Leo Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

At first sight, no one would say that the Leo man and Cancer woman can be a match. Surprisingly, they have great chances of creating a strong relationship. Leo man is more gentle that people usually think, while the Cancer woman is stronger than she looks like. The thing is, they ask for the same things in the relationship.

Those things they ask for, they can also give it to the other persons. With a few issues, the relationship between these two can turn into a marriage.

Leo Man

He is childish, fun, interesting, intelligent, dominant, faithful, proud, a bit lazy. Who are we talking about? The Leo man. Try to stay immune to this man. It would be something like a challenge. Leo man has that special something a man should have.

Being in the Leo man’s company will make you feel the warmness. The Sun warms up his heart, and you will be caught in this circle. Therewith, everybody is having a good time with the Leo man. When he is in the room, people gather around. They are competing over being as close to him as possible, hoping they will get a piece of the Leo man’s energy.

It is hard to meet a guy who doesn’t escape the responsibilities. Men these days are so passable. Leo man is the type who stays. He has a heart of a lion. If he is with you, he is with you 100%. There is no games or cheats, no hidden messages. Leo man is, we can say for sure, the real jewel.

Leo man is the type who likes sports and watch football or basketball games. It is in his nature to feel solid and hardy. Yet, he is a little bit lazy and sometimes he is more into laying in his bed, eating chicken nuggets or McDonald’s’. Leo man is still lucky, as he will rarely gain some weight. More often, this food will go to the muscles, making him even more attractive.

The need to protect his family is really strong within the Leo man. He will try his best to achieve big carrier and enable the financial stability. Very often he gets rich. We can never say for the Leo man he is a Scrooge. Even when he doesn’t have much money, he will buy his woman a nice present. Not to talk about fur and jewelry and expensive holidays he is willing to offer once he has money. Leo man will buy a bunch of the toys for the kids and even their little friends. No doubt, the Leo man is really generous.

Don’t even try to critique the Leo man. He will get furious. The lion’s anger can be dangerous. Luckily, it won’t last long, so it is enough to stay away for a couple of hours. Leo man doesn’t have the evil side. He, of course, has a bad one, but his flaws are mostly about his ego. He has such a big ego! Tell him he is your hero, how strong or smart he is. This will make his day.

Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman goes through life lead with the intuition. There is almost no chance that her intuition will abandon her. That is why you should never lie to the Cancer woman. Once she eventually finds out that you lied, she will close up and you don’t want this.

Cancer woman is full of understanding. That is why you should tell her everything. Her compassion will help her understand an act barely who would understand. But, even the Cancer woman has her limits.

You will maybe think that knowing how sentimental and emotional the Cancer woman is just enough. But, there are many more things to discover by spending time with her. Just like this sign got its name, the Cancer woman wears some kind of shield. Knowing that people are well aware of her emotional side, the Cancer woman will be afraid that they will use it in the wrong way. This is her defense mechanism and it is completely okay.

Cancer woman likes to think well about everything. The steadiness is her favorite state. If she could choose, she would change the daily outfits and like – that’s it. Changes make the Cancer woman feel afraid. That is why she has to check everything twice before she makes a move.

It is definite that the Cancer woman doesn’t like changes. Changing partners is also not her style.

There is no need for meeting a much of guys who are not mature and wants to get her to bed only. This woman is self-conscious and won’t let anyone who is above her standards approach her. You see, she has a strong personality behind the surface. Only a strong and mature woman will refuse things that are not good for her, having the patience to wait for the real ones.

Love is in the first place for the Cancer woman, but she won’t give up on her carrier. She knows well how much security the constant financial inflow can give. There is no time to wait for the happier future, she wants to make it by herself. A little bit of materialist, the Cancer woman will show you that this attribute she has is actually wise and good for the family.

Does the Cancer woman remind you of a brawler? Of course not! Her temperament is mild and she will lose it up even when she was right, just to avoid the negativity. The arguments are one of the things she hates the most. And if she hears you swear, this will affect her badly.


You see, the Cancer woman is not the fatal type. Men won’t be crazy about her, she won’t have many admirers. But, this is not something she strives for. Oppositely, when she finishes her estimation about the guy, she will give him whole her being. She will know how to make him in some way dependable of her. The love she offers makes her man needy of it when she is gone. Most of the men will see the Cancer woman as a “wifey” material.

Love and Marriage

Leo man will get the chance to show his seducer’s tricks. The Cancer woman is not easy to get, and this is something he will like instantly. She will give her time to show himself – his attitudes, plans for the future, emotions, everything. Leo man will have the patience to put some effort as he will quickly realize what type of woman this Cancer lady is. And she will fall for his charm and intelligence, stability and reliability.

Leo man fulfills most of the expectations and wishes about the perfect guy the Cancer woman has. That is why she won’t even take much time to show her emotions. He would love it. The warm loving this couple can give to each other makes their relationship harmonizing.

Leo man is a little bit spoiled and eccentric. His ego will need that kind of attention this partner can give to him. Cancer woman will look after him as he is a king. This is what he needs in life. With the support of his woman, Leo man can do wonders. She will give him the motivation and strength to be even better, stronger and more successful.

Yet, the nature of the Leo man is flammable. She won’t be the reason for Leo’s drama, but the Cancer woman will have to watch his anger. This is not a pleasant situation at all for the person emotional as the Cancer woman. Leo will maybe even say something rude, without meaning it, and hurt his partner.

Once he sees his woman cry because of him, it will affect him even more. But, the Cancer woman can change her moods without a specific reason. This will bring even more confusion to the Leo man’s head. What he has to do here is to accept this side of her personality as he is not perfect also.

What is funny, everybody would see the Leo man as the dominant person in this relationship. You are wrong on this one. It is the Cancer woman who will lead the situation, letting her partner think he is in charge. Concluding, this man is about to get tricked.

What is sure, they will see each other as spouses.


The Sun and the Moon coincide together at the sky. The Leo is the first sign after the Cancer. This means that the Leo man and the Cancer woman can get very close. Their friendship can be well balanced. They won’t almost ever argue, thanks to the Cancer woman’s nature.

She is more emotional than him and can show him that there is a weak side to every personality. Concluding, the Leo man will see that it is okay to be fragile sometimes. The Leo man will in return offer her protection as a friend for life.

Interesting Facts

Napoleon and Josephine was a historic couple. Even after 200 years, we still remember their love. You see the power of the love between the Leo man and the Cancer woman.


This couple of neighboring signs can spend the life together, just like they are one after another in the zodiac circle. The faithfulness of both partners will keep the relationship. There will be much emotion and passion between the Leo man and the Cancer woman. Maybe they are not completely made for each other but are very close to that.