Laughing in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Have you ever wondered what the dreams you are having indeed meant? Why do we dream and what exactly are the images that come to us in dreams about us? If so, of course, you are not the only one because, from the beginning of civilization, a man tries to find the answer to the same question.

Our dreams are a mixture of our biological instincts, cultural heritage and our personal experience – and depending on your personal instincts, cultural heritage, your dreams are going to reflect that, it is simple when you look at things in this way.

But what we also have to add is this, we can also have dreams about things that we just imagined, or we only heard of in some point of our lives.

While dreaming our mind creates whole worlds, stories, composed of ingredients that we have listed above. Sometimes the purpose of these images and tales in a dream world is to re-survive the past events or appeal to our subconscious to solve a problem that we must face.

Dreaming about something that is truly enjoyable like laughter, is interesting to look at, and in this sense, we should pay our attention to this phenomenon.

Laughter is the most common manifestation of happiness or joy, but it can also be a symbol of nervousness, cynicism, and it also means submissiveness, subtlety, adultery or curtailment and approval.

Even more, the question arises, is this good or bad sign?

Read below.

Meaning of Laughing in a Dream

When you have a dream about laughing, the meaning depends primarily on whether a person who dreams is the one that laughs, or sees that someone else laughs in her dream.

What also changes the meaning about this dream is the aspect “what a laugh” is, whether it is proper circumstances or not, whether it is false or sincere, and therefore the most common meanings and interpretations.

If you have heard a laugh in your dream from a person you are late, this is not a good sign because that person is not honest to you. The dream where you cried because you have laughed so hard means that you are waiting for beautiful moments with close people.

Some other meanings speak that this is not a good sign because you will be angry with someone who was the cause of your laughter.

The Symbolism of Laughing in a Dream

If you had an intense dream experience in which you laugh with joy and at loud, in a sign  that you will be very or furious or disappointed with someone’s actions and negligence and in relation to some of your essential projects or situations that are important for achieving what you have intended, and for that long you hope.

If you have dreamed that another person laughs in your dream – it’s a symbol that you are surrounded with or fake friends or in general with people who do not want you well.

When you dream of hearing a “sound of laughter” of someone or something, and that you cannot see that person. In this case, this is a negative symbol in real life, and it is an apparent warning that you will be the object of gossiping, trampling and mockery and that you will feel very uncomfortable when you concede what you speak “behind your back”.

If you had a dream in which someone is laughing at you, and you have the feeling that that person humiliates you and ruffle you, in real life, this has an opposite meaning in real life and represents someone’s respect or admiration that has towards you.


If in a dream you see yourself laughing at loud at some serious even, like a funeral, it means that you are a person who is very angry and free and that you never care for anyone except for yourself, and you always find yourself justification for all your mistakes or actions.

But, if in a dream you were the one that is laughing to someone in a dream, and even worse, with the clear intention to ridicule that person, it signifies that you have been mistreated someone (it does not have to be that person in a dream, but it can) very much, and that you are trying to find some ways to reconcile with him.

If in your dream, you see someone who is laughing at your jokes it carries significance that hat you will be happy and joyful to a person who is in your dream, very disappointing or sad, and that you will humiliate her or bring her into very big discomforts and difficulties.

If you have dreamed that you are the one who is laughing at someone sad, miserable, hungry or sick, in a sign, it means that you will be able to make someone very angry, threatening or criticizing, or just having a significant conflict with someone more powerful and respectable. This may be the cause of all of your conflicts.

In the end, if in your dream, you clearly see yourself laughing just for the sake to conceal your sadness or disappointment, in a sign means that you are a person with a perfect self-control, and it is challenging to provoke or upset you, because you also fully believe in yourself, and you are aware that “you are not a child “And that you need to maturely take over your own and/or responsibility or punishment, and show that you are the true example of a person who is” grown-up “and self-aware.

Do I have to be worried?

In some sense yes, because as you were able to see, in some cases, this dream means that you are encompassed with false friends, and they are those who will cause you significant problems and troubles and that they will for an extended period of time, you will be full of concern, restlessness and sorrow.

But in some other cases, regardless of the negative feeling that you might have in your sleep – in real life, there is a chance for a declaration of love or tenderness because you love a person and secretly and for quite a long time and like.

One of the common dreams is the one were in a dream, you see yourself laughing and also crying at the same time, and it implies that you are ready to devote more to people who are dear to you and that you are resolved to leave either stress or worries aside.

This can be a wake-up call that you see that you have made mistakes and that you are obligated to ask for sincere forgiveness and to repent and “change yourself”.

What to do if I had this dream?

As usual, we suggest that you think about as many details of this dream, since laughter in a dream, have a diverse meaning, depending on circumstances.

As you were able to see, this dream can also mean that you have been mistreated someone and that you sincerely wish reconciliation and a new opportunity to fix and strengthen your relationships.

In some cases, this is the dream that suggests that you should relax and unwind in socializing with you important or valuable people.

In any case, self-reflection and in-depth analyses are always highly recommended, especially those situations in which you were the person who was terrible toward others, but in that way, where you ridicule others.

You need to make your actions go away, with the serious apology and care for that individual, especially if that person is close to you.


If you smile in a dream while someone is joking, it’s a warning that you will be battling with the person concerned. It may happen that there will be a misunderstanding that your relationship will never be like before.

When you do not laugh when someone jokes, you will be rude. You may not be concerned about a person you do not like. Your reaction will be spontaneous and honest, but many will tell you that you have overstated it.

If a person in a dream is seen as happy, cheerful, funny, this, in the opinion of the researcher, means success in the undertaken ventures soon, and this does not just include money, but real pleasure in the investments that you were the creator.

So, in dream symbolism, in the process where we try to look at what does our dream means, a burst of happy laughter promises good health, and well-being, of course depending on other aspects of that particular dream.

To laugh in a dream because of the mistakes, blunders or failures of other people, this is a sign of deliberate damage to the dreamer of friends, acquaintances or employees.

This can be seen as the laughter that is kind of ridicule – an occasion to fear sickness or business failure.

All in all, as in real life, laughter can be sad or happy, and also in a dream, but it is always recommended to find out what they mean.