June 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The stars under which we are born, have many secrets that are being discovered every day, they can reveal to us so much. Whether it’s love, our destiny, happiness, success or personal qualities, we can always learn something new in the horoscope, for our ruling Zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has its motto and its main characteristics that make up every person. Whether you believe it or not, one thing is sure – you can always find in at least one sentence that your horoscope offers for your sign that is true.

But before looking deeply into your Zodiac sign, you need to look into your birthdate, since that is the number that can reveal some other answers about your fate. Today we are focusing our attention on June 6.

Personality and Character

These are the people who are born on June 6 and belong to those rare individuals who have innovative ideas that they want to turn into reality (and they almost always succeed in that intention). It is an integral part of their nature, and it can manifest either in their profession, in family matters or in the field they are studying -they are all about ideas, like many Gemini people. They give priority to breaking through their far-reaching plans so that these people can be lonely and almost incapable of establishing more in-depth relationships with those close to them. Some will say that these people are too ambitious, or too selfish, or too superficial, but they are just focused on their plans.

The greatest danger to people born on June 6 is precisely in their obsession, which can lead them to extremes both in what they say and in what they do -when everything that they do is focused on their agenda, many other things will suffer. The result of such extremism can lead to various problems, both mental and even physical; they can push themselves too far.

Some people born on June 6 leave the impression of very radical people, but under this exterior hides an extremely progressive approach. They are not those people who cannot fit in society if they have to – if circumstances are such that they are forced to lead a predictable and orderly life, and then their wild side will melt with dreams and fantasies.

The most successful individuals born June 6 often use their visionary abilities to enlighten or direct others, of course sometimes they do it in a wrong way, or inappropriate, but they always have good intention, they want to help.

Since these people who are born on June 6 have ideas that can serve as an inspiration to others, they should provide a wider audience for themselves.

In the end, the advice for them is to make sure that their messages are crystal clear and that there is no obstacle between them and their audience. The direct approach is the best approach in their case.

Love Compatibility

When those who belong to the June 6 fall in love, it’s deep and serious; they are by no means frivolous and superficial, like many others. Even if these people seem like they are not interested, they are, and you will be seduced before you know it.

For this reason, they have to expect to experience a considerable number of experiences throughout life, and they will eventually be hurt very much, but that is all part of the process – growing up in love.

They can be too sensitive and touched to things that ordinary people can barely notice, so they need to relax in this sense a little bit. The general advice for those who are born this day is to pay more attention to their emotions because you are not very strong, they can be easily broken.

For marriage, these individuals must seek out someone who has the same ideas and aspirations as them; otherwise, they will not be happy. Their emotional nature is difficult to manage, and if they master it and make it a success in life, it will be a permanent acknowledgement for self-control. Those who are willing to wait for them to achieve this are real winners and can be in an intimate relationship with people of the June 6.

Purpose and Career

We have already said that those who are born on June 6 are the people who can be overwhelmed with their work, forgetting about all other aspects in their lives, and that is not a good idea since these people cannot suppress their emotions.

They have pretty original thoughts and ideas, so they could be good inventors if they get a chance. In business ventures, these people can risk, are brave, and nothing can turn them away from doing the planned work, once if they decide to finish it and if you think about it thoroughly.

In more in-depth analyses those who belong to the June 6 are considered to be the great seekers for the truth and are never satisfied until they solve the problem or get to the bottom of any problematic issue.


They are usually, either as their primary job or as their hobby, these people can be socially active, doing everything to help others who are in need. They have an excellent sense of balance and justice so they can be good lawyers; they feel others problems very intensely, so they cannot easily slip out of your mind or touch you, as is the case with many others.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People of the June 6 are ruled by the planet Venus and with the number 6. Number six is the number that attracts love and admiration in an utterly captivating way, here comes the story about the emotionality of those who are born this day.

Number six is also considered the spiritual and divine number, and these people can achieve one of the other, of course with the significant sacrifice.

From the planetary perspective, planet Venus is the planet of the beauty and love, but in this case, it has a connection with political inaction, and these people prefer to work with others in a social context. Love and sex are often dominant topics of people born on June 6. This connection suggests pronounced possibilities for achieving a good harmony in the sense of sensual/sexual level and also regarding attaining good mutual understanding at other levels in a love affair or a marriage. These people even can subtly express their mental visions, which are supported by the creative Mercury, which rules the Gemini sign.

Their color is tangerine orange, and their number is 12.

Historical Events on June 6

On this day in 1981, in the worst accident in the history of the railway happened and 800 souls were taken. But also on this day in 1984, one of the most famous video games of all times was released. Can you guess which one?

1508 – Maximilian I, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, was defeated by the Venetians in Friuli.

1513 – Italian Wars: Battle of Novara – Massimiliano Sforco defeats the French.

1523 – Gustav Vasa was elected as a King of Sweden, marking the symbolic end of the Kalmar Union.

1654 – Swedish Queen Christina abdicated, and Karl X Gustav came to the throne.

1683 – In Oxford, the first public museum in the world “Ashmolean” was opened in England.

1801 – A six-year war between Spain and Portugal ended with the Peace Agreement in Badajoz.

1859 – Queensland became a separate colony from New South Wales.

1871 – Germany annexed Alsace, after defeating France in the French-Prussian war.

1933 – The first auto-cinema was opened in New Jersey, which could receive 400 cars.

1941 – Adolf Hitler issued a Commissary Order- The guidelines for the treatment of political commissioners.

1942 -American bombers sank four Japanese planes.

1944 – World War II: Allied forces landed in Normandy the day called “D day”.

1946 – In the United States, the NBA League was created then called the Basketball Association of America.

1949 – George Orwell’s “1984” book was released, the vision of the world governed by the Big Brother.

1954 – The Festival of Flowers from Switzerland became the Eurovision.

1967 – Egypt closed the Suez Canal, the day after the outbreak of the Israeli-Arab war.

1972- 431 miners were killed in an explosion at the coal mine in Rhodesia.

1981 – In the worst accident in the history of the railway, at least 800 people died when seven wagons of a crowded passenger train slipped from the rail and fell into the Koshi River in India.

1982 – Israel began invading Lebanon in an effort to expel members of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

1984 – The Tetris, one of the most famous video games was released.

1985 – After three years of occupation, Israel withdrew most of the forces from Lebanon, but retained the border belt within that country.

1994 – A Chinese plane crashed on the inside line from the Syan tourist center. All 160 passengers and crew members were killed.

2001 – French Marie Bremont, believed to be the oldest person in the world, died in her sleep at the age of 115.

2003 – A woman, a suicide bomber, killed herself and at least 17 others, entering a bus in the Russian republic of North Ossetia.

Famous people born on June 6

Many writers, but even more sportspersons were born on this day. Read all about who they are, and what they do.

1519 – Andrea Cesalpino, an Italian philosopher.

1599 – Diego Velazquez, a Spanish painter.

1606 – Pierre Corneille, a French drama writer.

1799 – Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, a Russian poet.

1868 – Robert Falcon Scott, an English researcher.

1872 -Alexandra Feodorovna, a Russian Empress.

1875 -Paul Thomas Mann, a German writer and winner of the Nobel Prize.

1895 – George Herman “Babe” Ruth, an American baseball player and national icon of the United States.

1901 – Ahmed Sukarno, an Indonesian politician and statesman.

1903 – Aram Khachaturian, a Russian composer.

1917 – Maria Montez, an American actress.

1934 – Albert II, a Belgian king.

1946 – Lasse Hallström, a Swedish director.

1947 – Terry Williams, an American singer.

1948 – Rocco Buttiglione, an Italian politician, and lawyer.

1952 – Harvey Fierstein, an American actor and screenwriter.

1956 – Björn Borg, a Swedish tennis player.

1957 – Stefano Braski, an Italian football judge.

1963 – Vincent Cole, a French basketball player and coach.

1969 – Fernando Redondo, an Argentine national footballer.

1967- Paul Giamatti, an American actor.

1970 – Albert Ferrer, a Spanish footballer and coach.

1972 – Noriaki Kasai, a Japanese ski jumper.

As all Gemini Zodiac sign people, those who are born on the 6th day of the June, have pronounced intellectual capacities, and they can use them in their lives. These people are oriented toward work and achievements and can be misunderstood.

Their goals might seem unattainable for many reasons, either they’re focused on the future, or the majority of the people cannot understand them, but this certainly does not stop them from trying. They will give their best to find some solution, and to make their idea work, and if they can help someone along the way, they are even happier.

Since these people who belong to the June 6 are under the influence of the planet Venus, they can look into the things that are aesthetically pleasing or pleasurable. But there is one problem, and that is that these people are never satisfied with what they have, and they are always in the search for something that will satisfy them.

As all Gemini people, they have their dark side, and they show their “ugly” face at any time, if they are provoked in any way, there is no warning. These individuals who belong to the June 6 are unparalleled masters of communication and will let you know precisely what’s on their mind. They are much more spiritual than others who belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign, since they are numerologically influenced with the number 6, and we have already said that it is the number that can provide spiritual or divine aspirations.