Leo Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

A combination of the opposite signs – a Leo man and Aquarius woman is always very interesting. They will probably start as friends, and then the friendship will turn into a relationship. Still, Leo’s requirements of his partner are a bit too high from the perspective of the Aquarius woman. He wants someone who will adore him and flatter his ego. Aquarius woman is not an egomaniac and won’t understand his needs.

Further, the Leo man tends to be possessive, while the Aquarius woman appreciates freedom over everything. These two are likely to get into a relationship, but even more likely to end it and remain friends.

Leo Man

In order to understand someone, you have to get to know his weaknesses and his strengths. Like every other person, the Leo man has both. Maybe he would seem like a man who is too confident, sometimes even arrogant. Leo man leaves an impression of a man who is self-aware, intelligent, strong, but superficial and a bit distant.

However, he is everything but superficial. It’s just, he doesn’t want to show emotions. He knows that people could use his weakness against him. Leo man is very careful about opening himself to the people.

You can sit and talk to him for hours. There will be a lot of smiles and laughs, he is pleasant to talk to. But, you won’t get to his core like that. Leo man needs time and patience. You have to prove to him that you are a person of trust. This man is someone who appreciates moral standards and is close to people who are lead by the same values in life.

There is no doubt the Leo man will act as a leader. He will be truly satisfied only when he has that position in life. He would love it to be a boss or a manager, any position that requires a lot of responsibility. You will see many people run away from responsibilities because they usually bring tension.

Oppositely, the Leo man likes challenging situations and tasks. This way he can show his intelligence and manageability. There is nothing he can’t handle when we talk about the Leo man at work. People will respect him and believe his every word.

Leo man will be content if he is successful and rich, but there is a missing part. He wants a partner to share everything with. Eventually, when he meets a woman of his dreams, this man will give everything he has and more to make her happy.

Leo man is gallant and will buy her presents or take her to romantic holidays. Not only that he will show his affection this way, but he will hug and kiss her all the time. Leo man will protect his woman by his body and soul.

It is true that the Leo man can be a bit possessive, but the solution to this is not to give him a reason to be like that. He appreciates loyalty over everything. Leo man will feel insecure if his partner flirts with the other men. Leo man might be a bit provocative to the women before he gets into a committed relationship, but afterward, he would be blindfolded for everyone except his chosen one.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is the zodiac signs everyone considers as a weirdo. It is true that the Aquarius has many characteristics that mark off this sign from the other. Aquarius woman shows us the beauty of the differences.

This lady is eccentric, open-minded and unpredictable. These the qualities that draw attention to the Aquarius woman. It is a part of her attractiveness. Men are usually more drawn to the women who don’t open up so easily and are a bit mysterious. Aquarius woman is just like that. The moment you may think you realized the way she functions, she will show you the opposite. Aquarius woman will sometimes do something wrong by intention, just to stand out from the crowd. Monotony is her worst enemy.

Aquarius woman always asks for some time for herself. She needs to be alone now and then. This kind of freedom is something she will give to her partner. Give the Aquarius woman some space to breathe and she will appreciate it a lot. She will maybe go on a trip, or to the seaside, mountain.

One thing is sure – when she comes back, it will be a refreshed woman. Aquarius woman appears as a human rights advocate. She considers that everyone should live life as they want and choose to.

Chances are slight that the Aquarius woman will fall in love easily. She is flirtatious just for fun. She might be almost emotionless sometimes. However, when she does fall in love, it is for a lifetime. Her partner will feel her love on many levels. Aquarius woman is someone who will give him the endless support. The thing is, the lack of passion here may lead to her partner seeing her more as a friend than a woman. She will be open to his suggestions and won’t refuse his touches, but would not enjoy it as much as he would.

This woman doesn’t care about your bank account. Don’t ever try to impress her with expensive gifts or cars. Showing off will only get on her nerves. The other thing that may bother her is jealousy. She is not the jealous type, but will always require attention and respect. If you don’t give it to her, prepare for her revenge. Aquarius woman will never check your phone or go after her partner if he has a night out with the guys.


On the other side, this lady is like a lie detector. She will know exactly when you lie to her. And when you do, don’t ever expect to get her for serious.

Aquarius woman lives ahead of this time, so what is happening around her is not so important. You will hear her talk about the life on Mars, or aliens, artificial intelligence or so. The future and the fathomless are the things that lure her extremely.

Love and Marriage

We already mentioned that the Leo and the Aquarius are the two opposite signs. We could say that they are different. However, there should be a distinction between the persons who are different and the ones that are opposite.

Aquarius woman will spark the interest within the Leo man with her amazing aura. As the Leo wants to discover new things, this woman might seem like a challenge. The mystery she wears within will keep him interested for a long time. On the other hand, by not revealing too much, the Aquarius woman will make the Leo man talk and open up. This is a strange situation for him, as this man usually waits for some sign that the woman is worth his emotions.

Still, the desire to take off the Aquarius woman’s veil will make the Leo man appear hasty. His partner is friendly and listens to him carefully. This is something the Leo man needs, so he will think that she is the one.

Aquarius woman might be cold-hearted sometimes. The emotions and charism Leo man carries within will attract this lady and melt her a bit. His personality would be intriguing for the Aquarius woman and as someone who wants to see everything deeper, she will get hooked.

Yet, when it comes to intimate relations, the Leo man will again appear as the more passionate one. We won’t say that the Aquarius woman is not passionate, but in comparison to the Leo, she is just mild. She would want to fulfill the duties to her man, but that’s it. Leo man wants to spend hours in the bedroom and give in to loving completely. His partner will find it difficult to manage.

They both require attention, but the Leo man wants something more. He wants some kind of admiration. Aquarius woman will find this silly. She is not obsessed with the idea of herself at all, while the Leo man has such moments. This will make the tension as she wouldn’t want to flatter him all the time.

Secondly, the Leo will get insecure because his partner would be impressed by everything else but him.


The intellectual level of the Leo man and the Aquarius woman is high. They will spend most of the spent together talking about some higher goals. Leo man will put the carrier on the second place and will fit into his friend’s interests. In these conversations, they could make the whole new, better world. They would feel like they are on a special mission to save the planet.

Leo’s enthusiasm will make the Aquarius woman full of energy and positive vibrations. She is not the grumpy type, but her thoughts usually take her away from reality into dark depths, which can make her hipped.

They could go to the gym or swimming together, or to a concert. These two will find many activities to share.
Interesting Facts

Sam Elliot and his wife, Katherine Ross are the Leo man and the Aquarius woman couple. They have been married for 34 years now. As you can see, it is not impossible for the Leo and the Aquarius to stay together. The thing is, we should have a deeper look at the horoscopes of both partners. Many factors affect the relationship, such as planet positioning.


Leo man’s biggest flaw is his egocentricity, while his partner is too egocentric. These two are hard to reconcile, but still, there is a chance. They have good communication, which can help them solve the problems. Friendship can turn to a relationship here, but it is possible to go both ways.