June 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is wise to understand our present life as a particular pattern, or, more precisely, the part of a great mosaic that represents our entire existence in this material world, that can be the only one that have.

To make our way through life in the best way possible, we must be aware that we are a part of that puzzle, and that we must do specific tasks so that our present life reach its full purpose. That purpose is individual, but it is the purpose that primarily needs to make as human beings that are worthy of living.

Whether we will succeed or not depends on our critical path and the interference of our independent will and freedom of choice that we all have as human beings.

What does all this mean? It means that we need to make an effort to succeed in life, and to fill out a purpose in life, and it is the same thing that stars are saying to us. Those stars and their influence can be seen by using astrology and knowing our Zodiac sign. It would not mind if know more about our birthdates, and today we are speaking of June 8.

Personality and Character

The people born on June 8 show outstanding mental abilities; it is something that they all share with Gemini Zodiac sign, to which they belong also. That strong intellect can be applied to science, humanistic knowledge or art; they can do all of this since they have an incredible responsibility, and in practice, that means that they can take over the family leader. The path to success is often accompanied by increasing demands and as these people have a low threshold of stress tolerance, many people born this day are the happiest if they find their place in the profession and when they stay on it.

Bu their environment can see them as undoubtedly talented people that are eccentric and have unique views, which not everyone can understand.

These people who celebrate their birthdays on June 8 are not talented for diplomacy and often do not consider the consequences of their deeds. It may even happen that one big mistake destroys the years of their hard and dedicated work. The only solution is this: these people have to plan their life’s activities carefully so that it would be one of the critical activities in further performance of projects.

Unlike many other Gemini people, those who are born on June 8 are not particularly sociable persons; they prefer to be in solitude. Periodically they feel the need to withdraw from the everyday world and indulge in inspiration to make some serious progress in their lives.

Love Compatibility

As lovers, those who are born on June 8 are honest, generous and good-natured, but they can have a problem to open up and receive love.

They are spiritual people and feel things alive, and are capable of sincere and lasting love. They have great ideas that could be ruined if they do not make the most of your life partner’s choice; this is the most critical decision in their lives since a lousy partner for them means that their entire life is ruined.

Those who are born on June 8 cannot become impatient when things do not go as they hoped and anticipated; some things, especially love is one of those things that need to stay relevant in their lives. Everything will end up in the best way, in the long run; they need never to lose their faith in love and their dreams.

Some representatives of this sign, a Gemini sign can be different, and some of them are much happier when they are alone than when they are in a relationship and everyone who knows them can easily notice it. It is not true that they do not enjoy relationships, but most often prefer to be free. They have the best fun and carefree connections, without limitations and obligations -some people who belong to the June 8 can be like this, in specific periods of their lives.

Purpose and Career

These people are very temperamental when their ideas and agendas are in question, and they will vigorously defend them until they reach the desired target. Some may see them as people who have been adorned with weirdness, and who will never make something out of their lives since they don’t “think” as the majority of people do.

On the other hand, these people must learn to control their mind (that works hard and fast every day, non-stop) and can learn to do so only by studying themselves. They need to re-examine their work, current and future jobs, goals and abilities, and to make a realistic assessment of their progress, only then they can move forward.

It is recommended for those who are born on this day to read some books that follow their new thought or idea, and this will significantly help them in the previously mentioned process of self-evaluation.

Those born on June 8 are extraordinarily musical and can be a respectable figure in the world of music if they devote themselves enough to it, and sometimes they do, sometimes they escape from so much exercise that is necessary for someone to become a good musician. Their strong character adorns determination and strength. They are above all, if focused, precise and methodical workers, or bosses, which is to a certain extent contrary to their fiery temperament.


They are well aware of the development of other people’s affairs, but they cannot make a big success in their life until they learn to analyse yourself and find out what your faults are and where your weak points are.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on June 8 are ruled by the number 8 and the planet Saturn. Astrologers explain that the planet Saturn as a very cold planet that brings a tremendous sense of responsibility as well as a sense of cautiousness and fatalism. Consequently, the more conservative side of their personality can be enhanced, and with the ruler of the all Gemini people the Mercury, the serious mental perspective in its place.

A planet Mercury is the ruler of the mind, word, learning, and in a marriage with the Saturn (that is a ruler of pessimism, pain, age, slowness speaks of so much more than it meets the eye. These people love complicated topics during a conversation, and it is the consequence of the planet Saturn, a planet of seriousness that imposes such topic. Of course, this could be problematic for other participants in a conversation. They do not like to waste time on non-mandatory discussions and superficial topics, but they prefer to engage in essential issues. Mercury, on the other hand, is a planet of youth and playfulness, while Saturn is a planet of age and slow, so this is an aspect that talks about the conflicts.

Mercury and Saturn talk about people who are traditional, reserved, but very valuable and ambitious.

Number 8, from a numerological point of view, brings wast energy that has two sides, one is prosperous and constructive, and the other is negative with the tendency to destroy.

Historical Events on June 8

From the earthquake that hit Peru in 1624, to the recent terroristic attacks that are nowadays entirely normal, we covered all events that took place on the June 8 through history.

1624 – The earthquake hit Peru.

1871 – Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph I announced the decision to abolish the Military rule.

1883 – France established control over Tunisia, its protectorate since 1881.

1929 – Margaret Bondfield was appointed as a Minister of Labor, as the first woman in government in the history of the United Kingdom.

1940 – World War II: German cruiser Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in World War II sank the British carrier Glorius and destroyed Ardent and Akasta. More than 1,500 people died.

1941 – World War II: British forces and units of Free France invaded Syria.

1942 – World War II: Japanese submarines bombed the most significant Australian city – Sydney.

1949 – George Orwell publishes the novel “1984”.

1965 – The United States Army in South Vietnam was given the authority to undertake offensive operations.

1966 – The Tornado destroyed the city of Topeka in Kansas. 16 people were killed, hundreds wounded.

1968 – James Earl Ray, charged with the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., was arrested.

1987 – New Zealand banned nuclear activities.

1989 – Marine explorer Dr Robert Ballard locates the wreck of the German battleship “Bismarck.”

2001 – A Brussels court found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for four people, including two nuns, for crimes in Rwanda.

2001 – In one school in Japan, a mentally disturbed man killed eight students and wounded 15 teachers and students.

2004 – President Hu Jintao arrived in Poland for the first visit of a chief of the Chinese state of Warsaw after 55 years.

Famous people born on June 8

Sometimes it is hard to connect two people who live seemingly different lives and live even in different eras, but we are making you sure that is possible. Today, we made a list of all extraordinary people who are born on June 8.

1625 – Giovanni Domenico Cassini, a French astronomer, and mathematician.

1671 – Tomaso Albinoni, an Italian composer.

1745 – Caspar Wessel, a Danish mathematician.

1810 – Robert Schumann, a German composer.

1837 – Ivan Kramskoy, a Russian painter.

1867 – Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect.

1903 –  Marguerite Yourcenar, a Belgian writer.

1908 – Margherita Carosio, an Italian soprano.

1911 – Edmundo Rivero, an Argentine tango singer.

1916 – Francis Harry Compton Crick, an English biochemist.

1921 – Muhammad Suharto, an Indonesian President.

1921 – Alexis Smith, a Canadian actress.

1925 – Barbara Bush, a former US First Lady.

1930 – Robert Aumann, a German-Jewish mathematician.

1933- Joan Rivers, an American Tv personality.

1940 –  Nancy Sinatra, an American singer.

1943 –  Colin Baker, a British actor.

1951 – Bonnie Tyler, an American singer.

1955 – Tim Berners-Lee, an English engineer and computer scientist.

1960 – Mick Hucknall, a British singer (Simply Red).

1966 -Julianna Margulies, an American actress.

1967 – Jasmin Tabatabai, a German actress.

1973 – Lexa Doig, a Canadian actress.

1975 – Shilpa Shetty, an Indian actress.

1976 – Lindsey Devenport, an American tennis player.

1977 – Kanye Omari West, an American rapper.

1978 – Adriana Silva, a Colombian actress.

1982 – Nadia Petrova, a Russian tennis player.

1983 –  Kim Clijsters, a Belgian tennis player.

1984 – Andrea Casiraghi, the eldest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco and Stephen Casiraghi.

1984 – Javier Mascherano, an Argentine footballer.

The end is here, and some kind of conclusion is necessary – these people who belong to the June 8 are blessed with so many things, like good intelligence and energetic nature. Unlike many other people who belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign, these people are not so sociable, they prefer to be left alone, and they have no problem in spending some quality time alone.

These people are not deprived of pains and failures, but they will regain their strength back after a series of setbacks, and this ability to restore their beliefs and life energy is fantastic.

These individuals who are born on June 8 have a strong character and willpower, which helps them to deal with the complex issues of life, and along the way, it helps them to help others in their problems. People born on June 8 are hard working individuals who love to concentrate on their agendas, and they will follow their initial ideas until their reach their intention.

Internally, these people are afraid to speak out their feelings, but they are loving, kind hearted, caring individuals, but in love, their partners should not expect royal treatment. They will keep them by the hand and love them in hearts, but without a doubt, those who are born on June 8 will not “run” around you for every little thing. They will surprise their parents only on special occasions.