Koala – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Almost anyone would agree koalas are adorable creatures. They have a soothing and calming effect on those around. Koalas appear to be so peaceful and at ease with themselves and their surroundings.

The gift of peace and calm is the one of the gifts the koala gives to those fortunate enough to have it as their totem animal.

Koalas are very nurturing marsupials. Baby koalas are super tiny when they are born, about the size of a bee.

Mother koalas keep their babies in their pouch. When the babies become too big to be in the pouch, they cling to their mother’s back. Mother koalas have a very strong bond with their offspring, and the children stay close to them for about 8 – 11 months.

After that period, the mothers cut their ties with the children and let them go on their own.

Koalas are strongly connected to the earth, but they also enjoy climbing high trees as well. Koalas are very social animals.

They are always in a group of other koalas performing their everyday activities, gathering food, eating, bearing their offspring, etc.

They are also very protective of their territory.

These animals can be picky about their diet. They eat mainly eucalyptus, but from more than few hundred types, koalas eat up to 10 of them. They use their balance and strength to gather the food to eat.

Koalas have body fur which keeps their body temperature constant. That fur also repels water and raindrops.
Koalas communicate through a different set of sounds they produce.

They are more active at night because then the daily heat cools down. So during the night, the koala is eating, cleaning itself, etc.

These animals can sleep up to 20 hours.

What does the Koala Symbolize?

A Koala is a symbol of peace, calmness, safety, sensitivity, joy, happiness, faith, rest, stress release, relaxation, nurturing, friendliness, parenting, family, protectiveness, community, confidence, close bonds within the family, selective, strength, balance, memory, intuition, psychic gifts, etc.

The Meanings of Koala as a Spirit Animal

The Koala as a spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Calmness and peace. Koala’s mission in your life is to bring you calm and happiness, and also to diminish your stress and teach you how to enjoy life instead of accumulating anxiety. It brings you peace amidst the havoc you daily encounter.


It reminds you to meditate and connect with nature.

Stress release and relaxation. The koala can sleep and rest for a very long time. If a koala is your totem animal, it also teaches you about the importance of resting, relaxing and having your own space. It also teaches you about the need to consider your home, a place of rest and relaxation, where you forget about everything disturbing.

If you are often quarreling with the members of your household, it reminds you it’s time to settle your disputes, and remove all the negative energy from your house.

Independence. Just as the koala mum lets her offspring manage on their own after 8 – 10 months, if a koala is your totem animal, it teaches you about the need to be independent and have your freedom. You are completely capable of taking care of yourself.

There’s nothing wrong in relying upon someone you trust, but you should beware if that becomes a dependency issue.

Psychic gifts and intuition. Koalas have a great sense of smell and hearing. If a Koala is your spirit guide, it helps and teaches you to develop your psychic gifts. It encourages you to listen to your gut feelings and the messages coming from your intuition.

Parenting. Koalas are great parents, especially their mothers, carrying the babies in the pouch or on their back for almost 11 months. If this animal is your totem, it teaches you the gift of good parenting. It encourages you to embrace the duty of being a parent with joy and relaxation.

Community. Koalas are very social animals. They are always in a group of other koalas performing their everyday activities. Every member of the group works together with others for the good of their community. This spirit animal teaches you about the importance of the circle of people surrounding you, the importance of the support of people you trust, as well achieving common goals together.

Protectiveness. These animals are very protective of their territory. Living in groups, they defend their territory all together. A koala totem animal teaches you the need to protect your most inner circle of friends and family members.

Nurturing. Just as the koala nurtures its babies, if it’s your spirit animal, it teaches you about the need to nurture all your relationships. You need to have an understanding towards your partner, friends and family members while they are overcoming challenges, and don’t let that jeopardize your relationship.

Koala as Your Totem Animal

If it is your spirit animal, a koala is asking you not to rush anywhere.

It teaches you about the importance of resting and releasing stress and anxiety. You are probably a person who goes along well with almost anyone. You have an easy going approach towards life and accept things as they are.

You are very protective of the things and people important to you. You are more than happy to offer your help, without getting anything in return.

You are very wise. You know when the right time to react is, and when you need to step back from a situation. You intuitively feel when someone doesn’t want to be helped or rejects change.

You have a calming effect on other people. They somehow seem to relax in your presence. People with problems often come to you to help them change their mood and cheer them up. It’s important not to allow others abuse that ability you have.

You might also have a dreamy character. Maybe you tend to daydream and have a vivid imagination. Maybe you often have lucid dreams you should pay attention to. You can receive important messages through your dreams.

They can be related to you or someone close to you.

Maybe like a koala you are more active at night and prefer sleeping during the day. This animal as your totem might also speak about your tendency to procrastinate, leaving everything for tomorrow or the day after.

This spirit guide might be a good reminder to change that bad habit you have and become more reliable because that will mostly serve you.

With a koala as you spirit animal you are probably a very emotional person, but you don’t show your emotions easily.

You are probably very attached to your home or your own space and don’t let others easily in.

Otherwise, you are very friendly and easy going, but you need your space and time to reset.

What if the Koala Appears in Your Life?

When a koala comes to your life, it’s most likely calling you to take some time off and rest. It calls you to release your accumulated stress.

It invites you to enjoy nature and start paying attention to your well – being.

Koalas also remind you to sleep more.

In some cases, koala appears in your life when you are having a hard time being a parent, to guide you through this process, which is so natural to these animals.

You are probably a person in tune with other people’s emotions and often accumulate their negativity. This spirit animal maybe reminds you it’s time to distance yourself from others and spend some time alone, to charge your batteries.

It can also appear when you need to get in touch with your inner being and guidance, and you need help in trusting the messages it brings you.

When it appears, the koala just might inspire you to slow down and enjoy life and its beauty.

No need to rush anywhere, just be still and enjoy being alive.

When to call on Koala?

You should call on Koala as your spirit animal when you:

  • Have a lot of turmoil in your life and need to maintain your peace.
  • Need to retreat from the rest of the world and just do your own thing.
  • Need to get in touch with your inner guidance.
  • Need some inner guidance about being a better parent.
  • Need to be present in the moment.

Dreams about Koala – Interpretation and Meaning

Koalas are known as big sleepers. They usually sleep up to 16-18 hours a day, sometimes up to 20 hours.

But what does it mean when a koala walks into your dreams?

A dream about koalas can symbolize your spiritual awareness. Sometimes it indicates being secured and protected.

It can also remind you of the need to nurture your higher self and connect to the spirit.

In some cases a koala in your dream might reveal your subconscious desire to get away from your problems or duties.

Sometimes it might represent your dependency issues and the need to become more independent.

Maybe this dream is calling you to gain your freedom and start relying on yourself, becoming responsible.

It encourages you to trust your abilities to manage on your own.