Kangaroo – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Kangaroo is one of those incredible exotic animals reminding us of the importance of family love. Its specific appearance and behavior teach people a valuable lesson; the greatest treasure in our lives are our loved ones.

Just as this charming marsupial nurtures its baby and carries it around in its recognizable pocket, we should take care about people we love and value and nurture ourselves, as well.

Kangaroo symbolizes the greatness of motherly love and remind us our parents, especially mothers, but also our friends and partners, are our guardians, supportive figures we can always rely on.

An interesting fact about these extraordinary animals is that kangaroo females are continuously pregnant, except at the time of delivery;

This amazing fact only proves the fact that carrying about young ones is one of the most important things for kangaroos. If we think of it symbolically, the conclusion is clear.

Kangaroos are an ultimate symbol of care, nurture, parenthood and family bonds. Let us discover more amazing things about kangaroos, their symbolical meaning and spiritual powers.

Amazing kangaroo fact explaining their symbolism

In addition to fascinating fact that female kangaroos are actually mothers almost all of the time, there are other interesting information.

Did you know that baby kangaroos spend whole nine months in mothers’ pockets and their moms feed them until they reach about eighteen months?

This is an astounding phenomenon in animal kingdom and a symbol of an everlasting support and care. However, it does not seem kangaroos are spoiled.

Once they are big enough, they are perfectly capable of taking care of their own.

Baby kangaroos spend nine months in mothers’ pockets and are nurtured and fed by them for about eighteen months;

Another feature characterizing kangaroos we are so impressed about are their long and extremely strong legs.

This animal has a specific way of moving around. Unlike most of mammals, kangaroos actually move on two feet and they do that by – jumping! Kangaroos are the only animal’s specie moving in such a manner.

Kangaroos move around by jumping, they do not know how to walk ‘normally’ and they cannot walk or jump backwards;

However, their lack of ‘normal walking’ skill does not seem to bother kangaroos at all. Their muscular legs are like a powerful engine.

Thanks to specific body built and ‘design’ of their legs, kangaroos reach an incredible speed by jumping. They are amazingly fast.


Kangaroos are excellent ‘hoppers’, though. Their way of movement allows make them able to reach the speed in range of about 25 to even 70 kilometers per hour;

Another amazing feature that makes kangaroos recognizable are their long tails. In fact, their tails are so specifically designed that they play the role of a third limb.

Kangaroos’ tails are muscular and incredibly strong.

These animals use tails as a support of their body while sitting (actually, they do not sit down to the ground, but use the tail as a chair) and to make balance while hopping around.

One third of kangaroos’ body length/height are their unbelievably strong tails that they use for moving and resting;
Kangaroos are unable to jump, if their tails are lifted up of the ground;

Male kangaroos are known for their boxing skills. They practice real boxing matches to fight over females. This strange behavior appears fascinating to humans.

It looks like an actual sparring match. In those fights, kangaroos use their tails to reach their maximum height and stand on top of their toes, in order to intimidate their rivals. They use feet and front paws to strike the other one.

Despite for being known as nurturing and caring animals, kangaroos can get very aggressive and they are known to attack humans;

Kangaroos are used to people in Australia. They are not afraid of them, which often turns misfortunate for these animals. It is not uncommon for them to get struck by a car or so.

On the other hand, they would not hesitate to attack humans, if feeling threatened, hungry or anxious for some other reason.

Kangaroos live exclusively in Australia and there are different subspecies, varying in sizes. They feed on plants and fruits. They fall under the category of endangered species;

Kangaroo symbolism and spiritual meaning

Kangaroos represent different concepts, because their nature is dual, meaning they can be both caring, kind and loving, as well as aggressive and fighting.

For Australian people, kangaroos are a national symbol and motifs of these animals can be found in all sorts of designs.

Coat of Arms of Australia features the most recognizable and unique animals living there, a kangaroo and an emu bird.

Care and motherhood – First of all, kangaroos represent motherly love, because of their characteristic natural behavior and a way of nurturing and raising up their cubs. It is a rare example to be seen in animal kingdom, even though there are many other devoted parents in the wild.

Love and support – Kangaroos symbolize unconditional love and support, especially relating to family bonds. They not only represent the power of family love, but also remind us not to be afraid to speak about our needs.

Kangaroos teach us to rely on the people we love, just as young kangaroos trust their mothers to protect them and take care of them.

However, kangaroos are tough animals, so they are not associated with frailty or vulnerability. It does not mean you are weak if you seek for support in your closest ones. It is a natural way of things and the best one.

Kangaroos are an excellent example of spirit animals that symbolize support, care, devotion and love.

Aggression and strength – On the other hand, kangaroos are known to be aggressive and not easily frighten creatures. They are very strong and they do not hesitate to use force when needed. These extraordinary jumping fellows do not have many natural enemies, but they fight amongst themselves and attack people, as well.

Smaller examples of kangaroo family have more enemies, but they efficiently use their speed to escape them.

Kangaroos are popular for their boxing poses and represent aggression and fight. They are protective and territorial, so it is the best to stay out of their reach, they would not hesitate hurting you. Kangaroos have strong paws with claws, strong and muscular back legs and tail.

They are not fearful and are aware of their powers. They represent strength, protection and aggression.

Speed and rush – Kangaroos are really fast animals, with a characteristic way of moving around by jumping. This amazing skill makes them a perfect symbol for speed. They also represent rush, because symbolically, their jumping habit could be interpreted as skipping things without thinking.

However, it could also symbolize avoiding obstacles on the road.

Kangaroo totem and spirit animal

Kangaroo is an interesting totem. This animal lives only in Australia, but it is planetary popular. Kangaroo motifs are usually seen on different brand logos or other marks that has anything to do with Australia.

Australians are proud of their amazing, exotic and so unique national symbol.

However, kangaroo can be anyone’s totem animal. Let us see what characterizes those people.

  • Supportive, strong and protective

As we have mentioned in previous paragraphs, kangaroos represent ultimate motherly love and parental or family care, nurture and support. Kangaroo people have specific sense about such things. They value family bonds above all and would do anything to protect ones they care about.

They are not only caring parents or supportive relatives, but also loyal and faithful friends and partners.

If you have a kangaroo person to be your friend, you could rely on that person one hundred percent.

Kangaroo people carefully chose their company and are protective of it. They are, however, not submissive or easily seduced. You could hardly deceive or trick them. They are too intelligent and tough for that.

Kangaroo people are strong both as individuals and as a part of a company, which makes them people to look up to and rely on.

  • Joyful and positive minded

Kangaroo individuals have a positive approach to life and the find themselves comfortable in different circumstances.

They are adaptable and not demanding. They do not suffer from greed or need for luxuries.

Kangaroo people feel good about themselves no matter if they are rich, famous and successful or lead simple, modest lives.

Kangaroo people feel satisfied and happy because they are aware of opportunity to explore the wonders of the world, something that people generally forget about and simply bury themselves under tons of worries that are totally unnecessary.

They are open minded, good friends and funny to have around.

  • Decisive, determined, but rushing

Kangaroo people are smart and decisive. They do not like to speculate much about things; they are rather doers, not thinkers.

This is both bad and good for them. They risk and rush into things, which mean they grab great opportunities, but bad ones as well.

They are sometime careless about such things, thinking that it is more important to enjoy life and take what is in front of you.

No risk, no advance could be sometimes ascribed to them as a life motto.

However, not all kangaroo people are so reckless.

If they learn to make balance between their natural impatience and a strong will to try or finish things, they could become successful in every aspect of life.

They are amazing in all career fields that demand any form of action and enterprise. They could be found in leading positions of big companies, because they do not lack courage and are charismatic personas.