Leo Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you combine the flames, Leo man and Aries woman are one of the hottest love combinations among the zodiac signs. They are compatible in every field. But, you know that you can’t avoid sparks if you are the fire. That is the thing with this couple. Some sparks occur once in a while, which can cause a wildfire. They can’t stay immune to each other.

The physical and mental attraction gives a possibility for this couple to stay together for a lifetime, only if they can control themselves in occasional quarrels.

Leo Man

You know how things function in the animal kingdom. Lion is a king. Well, that is how things function among the zodiac signs. We cannot compare any other zodiac sign who has grace such as Leo man. He is also very proud and elegant. Leo man likes to compete, but not at all costs. Playing with him is always fair. It’s just – he can’t stand the defeat so he will give himself to the last atom of power just to win.

Leo man has high moral standards. We said he plays fair. Exactly. This man won’t ever build the success on the other’s failures or faults. He is well aware of his power, intelligence and strength, so competing with the weak is not his style. Yet, when he is competing with some equal, expect the ultimate contest.

It is important that the Leo man works with people whose energy is similar to his. He has many ideas and wants that people around him have the ability to understand him. We won’t even try to imagine the Leo man as someone who is not the boss. This zodiac sign is a real leader. He has that potential and ability to make other people follow him. This is not the shepherd and the sheep situation, but more like the “Lion King”.

Because the Leo man stands out from the crowd, he attracts women a lot. Women have that need for someone who is strong and protective. That is the image the Leo man leaves. But, knowing how likable he is, it is hard for him to decide for one woman only. He is in the search for his lioness, but until she comes, in the meantime, he will have some good time.

When the Leo man has a pick at a woman, there is no chance she can escape him. Yes, this story can remind you of the lion who is after his pray. He will do whatever is needed, but with a lot of style.

He will use his charm and the sculptured body to get her. Come on, who would resist him?

Leo man thinks that the woman he is in a relationship with is the right one. All the ones before, they were a mistake. He will proudly show her to his friends, family, to everyone. Leo man really wants to find love. His woman has to be able to follow him on his life routes, and the Leo man will give her all the reasons to do so. He will show her that is loyal, which is something women ask for.

Leo man is committed and devoted. Basically, has all the attributes of the Mr. Right. Yes, he can be stubborn sometimes, but nothing dramatic.

Aries woman

Aries woman is one of the strongest women signs in the zodiac. Her mind is brilliant and she is compatible with the intelligent people. Every conversation with her is very constructive. Aries woman has a lot of ideas and suggestions. They are often accepted by the others, as people have faith in everything she does and says.

Sometimes she meddles in her partner’s business, which he won’t like. It is okay to say what you think when someone asks for your opinion. Aries woman still says what is on her mind. Still, she doesn’t have bad intentions. This is her need to help the others.

Aries woman is never bored. She is barely even at home. Laying in bed and watching TV is not her thing. She won’t complain even when she is in pain. It is more likely that she will get a painkiller and go out with friends.

It is important to always look pretty. Aries woman goes to beauty salons or to the gym. She has to be fit and in shape. There is a need to leave an impression and feel others’ admiration. Aries woman has a high opinion of herself. For example, even is her hair is a mess she will convince herself that is a perfect hairstyle. Whatever she wears, she wears it proudly. Her posture is noble.

Aries woman wants attention. As she invests so much in herself, she wants the feedback from her partner. If it trails, the chances of her getting jealous are very high. She will instantly think that he found another partner, who is prettier and better. These thoughts lead her to short depression.

But, this will last only for a couple of hours, as the partner of the Aries woman can’t stay lukewarm to this woman. The Aries woman won’t mind even if her partner is possessive and jealous. She will understand this as a proof that he cares and wants to keep her only for himself.


In case that her partner is unfaithful, the Aries woman won’t take long. She will cheat on him also, just to get the revenge she needs.

Her friends and family, even people who are not close to her, like the Aries woman a lot. She is very generous and kind, that it is hard to say anything against her. She is devoted truly to the people she loves but has that special sense for every man living on this planet.

The type of man which will attract the Aries woman is a strong and stable man. She won’t stand cowards and low-energy personalities. Aries woman is fire, and the fire gets along with the fire the best. She wants to feel the flame of love, even if it burns sometimes. Everything is better than average and mild emotions.

Love and Marriage

The common attribute of the Leo man and Aries woman is their pride. Oh, they can compete in this, but they won’t. This couple will try to use it in a constructive way. When you see them together, you will be amazed by the attractiveness that rules among them. They are that power couple – crème de la cream.

Leo man has that personality and behavior that will please the Aries woman. As we said, she likes strong personalities. Leo man definitely has it. Yet, the sympathy will be on both sides. He will recognize a piece of himself in this woman.

This couple is faithful to each other. Since they have everything in the relationship they can ask for, there is no need to cheat. Some passable flirt is normal in the relationship. Aries woman will be a little bit jealous, but she knows how loyal the Leo man is.

The thing is, they both will want to be dominant. This is maybe even more the Leo man’s characteristic, but the Aries woman wants it also. This can make a problem, as they have to be flexible and agree upon things. So, who are you betting on?

Believe it or not, the Leo man is more likely to release the tension. Aries woman will be the one who thinks she is winning, while he is just letting her. Leo man is a real gentleman. Still, there is no need for this bossy challenges between these two. It is crucial for the relationship that they understand that love is not about competing but about living, feeling, doing everything as one.

Since they are the Fire signs, there will be many quarrels. Yet, they are aware of their flammable nature. Even if they fight a little bit, they will always reconcile. This bond between the Leo man and the Aries woman is very strong.

Aries woman can’t wait to have a family. She is patiently waiting for the day when she will get married and have kids. The day this happens, there will be no one happier in this world. Leo man is also turned to family. Since they have the same streamings, there is no reason for this couple to get married.


A friendship between the Leo man and the Aries woman is inevitable. These two energies simply understand each other. They are not passive types and will go here and there together. Having a lot of mutual activities will strengthen the friendship, with the possibility for them to fall in love with each other.

The Leo man and Aries woman will compete in a job but will be great friends privately. Sometimes these competitions can be very sweet to the people looking it from the distance.
If they come to the situation when they don’t talk, this will be a situation when the middleman is needed. They are very proud and no of them will want to give it up, even if they are burning of desire to talk to each other.

Interesting Facts

Leo man is a sports type. It is almost impossible for this guy not to like sport, or that the sport is his profession. One of the most famous tennis players, Roger Federer and his wife Mirka, are the example of the Leo man and Aries woman couple.


Fire can burn you, but some people don’t mind it then it is too hot. Leo man and Aries woman definitely don’t mind. What’s more, they enjoy it. This relationship is dynamic, interesting, with a few arguments now and then, but every couple has them. If they learn how to control the need to be bossy, this can have a bright future.