Ladybug – Meaning and Symbolism

If we go back to the ancient time, all over the world, from China to ancient Egypt and Rome, ladybug as a symbol, always had a positive connotation. Wherever you look and what every book, recording or Ancient text you look, it is more than clear that ladybug is the symbol of happiness and overall well-being and health.

Virtually there is not one single text where this small but powerful insect was described and perceived in a negative context – and what is even more interesting is that this little bug carries much more strength than her appearance let you believe.

In most common and general symbolism about a ladybug, we can see that is worshipped all over the world, from England to the US, is that this insect which resembles a bumblebee will bring a good fortune to everyone on whom it lands, and is believed to be the protector of children in particular.

Also, it is believed in many countries around the world that these insects should never be killed because it brings a stroke of bad luck to the person who kills it (and the people who are close to him or her).

Try to remember one moment when this lovely bug gently landed on your hand – you certainly did not have the urge to kill her, but to stroke her, until she spread her wings and fly away.

This insect is so small and gentle that unlike for example, when people see or hear a fly, they do not have the urge to kill it but to touch her gently and let her go.

Old people like to say – let her go; it will come back with good luck, good news or dear guests that you haven’t seen for a long time.

What does ladybug mean?

First of all, this insect has a distinctive appearance – it is recognizable by the bright red color of her wings, that is covered with black dots (some say that this appearance alone implies happiness and joy). It is noticeable that there are precisely seven dots on her wings – did you ever counted them? You should try it!

Additionally, ladybugs can come in a variety of colors – orange, yellow, and totally black even.

Ladybugs are so loved and well accepted in a society that they are a favorite motive in books, coloring books, comics, masquerades, as mascots, in the form of amulets on a chain, any type of jewelry, like earrings and necklaces. And it is no surprise – children love it and like to mask as ladybugs, and all of us have that certain precognition that it will bring us a stroke of good luck.

In nature, the bright color of the ladybug is used to reject the predators that connect the dirty colors to the toxicity, but there is one more fantastic thing about them – ladybugs can be slightly poisonous when attacked, but only for smaller predators.

They are also instrumental in nature, on fields, since they can destroy harmful insects, worms and unwanted herbs that grow in the fruitful fields.

In some way, ladybugs are a connection of two things – joy, gentleness and strength also – she can eat food that is 120 times more than her own weight.

These were some of the characteristics of a ladybug as an insect, but what is her meaning in our lives? What does it mean when one of these cute insects enter our lives?

It is said that when a ladybug touches on your finger, you can expect to hear a piece of good news or marry soon (this has numerous variations – you will find a love of your life, you will have a chance encounter with someone special, etc.).

The black dots on her wings also carry interesting meaning – it is said that if you succeed in counting her black dots, you can make a wish and let her go. Others say that the number of dots on her wings is the actual age of the ladybug; others say that there are seven of them exactly.

In France, there is a strong belief that a ladybug turns negative thoughts into positive ones and helps with mental disorders – so it is highly recommended for people to stay longer time in nature and wait for these adorable insects to land on their hands or head. It is believed that they bring joyful thoughts and bring relaxation that is necessary for people who have some form of stress or mental problem.


If a ladybug lands on a finger of unmarried man, then it has a meaning that soon marriage is smiling for that man. The same thing is with an unmarried woman. In the case, when a ladybug lands on a finger of married woman or man, every second it spends on a finger of that person, it brings one happier year of marriage for that person.

The peasants in Germany believed that Virgin Mary sent them a bug that was present just to help them in their work in the field (as a bug that is useful and brings good fortune) so they called her Marienkäfer.

Later, Germans called her ladybug, and even today, in this country, people love to give a figurine of a ladybug as a present, they believe that they are giving each other happiness and joy.

Some members of the Orthodox Church believe that this bug comes as the annunciation of the autumn, a time of the year where everything transforms – it is indeed the time when ladybug seeks for its secret place for hibernation.

In many countries of the world, people believe that they will be happy when the ladybug that landed on their arm and stays there; and this belief comes from the Roman times. They believed that if a ladybug lands on their arm and stays there for a while, and then it flies away, they believe that their happiness is related to the direction in which the bumblebee flies.

The Dutch believe that a girl who has landed a ladybug during a wedding will have a lot of children – one more reason to be in nature.

This insect is called God’s sheep and is considered to be the protector of children, and it should not be killed and made leave from a home it entered. If there are seven dots on it, it is believed to bring happiness without compare. But it is essential that you do not harm them by any means, or that you do not keep it indoors. It should be allowed to fly freely.

Our ancestors believed that the ladybug lives in the heavens and only occasionally leave heaven to convey the will of God in our world.

What do ladybugs symbolize?

As far as the symbolism of ladybug goes, we must say that its distinctive red color is reminiscing on fire and blood – life itself and the fact that without emotions and love, we could never be happy.

So, the principal and primary symbolism of ladybug is that it is a symbol of life and love – the two things that should never go one without the other. It is a reminder that we should live our lives as joyful and happy as we could, and to share that feeling with people who are close to us.

Another thing that we must speak of is the black spots on her wings – they are a symbol of the mystery. This is really important to remember – life, for the majority of us, stays an eternal mystery, and we should always remind ourselves how small we are in comparison with the waste an endless Universe.

In completion, it is essential to look at the world as a gathering of the two – joy, life and happiness and the darkness and mystery that is all around us and in us.

We need to say that there is a piece of interesting information – the earliest display of the ladybug as a sign of happiness was carved 20,000 years ago, which was probably worn as a necklace. Even then, the ladybug was bearer happiness, and in those somewhat dark and primitive times, it was seen as a positive emblem.

Because it has the same color as the mantle of Jesus Christ, the ladybug is connected in some parts of Italy and the United Kingdom with the cult of the Virgin Mary (as we spoke in some previous parts of this piece), but the symbolism in this correlation is the fact that a ladybug implies things that are pure in life. It symbolically connects both to childbirth, fertility, love and beauty. In ancient Italy, they believed that a ladybug with less than seven dots announced a dry and barren year, but these specimens were considered to be very rare.

It is in so many ways a symbol of prosperity – you can come to progress in a spiritual or material sense, that your finances are going on, but it also comes to a single reconciliation. If you recently had a brawl with someone whom you really care about, if this beautiful insect lands on your hands it opens up a real chance toward a conversation that can lead to reconciliation.

The ladybug gives you the incentive to make the first step to reconciliation this time. It is noteworthy who has made a mistake, you have to remember how much that person is an integral part of your life and, if you need to forgive, you have to remember that it is human and sinful If you did not have this situation, and if there is no conflict or conflict in your life, then the ladybug you chose reminds you just how well you are and will soon reward you with prosperity, so expect a cash flow, or at least that you will receive beautiful news that will be impossible for you!

Does it bring bad or good luck?

In essence and in some general knowledge, it is believed that the ladybug brings happiness that cannot be compared to anything else; there is no symbol that could be compared to this one.

And you can see the confirmation of this belief all over the world since different beliefs are associated with this. The ladybug that landed on the person (head, hair or hands) brings her happiness, and if she is to land on her when the ill chases the disease.

It is a fundamental issue to discuss – just like in the field, a ladybug can take away all harmful insects that are disrupting the crops, in the same way, it affects people. A human without illness, a healthy man, is considered to be the happiest.

If you “catch” a ladybug while she is flying, it then announced beautiful weather next week – if you think that this is not happiness, you are wrong. For all those who work in fields, this is the definition of happiness, to have fields that will bring just the fruits of the hard work, and to never fear from its ruin.

The connection between happiness and ladybugs comes so deep that it is commonly believed that if you make a wish at the moment when a ladybug touches your hand, your wish will come true, but you will have to wait for the same number of months or years as the number of its points.

When a ladybug enters your home and stays a while in it, it is believed to announce guests. If she is in the hands of a recently married woman, it is believed that the number of points on her back indicates the number of children she will have. The number of dots on the ladybug is also the number of happy months that come to you, and if you catch the home, the number of points will indicate how much money you will soon find.

On the other hand, killing a ladybug brings unhappiness and sorrow – you should never do this, and if you find the one that is already dead, you should let her out of the house, or place her on some flowers.

Sometimes people see or are covered with not just one, but several or more ladybugs at once, and this is truly an event that deserves to be remembered since it does not come so often – this is something that is so specific that only rare people have the chance to experience..

This event and so rare that the person who experiences such occurrence will have fortune beyond compare – but this only applies to the classic ladybugs that have red-colored wings and black dots, not others that have orange wings or are black.


A ladybug is considered a bearer of happiness and well-being. It is believed to bring relief from everyday problems. It also gives you some patience, and if you land on you while you are ill, the sign is near healing. The ladybug that gets you on hand and then goes away means that the next week will be a nice time.

The ladybug that gets you on hand and then goes away means that the next week will be a nice time. If you are sick, or someone you care about these days has health problems, you can breathe finally – if you remember what we have spoken about illnesses and ladybugs in previous sections.

It comes into the lives of the people when they are overwhelmed, just to bring it nice news about your health and your dear ones people. So this is definitely a good sign that the disease that pisses you out very soon, or, at least, will come to a great improvement. Maybe now this seems a bit funny, but let yourself have a little faith, at least because you sincerely hope that he will come to the healing and that the ugly days will be behind you – how amazing would be if you had such thoughts all the time.

When a ladybug lands on your palm, it is always a sign that you will be healed, if you are ill, it brings news that your health will improve. It is thought to offer patients and to bring spiritual and physical healing to the person to whom it is sent. If you land on your hand and then fly away soon, consider it a sign that you expect a nice time or a visit from a friend that you have not seen for a long time, or a distant relative.

The ladybug is usually considered a sign of happiness and indicates that things are going to your advantage. If you often see bubbles or bumblebee pictures, it can be a sign that you should be grateful for everything you have and what your life provides.

It also indicates that it is a good time to move forward and start to realize your greatest dreams and desires – do not hide them, but openly show them, and they will become a reality.