Leo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Different ways of expressing and living through emotions will be the main obstacle in the relationship between a Leo man and Capricorn woman. These two will be attracted by each other initially, but with time, they will become distant. Leo man is the Fire sign and when he loves, it is strong and passionate.

On the other hand, the Capricorn woman is emotional but lead more by the ratio. She will try to cool her partner down, while he would do everything to warm her up.

Leo Man

Almost everything a Leo man would want to do will be completed. Occasions in life rarely stop him from aiming for his goals. Besides, those goals are usually pretty high. This man is persistent and will endure the toughest challenges. Leo tends to be one of the most successful signs in the zodiac and carrier is listed as one of the top three priorities. He strives for personal development and progress.

Leo man is the kind of guy who will take the initiative and can stand the risk. There is no doubt he hates losing but is aware that he can’t win all the times. Leo man has the potential of being the great leader. This is also his big dream – to be in a position where he is the center of everything. According to this, the Leo man is a born entrepreneur. Having a private business would put him in the first place and he would achieve great success thanks to his creativity.

People respect the Leo man. He might get on your nerves with his disdain, but he will never be disrespectful, ignorant, unapproachable or cruel. Leo man will never go do anything unmoral, as the ethics and ethical principles are the leading him through life.

Women like Leo man’s competency and courage, as these are usually the signs of a man who is strong, independent, and reliable. Leo man really has all those attributes. A woman can feel completely secure while being with him. Not only that he would protect her with her body and strength, but also will make her feel special and wanted.

But, the Leo man would want almost the same kind of attention. He would give you the world, but make sure to be thankful and to glorify as much as possible his qualities. Leo man, an egocentric, might feel depressed if he doesn’t get the kind of feedback he wants. Plus, the Leo man can be selfish, stubborn, and arrogant.

This man has a strong personality and is really temperament. It is easy to approach him. All you have to do is give him a compliment, and you will draw the attention of the Leo man’s instantly. He likes when people compliment on his intelligence, humor or masculinity.

Leo man searches for a partner to share life with. Many women might approach him and it will boost his ego. However, he is a hunter and it is more interesting to make an effort to impress a special lady. Conquering heart of a woman he desires will seem as a splendid triumph for the Leo man.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is someone who can stand everything alone and doesn’t need support. She is unshakeable, bearing the life challenges easily. Because of that, the Capricorn woman can be successful in whatever she does. This lady is highly motivated and this will take her to the highest positions.

Being depressed or worried is not the Capricorn woman’s style. She might get hurt by something, but her mind is prepared for the worst as for the best. Capricorn woman can accommodate and try to find the good in each situation.

The ambition of this alfa female can leave everybody in the dust. The determination to do whatever she put as her goal is almost unbelievable. Hence, be careful not to stand in her way or try to dissuade her. She will understand this as an act of jealousy. This doesn’t mean the Capricorn woman always goes the right path.

Oppositely, there are many times when she is wrong. However, her stubbornness will put a blindfold over her eyes. But, as a zodiac sign with the horns, don’t think twice if she is going to break the obstacles with these. It is better to let her do things her own way than to give her advice which she wouldn’t follow.

It is true that the Capricorn woman seems extremely unapproachable and obsessed with a carrier. Maybe you would even think that she is boring, as work is her priority. Don’t hold this against this lady. There is nothing bad in her aspiration to be a successful woman. And what is more, she is completely different in private. Capricorn woman knows how to have a good time and enjoy. You will smile all the time when you are in her company.

As in business, the Capricorn woman is a bit rough in love also. Flirting is a waste of time, as it doesn’t bring anything stable. This woman is confident and doesn’t need immature men’s approval. What she wants is something that will last and someone who is reliable.

Capricorn woman believes in true love. When she gets tired of waiting for this man to appear, she will initiate contacts with the men she likes. There is no fear of refusing in the Capricorn woman’s mind. Whoever doesn’t accept her completely is not worth her time and love, simply.


When the Capricorn woman is in love, she is capable of giving up a part of her ambitions.

However, just because she will try to please her man, this doesn’t mean she will lose her independence and her goals. As we mentioned, she is very strong mentally and can handle tough situations.

Capricorn woman will stand by her man’s side no matter what is happening. Being his biggest support will mean that man endlessly.

Yes, we have to repeat she is not boring at all. Her man will be surprised by their first intimate relation. Capricorn woman can be very stimulating, passionate and open for experimenting. She knows how to relax and give in to the pleasures.

Love and Marriage

Leo represents the Fire and the Capricorn woman represents the Earth. It is obvious that he will be more emotional, temperament and impulsive, while she will be calm, cold and patient. You already see the possible outcomes of this relationship. They will accept the differences and have a challenging romance, or they won’t ever meet on the same page.

Let’s talk about their similarities. He has the strong drive for success, and she is completely the same, maybe even more determined. They also have the same goal – to find their true love. There is almost no reason not to be confident in each other, as there won’t be any flirts or smiles with the other people.

Leo man will affect the Capricorn woman positively, as he will bring some joy to her life. Overloaded with work, pressed up with the calls and duties, the Capricorn woman might get distant from the rest of the world. Her world would be grey, even when she thinks it is absolutely great. Leo man’ part is important here. He will pull her from thinking of work only and show this lady beauty of the life. It’s not like she is closed up, she will just think about the promotion or buying a house and will disregard her love life.

On the other side, the Leo man is sometimes changeable. His head is in the clouds, so the Capricorn woman will bring him into reality. Leo man has many ideas and plans, but not all of them are good or right. It’s just, he won’t be able to see it alone. Capricorn woman appears as a voice of reason. Even though the Leo man hates to be criticized, he will accept her advice and eventually change his mind.

When we talk about the emotions here, the Leo man is the one who has warmer emotions, while the Capricorn woman thinks of love in a practical way. Leo wants her partner to be gentle and to cuddle with him all the time, while Capricorn will give him a good morning and a good night kiss and consider it as enough. This will hit the Leo man’s ego a lot. He would feel not good or attractive enough.

The solution of the problems this couple has is in the increase of the warmness. Capricorn woman has to bring more emotions. She will be in love with the Leo man but doesn’t show it in the right way. She will cook his favorite dish or go to a football match, but the Leo man will appreciate spending a night in, watching TV shows and cuddling until the morning.


Leo man and the Capricorn woman have some differences, but they wouldn’t be an obstacle for their friendship. These two have big respect and highly appreciate each other. Leo man and the Capricorn woman have similar goals when it comes to a carrier. That will be one more reason to respect one another.

When the Capricorn woman gets into the dead end, the Leo man will be there to bring her up. He will make the Capricorn woman smile and look at things more positive. We already mentioned how strong this woman is. There is no doubt that she will make it through everything, but she still needs some support and someone who will brighten up things from time to time. She is not the type of a person who smiles a lot, but spending time with the Leo man will put a smile on her face through the whole day.

Interesting Facts

The former president of the US, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, are the Leo man and the Capricorn woman couple. Their marriage seems as one of the most harmonious among the celebrities and the politicians. The thing is, these two learned how to accept each other and learn from each other’s flaws. That’s why they stayed together through the years.


If you are truly devoted to being with someone, you will be. Leo man and the Capricorn woman will find many things that can promise a long-term relationship or marriage. They shouldn’t ignore the differences but should try to use them as the motivation to fight for their love.

If the Leo man and the Capricorn woman realize how many qualities they can find in each other, they will stay together for a lifetime.