June 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

A saying “You live it, you learn it” has some ring to it, and we will say that is true. Through the whole life we learn something and believing that we cannot change is wrong. We can change, and it is a trait that all human beings have, we are born with the opportunity to improve and to make our lives better than they were before. And Astrology insight and numerology insight can help us in that improvement since these two are intertwined in the birthdates since in it we can see the influence of the numbers, and the Zodiac influence, in the sense of a sign and planetary control.

Today we are speaking of date June 4, and in this article, we cover all elements that we feel are important.

Personality and Character

People born on June 4 are once again, as all Gemini Zodiac sign people, very skilful in the use of language; this is their way of attracting the attention. When they talk about something that inspires them, these people are very inspiring to all others who patiently listen to what these people have to say.

Sometimes they can say things that are shocking to others and can be seen as freaks, but their main virtue is that they work hard to accept themselves as they are.

However, when other express disagreements, they lose their tactics and diplomacy, that they usually have. These people are often in leading positions, although their role is not appropriate for the leader. In such situations, they feel insecure, and they are extinguishing their dark features (and they have them, believe us).

These people feel best if they work as team members, they need someone who will their break in a situation where they are on the verge to lose control.

Those who are born on June 4 have a high inclination to leave their flexibility to respect specific rules and obligations -but this feature can be applied in everything they do. Remember these people belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign, and their nature is changeable. It is essential that in the future they have new projects because they quickly become overloaded with work that restricts their development, and it is a shame to keep these people long in one place.

People who are born on June 4 are born with a great deal of importance that is attached to their intuition and insights -and they always make a mistake if they don’t listen to their instincts. Following the intuition, they almost never make mistakes and should not allow the reason part of their personality to interfere with the power of their intuition.

This is the best way to achieve their ideas and personal goals, but this is the ability that needs to be developed in life.

Love Compatibility

You have a strong intuition that almost always proves to be correct. Never trust a person whose intuition has not given you confidence.

Otherwise, you will regret it. You will never become very rich, but you will have a stable life and collect a satisfactory sum before death.

You have an intensely emotional and passionate nature, so you are attracted to the opposite sex, but you are also attractive to the opposite sex to a considerable degree. You are clever and energetic, fast and mobile, and various sports lie to you. Learn to concentrate.

In people born on June 4, it is essential to express their physical needs for recreation as well as for sex. It does not pose any problem for these people to receive the feelings of others, but it may be a problem for them to accept the help of others.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born on June 4 are people who are, in their work, unselfish and cordial, but their spirit needs to be more independent to make their work life successful.

They need to learn to say one of the hardest things in life, it is the word no; of course at the right time and then when circumstances require such word. They tend to fall under the influence of friends and those around them at work because cannot think independently enough; the best way is to listen more to their thoughts and desires.

We spoke already about the importance of the intuition, and how much valuable is that these people listen to their intuition, it is the best way for implementation of the ideas into the world.


Those who are born on June 4 are attracted to art and science; artistic and drama skills are pronounced in these people, so they can be good singers or dancers if they learn a little bit. Also, as all Gemini people, they also have the gift of writing, and with the little bit of training, they can become good speakers. As born this day, you will undoubtedly have success on the scene, but one thing they need to know – on their path, there is a lifetime of hard work for those who want to succeed.

During the lifetime, the purpose of people born on June 4 can undergo a variety of changes. For this reason, these people should try to find peace and balance in their youth. It is vital for these people to preserve vitality by channeling and conserving their energy.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on June 4 are ruled by the number 4 and are therefore under the domination of the planet Uranus.

We say they are under the impact of the number – they are expressive individuals who represent unique views, often very difficult and controversial for all other people, but on the other side, they have almost nurturing nature to them. This aspect can be seen in the case of the Angelina Jolie that is born on this day. She is known for her wild days but is now a mother and very famous humanitarian.

From the planetary aspects, there are aspects of Mercury and Uranus that give the unpredictable mind, which creates radical and original ideas, and the persons who own them in their natal chart are bothered by communication and expression of their opinions. There is a great need for something new, inventive and liberal, and a combination of these two planets make people think differently, in the original way, and “shocking” others by expressing their opinions and rights. With these aspects, people tend to change societies because they see a new and different, unique image. Mercury that rules all Gemini people and Uranus give different, eccentric, restless in the expression of thought, but the environment more easily accepts them in their uniqueness and eccentricity. Those who are born on June 4 are very different and independent in their expression.

People born this day have a sensitive psyche, and they hardly accept discouragement and rejection. Under the great influence, Uranus may give sudden mood swings. Due to the impact of Mercury, these changes can be even more pronounced.

Their number is 4, and their color is midnight blue.

Historical Events on June 4

The ending of one dynasty is considered the colossal event in history, and today’s list of the past events that took place on this date; we have started with such an event.

907 – End of the Tang dynasty in China.

1133 – German King Lothar II was crowned by the Roman Emperor during his visit to Rome.

1783 – French inventors of Étienne brothers and Joseph Montgolfier publicly demonstrated flying a balloon filled with heated air for the first time.

1831 – The Belgian Congress proclaimed Prince Leopold for the first monarch of independent Belgium.

1859 – The French army under the command of Napoleon III defeated the Austrian army in the battle of Magenta.

1896 – American inventor and industrialist Henry Ford ride a “quadricycle”.

1916 – In the World War I, the Bruxelles offensive of Russian General Alexei Brusilov began, which greatly facilitated the position of allies in the Western Front and Italy.

1920 – In the castle of Trianon near Paris, the forces of the Antanas, after the World War I, signed with the Hungarian Trianon Peace Treaty.

1942 – A four-day battle for the Pacific Islands, in which the Americans have their first serious defeat to the Japanese in the World War II.

1944 – Rome free from fascist occupation. Chief Wehrmacht commander in Italy, Albert Kesselring, ordered his units to be ordered. The US 1st Armored Division entered the city.

1946 – General Juan Peron was elected President of Argentina.

1970 – The British Protectorate of Tonga gained independence within the Commonwealth.

1986 – Jonathan Pollard was sentenced in the US court for espionage in favor of Israel. He worked for the Israeli Mossad.

1989 – Chinese authorities disrupted student demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square demanding the democratisation of the country. According to official data, 300 people were killed and 7,000 injured, according to reports from most of the world’s media, thousands of people were killed.

1989 – In the first multi-party elections in Poland, after almost 50 years, the opposition coalition and the alternative trade union movement “Solidarity” prevailed over the ruling Communists, marking the end of communism and Soviet dominance in Poland.

1991 – Fatos Nano’s communist government in Albania resigned after a 20-day general strike.

1996 – European Ariane 5 rocket exploded 40 seconds after launch.

2001 – Prince Gyanendra Bir Bikram becomes king of Nepal.

2003 – President Faure Gnassingbé won the new five-year term in Togo’s election.

Famous people born on June 4

How can we be truthful and speak of people who are born on June 4, if we don’t mention Socrates, a Greek philosopher? Or maybe the most beautiful woman in this planet, Angelina Jolie? Read all about them.

470 B.C – Socrates, a Greek philosopher.

1604- Claudia de Medici, an Austrian heresiologist and Tyrolean princess.

1738 – George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick-Lindbergh.

1816 – Adele Muzzarelli, an Italian singer and dancer.

1867 – Carl Gustaf Emil von Mannerheim, Finnish Marshal and statesman.

1870 – Elisabeth Hesselblad, a Swedish nun.

1881 –  Natalia Goncharova, a Russian artist.

1907 – Marjan Kozina, a Slovenian composer.

1908 – Geli Raubal, Hitler’s half-niece.

1915 – Modibo Keita, the First President of the African State of Mali.

1916 – Robert F. Furchgott, an American biochemist.

1924 – Dennis Weaver, an American actor.

1925 -Antonio Puchades, a Spanish footballer.

1928 – Ruth Westheimer, an American sex therapist.

1932 – John Drew Barrymore, an American actor.

1937 –  Robert Lee Fulghum, an American writer.

1947 –  Viktor Klima, an Austrian politician and statesman.

1952 – Branislav Komorowski, s Polish President.

1955 – Val McDermid, a Scottish writer of crime novels.

1961 – Ferenc Gyurcsány, a Hungarian politician.

1966 – Cecilia Bartoli, an Italian soprano.

1971 – Joseph Kabila, a President of Congo.

1975 – Angelina Jolie Voight, an American film and television actress.

1977 – Alexander Manninger, an Austrian footballer.

1983 – Emmanuel Eboué, an Ivory Coast footballer.

1983 – Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, a Spanish tennis player.

1984 – Rosario Luchetti, an Argentine hockey player on the grass.

1984 – Giourkas Seitaridis, a Greek footballer.

1985 – Lukas Podolski, a German football player.

1990 – Greg Monroe, an American basketball player.

This date point to the curious people that are often adventurers who always want to satisfy their curiosity. Curiosity motivates them to acquire new knowledge and new abilities in life, and to that, they need to listen to their primary instinct – whenever they do not look to their first impulse, they will make a mistake.

Generally, June 4 usually refers to people who are very communicative, who have the potential to be loved in society but can also be seen as those who are weird and different from the majority. They have a delightful sense of humour, and in interpersonal relationships, they can be very persuasive if they want to make a point.

They can have some tendencies towards being alone and enjoying in their solitude, especially after a breakup or some other stressful situation, like when they are surrounded by people in whose presence they feel not comfortable enough or sufficiently respected.