’t heat it up from time to time. On the other side, seeing his woman happy and pleased will make him feel good about himself.

A born leader, the Leo man will want to lead his woman through the life. He will be her whole world and will do anything for her. He is not afraid of anything. Leo man will even get into a fight to protect his woman or to prove to everyone that is his girl. No doubt that he will win all the time. Leo man is someone who practices sports and is always in a good shape.

One of his bad sides is that he will expect his partner to give him compliments all the time. It is nice to praise someone’s good sides, but come on, who needs this every day? Well, the Leo man does.

Gemini Woman

If you want to meet a Gemini woman, there is no need to be shy. This woman is approachable and sociable, so there are no barriers. It is in her nature that she likes to meet new people. Yet, because of the bunch of the people in her life, the Gemini woman won’t give too much attention to anyone. People always circulate around her. This is used to it. Some of them come and go, some of them stay, it is normal for the Gemini woman.

Her charm plays a major role in this process of meeting new people. She shines with that positive energy, and let’s be real – everyone wants to be around positive people. Gemini woman gets calls and messages all the time. Try not to be possessive or jealous of this lady, because it will push you away from her.

Gemini woman can be unpredictable. This can be a turn on for some men. If you like to be on a swing with your partner, she is the one. Yes, stability and predictability can be boring. Gemini woman brings some dynamics in the life of her partner. She will keep him active both physically and mentally. Sometimes she does this by intention, but more often you will catch yourself thinking about where has been, who with, how long etc.

It is hard not to be the jealous type when you are in the relationship with the Gemini woman. This woman is aware of the effect she produces in the men’s world. She is provocative and knows when it is time to look at you or touch you in a special way. Once you feel it, you won’t ever want to give this opportunity to someone else. But, she will keep on doing that. Gemini woman has to flirt almost every day. What is good, the flirt doesn’t mean she will cheat on you. Yet, if the two of you are not in a committed relationship, she will probably have one or two guys beside you.

Gemini woman’s intellect is one of her strongest attributes. With the intellect there comes a great sense for communication. You will always have endless topics with the Gemini woman. It is okay even if you don’t think the same as her, it is not a reason for an argument. Simply, this woman is capable of accepting everyone’s attitude if you are capable of the same thing. It is not in her nature to bring the tension. Gemini woman is flexible, just like the Water.

This ability to adapt do many situations and different persons seem like she has a good potential to be an actress. Yes, the Gemini woman can pretend sometimes, if she sees some interest. She is rational and calculates things perfectly. But, it is more likely that more persons will see her differently. You will see her some way, your mother will see her in another light. One thing about which everyone will agree is that she is damn attractive.

There is no way to tame the Gemini woman. She wants to be free until she decides to give up fun and surrender to one person only. If you try to control her, you will get the opposite effect. As the Gemini woman is very flexible, try to learn from her.

Gemini woman is sometimes grumpy. There is usually no special reason for that. It is just, she spends a lot of her energy in the communication with people, on the job etc. She is well aware of those moments and will try to compensate it to you with something you like. But, remember that and give her the same treatment.


Love and Marriage

Leo man and the Gemini woman will have to compete on the charm. Both of them are really charming and positive. That is the thing that attracts other people towards them, but this is also something that makes the attraction between this couple. The chemistry is off the chain here. Sparks are flying all around. They will feel the power of it when they come to the bedroom. The slight difference here is about the views they have about sex. Gemini woman is more sensible and emotional, while the Leo man wants the thing done.

These two likes to hang out with people and to have fun. None of them will stay home if the other one is going out. Whatever they do, they will do it together. Leo man and the Gemini woman will make their “to do list” and then tickle one by one.

You know how proud the Leo man can be. He has control over everything. His intelligence, wisdom, and righteousness give him the power. But, the Leo man can be weak when it comes to love. Of course, this doesn’t happen often, but it is possible. The reason for this is the Gemini woman. Leo’s confidence will significantly drop once he sees how flirtatious the Gemini woman is.

Leo man needs praises and applause. He thinks that he has the main role. But, his partner, in this case, the Gemini woman, won’t have a sense for it. She will do her thing, not knowing that she can hurt this guy. Leo man will feel insecure and bad because she will look at the other man, smile at them, talk, whatever. Even though that he is generally a little bit jealous, the phase of jealousy in a relationship with the Gemini woman is too high for this dude.


These two smart and fun people will click right away. You know that feeling when you get someone after only a couple of exchanged sentences? Leo man and the Gemini woman will be surprised with each other at first.

You can talk to many persons, but their conversation will have many great aspects – depth and lightness at the same time.

Luckily, none of them is boring and passive. These people love to travel and explore new regions. The question is who will initiate the adventure, but whoever is the initiator, the other one will eagerly accept it.

Gemini woman will sometimes say the words she doesn’t really mean just to make her friend feel good about himself. Leo man will eventually notice that her words are not truthful, and might distance a bit.

Interesting Facts

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were a combination of the Gemini woman and the Leo man. Many of you know how passionate and intense their relationship was. They had some kind of their fantasy world, even with some elements of mental disorders. Despite the initial connectivity, the couple split up.

Gemini woman is really the type who can adapt and be flexible. But, in the relationship with the Leo man, it is just not possible. Actually, it is, but she has to invest herself a lot. She needs to try to control her need to flirt with the other guys. Leo man’s jealousy will steam as soon as she devotes herself to him. We would say this is their biggest problem. There is a way for this couple to create a long-term and stable relationship, especially when we look at the Leo man’s characteristics. It is up to the Gemini woman to decide whether she wants to fight for this love or not.