Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

People often say how they firmly believe in the signals that their body is sending them, like for example when their skin arouses and you feel that someone is close to you (when there is no one close), or when they feel like something is going though their spine – this is the way your body naturally is preparing you for something bad for example.

The body, before we react, knows that something is about to happen (of course, the mind is aware of the danger, and in this sense, it sends signals to the body).

These signals can be an intro to beautiful things – like the moment when you feel excited in your stomach, and you know that you are about to see a person you like very much.

Sometimes these signals of the body are so strong that is unbelievable that you do not go see a doctor – superstition, on the other hand, is telling us that these signals are much deeper then we think, and that they do not have to do anything with our health. They often indicate the events or enlightenment that will happen to you very soon and it is up to us to read those signals and act accordingly.

Now, the big part of this is to discover what does the body signal means  – and we must say, that regardless of shared meanings, this symbolism should be taken very personally, and above it is known’s that all definitions have different levels of spiritual significance.

Today we are dealing with one common event to us all and the question that lies behind it – What does it mean when left Ear Burning or Ringing? Is it good or a bad sign?

Can we apply here the rule that the left he side of the body belongs to good or the other way is correct?

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What does it mean when Left Ear Burning or Ringing?

In some general sense, the Ear is the organ that hides much more than just our tool to hear the world around us. It is a common fact that wears are helping us to find our way in the world (the centre for the balance is in our ear system, for example).

And what we want to emphasize even more is the fact that according to some traditions, like Chinese, an ear is the representation of the human body, and that every spot on it can stimulate one organ in the human body.

So, its significance is much bigger then it seems at first look.

Older superstitions say that it is no matter what the Ear is in question if it is burning or ringing, it means something important. If it’s right Ear, it’s possible that somebody spoke about you including your bad characteristics, and if it’s left, someone has mentioned you in the language of love. Two completely opposite meanings and they can, according to some superstitions, be more extreme.

And other superstitions say that the situation is entirely opposite, that the left side is connected to unfortunate events and the right connections to good. Unlike ringing or burning in the right Ear, as far as left Ear goes, it has somewhat sinister meaning – it means that you will hear a piece of bad news.

First of all, we must say that the Ear has a genuine and profound meaning if we put it into the spiritual contexts – it is connected to the passage to the other dimensions. There are numerous stories about how Angels communicate with people by whispering in their ears and speaking to them with a voice that resembles ringing.

We cannot see that part of our Universe (it could be any force that we are connected to, Angels, or some form of Divine authority) but the place where we can find out so many things about our life. They cannot speak to us regularly, and in some common language, so they are “whispering” in our ears, and many say that this is felt as burning or ringing in ears.

Even more, if your left Ear is ringing, someone is speaking some bad things about you – this may come as a warning to you that you need to be more careful when your close environment goes. Maybe this is the right way of knowing that you are a very naive person who is oftentimes oblivious and unaware that people are talking bad things.


If we are talking about the version of this dream where your left Ear is burning, then the connotation is much worse – you are about to hear bad news, and this is the way your body equips you for such event.

Meaning of that bad news does not have to be catastrophic, but they are still bad news.

Maybe it is an excellent time to find out what could it be – above all this is the single that you have some protection from above, caused by some claims such events are a signal that the Universe is taking care of you.

In the same way, as you stimulate, for example, one part of the Ear (with acupuncture) to stimulate the proper function of the kidneys, you can stimulate your inner senses.

What does it symbolize when Left Ear Burning or Ringing?

Now we want to deal with the symbolism that is connected to such event that many of us take for granted or related to some health problem, but the thing that we do not know is that it can be much more than this.

If the left Ear just mildly rings (like a tiny tingle, but still detectable), and you are not even sure if you hear something or the Ear just rings, or you have listened to something from a distance -such event signifies that you need hearing others more than you do now, because you rely too heavily on yourself and your intuition.

It can also signify your immanence in the lack of experience that you hide successfully, but the time is right to change this aspect of your persona.

If your Left Ear is continuously ringing (a clear ringing, there is no doubt in what is going on), it can be a symbol of deception – it may be the signal that you need to reevaluate your life and that you must look into your environment, because you have been a victim, and you do not even see that.

It can mean that you are tired of what others think and say. Betrayal is the enemy that you should fear the most, and this is the bad news that will find; we could all agree that maybe this is not the death of a loved one, but it is hurtful and awful to find out that you have been a victim of treason.

Now, if your Left Ear is burning, it for sure symbolize lousy news that you are about to receive very soon, and you should prepare yourself physically and mentally. It is better to be ready for such things, and then be surprised.

Of course, we must say that that news does not have to be something apocalyptic and too bad; it can be bad news from work, etc.

If your ears are burning to the unbearable point, it symbolizes shame and guilt that you have been trying to hide from others, but you should accept what you have done and live with your actions.

You may have been buried such events deep, but they are coming out on the surface, and you must face them directly.

Now, in the end, if you feel that your left Ear is vibrating, and it is no ringing or burning, but something in between, it is the symbol that someone is trying to tell you something you do not want to hear.

This is a very common symbol, and it is left to you to decide will you listen to that person or you will leave yourself in the darkness.

Is it a good or a bad sign?

If the left Ear is burning or ruining, we could not make you happy and say that this is a good sign, because it is not. It is not a good sign since the majority of superstitions says that left Ear and all of its connections are “negative” – bad news, betrayal, shame, etc.

But, you should regard this also as a blessing, and the opportunity to face some bad news before they came into your life so that you are prepared. It is a moment to reevaluate people and their actions directed toward you so that you find out where you the victim of a fraud.

And, when we look at the bigger picture, we must tell you, if you had such experiences, you might become the part of the world of the Higher Force that is talking to you, in this way.

You should remember what we have this opportunity always, and it is just that many of us see this as a physical thing, rather than a spiritual one.

These may be the spiritual tones to help or hinder the enlightenment of your soul in truth – the possibility of hearing perceptions of what is silent and out of our reach.


Superstition or not, the question is now;  how to explain the fact that you are healthy, there is nothing wrong with your ears, and your left Ear still burns or rings? There is no one on this planet that have not experienced this event and wondered what it is.

There must be something in this occurrence, and the majority of beliefs is telling you that you are about to hear something bad and you are a victim of deceit.

We will conclude this story by adding some additional information that comes from beliefs that when your left ears burn or rings something bad is about to happen – spiritual tones are something that we want to be aware of and to pay attention to.

These tones that we do not hear as a language that we use to communicating, rather a physical reaction that we think means something regarding our health, but it is not that.

In the end, if you are on a spiritual path and you are free from false beliefs and all the dark emotions that keep you from falling, and you enter into your light of truth, you may notice different tones from very high to deep in your ears, and their manifestations are in fact, seen as burning or ringing.

The advice is to become more open to what is around you and the people who are close to you – it is all about the direction, you now know where to look and what to look for.