June 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In life as in astrology, there can’t be one singularity; everything has its opposition – so we cannot talk about the Moon without mentioning the Sun. The symbolism of the Moon is related to the female principle, with the unconscious, experienced, passive, night, invisible, intuitive, unconditional, receptive, and regarding the date June 30, it is connected to it, since it is the ruler of the Cancer, and they belong to it.

The symbolism of the Sun is related to the male principle, with the conscious, real, active, daily, visible, transparent, rational, energising, and eternal. So we can learn so much about these people if we take a look into relation Sun -Moon; and to confirm this statement we will say that in the myth of Genesis, it is said that God created two lights, one to act and guide one day, and another to perform at night. Everything in our lives, and generally in the Universe is divided into two sides, and there is black and white, good and bad side, etc.

Maybe these people have both of these sides in them; perhaps in all of us, two sides are hidden – open and closed, negative and positive?

Personality and Character

Yes, you heard it well in an intro of this article, those who are born on June 30 are the people who have both sides to them, or it would be maybe even more accurate to say that these people can be divided into two sections. The first section represents those who are introvert people – they often manifest their lifestyle that is home-oriented. They most often they choose to work from home or in small firms so that they don’t have to be with people or too many people. Their lives are so well rounded around that small environment that the other values are merely an expansion of the situation, safety, security, and knowledge of the environment.

The second section is dedicated to those people who belong to the June 30, and who have an extrovert personality – they have friendly and pleasant manners until they come into the situation to show themselves publicly. Then they have to be careful that their firepower does not get out of control, they can also express their aggression and are prone to competition. And in this case, there is a great risk for violent behavior.

So those who are born on June 30 belong to one or the other group, and both of them are equally present and can vary depending on the situation, which is currently present in society, but also on their mood, which is especially variable in stressful situations.

The reason why these people fight with their environment most often lies in the fact that they feel insecure or misunderstood. They must be convinced that their loved ones will be there no matter what happens and that they will stand on their side forever. The compliment would be the most effective weapon in calming these people after a breakdown, argument or a fight, no matter if that brawl happened in work or private environment.

Love Compatibility

As far as love is concerned, these people of the June 30 are, more or less common Zodiac Cancers – they are gentle and caring lovers who seek stability in love relations.

These people act in love like they are under the protection of hard defense armor, invisible to those who do not know them well, and this is one of the Cancers typical traits in life. They skillfully find ways to protect their delicate and overwhelming emotions, and even when a loved one is deeply disappointed by them; it will not just show that. These people who are born on June 30 can be occasionally difficult to understand in matters of the heart, and sometimes irrational thoughts dominate they’re otherwise reasonable, heads.

What these emotional people seek in love, is a firm connection and a safe place where they will be able to express themselves genuinely in what they deeply feel, inside, when no one is looking.

Their best match is with someone who understands their creativity and who will accept them as they are, with all the mood changes that can go from erratic to cheerful.

If you are attracted to a person born in the Cancer sign, and especially on June 30, prepare for the grand pursuit of satisfying their ego that can be, at times huge and cannot be satisfied with small things.

They seek out high maintenance, especially if in question is the extrovert type of this date that we mention at the beginning of this article.

These people, in love, crave for physical contact, a lot of tenderness and much emotional conviction. Their partners always have to show emotions these people and prove that they are working on a relationship. What does this mean in a life of these people who belong to the June 30? It means keeping promises, acting the way they said, and keep the given the word and doing everything they can to improve the relationship.

Purpose and Career

People born on June 30 are very hard to force to work for which they are not personally motivated, they need to have that extra motivation. Usually, we can distinguish two types of people born this day, introvert and extrovert, but both groups are oriented towards achieving their goals. Their world is a private one to which other people almost do not have access, and they like to keep these doors closed permanently, and while they work can be open, they will never reveal themselves to their co-workers.

Those who are born on June 30 are talented for art and literature – this stands out above all other characteristics. They can rely on their strengths and have a pretty strong will if they know exactly what they want to do and where their idea will lead them(and others who are involved in the same project).


Mostly, these people are successful in the ventures they start, and people are taught to trust them, no matter if that job or idea may seem bad for everyone, but they have a clear vision of life and things in general and work. Even if these people can hide their true nature from others at a workplace, that doesn’t mean that they are not popular and even hated.

Those who are born on June 30 have a steady temperament, between the intellect on one side and the emotions on the other.

Many Astro-numerologists say that the life of these people goes in the cycles – sometimes you are very successful, and sometimes not. They need to learn to wait for the right time, avoiding periods of failure, and quietly preparing for the time when things will start in the right direction.

These people can be well read, and like probably outdoor games and sports of all kinds.

They are probably excellent workers, but if they are more withdrawn, they should foster the art of expression, which can occasionally be very useful.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 3 and the planet Jupiter rules persons born on June 30.

Numerologically speaking, it could be said that the numeral 3 represents the people who are more likely to rise to the highest positions in the field they are involved, not neglecting their spiritual side and mental development. They are blessed with so many appealing attributes, and it is up to other elements will they make something special in their lives.

The planet Jupiter gives them an optimistic attitude, and the extra impact of the Moon that runs the Cancer Zodiac signs gives them excellent character power and moral courage.

This planetary aspect, Moon – Jupiter,  points to the importance of fulfilling the duties in a life of the people who are born on June 3, in a way that positive results can be expected primarily if they more serious approach to those obligations that they impose to themselves. This impact of the Moon can stimulate greater compassion for others, and also, it can make some abilities more efficient. This ability along with the Jupiter’s courage can make this person to more adequately express feelings in love.

Their number is 3, and their color is ash grey.

Historical Events on June 30

These are essential, compelling events that took place on the June 30, all around our world, in many countries and different decades; all this so that you can see the true meaning of this date.

1520 – During the Spanish conquest of Mexico, in Tenochtitlan, where the Siyyad Mexico was later built, the last Emperor of the Aztec Empire Moctezuma II was killed.

1859 – Charles Blondin in front of  25,000 spectators crossed the Niagara Falls across the rugged rope, from the United States to Canada.

1876 ​​- Serbia and Montenegro, in alliance with Russia, declared war on Turkey.

1882 – Charles Guiteau was hanged in Washington for the assassination of James A. Garfield.

1883 – The first edition of the Black Arrow Robert Louis Stevenson was published.

1905 – Albert Einstein published his article on the electrodynamics of moving bodies.

1908 – A massive explosion occurred in eastern Siberia caused by, most likely, a comet or an asteroid.

1930 – Great Britain recognised the independence of Iraq.

1936 – Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, sent an appeal for assistance to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia at the League of Nations.

1943 – American troops landed in World War II on New Georgia Island. During the operation, 121 Japanese aircraft were shot down.

1950 – US President Harry Truman issued an order to US troops stationed in Japan to help the Republic of Korea refuse the North Korean attack.

1960 – The Republic of Congo declared independence from Belgium.

1963 – Cardinal Giovanni Batista Montini, or Pope Paul VI, announced the implementation of the idea of ​​reconciliation with other Christian churches.

1971 – Three Soviet astronauts died when landing the Soviet spaceship Soyuz II.

1997 – China officially took control of Hong Kong after 156 years of British colonial administration.

1999 – Scotland after almost 300 years got its parliament.

Famous people born on June 30

Not many names here, but if you look into their biographies you can see what they made success in their lives – they are famous people who are born on June 30.

1470 – Charles VIII, the king of France.

1685 – John Gay, an English writer.

1893 – Walter Ulbricht, a German politician and statesman.

1893 – Harold Laski, a British politician and social theorist.

1911 – Czeslaw Milosz, a Polish poet and Nobel laureate for literature.

1926 – Peter Alexander, an Austrian singer and actor.

1949 – Alain Finkielkraut, a French philosopher and essayist.

1957 – Ilene Chaiken, an American screenwriter and producer

1964 – Jurgen Klinsmann, a German footballer and coach.

1966 – Michael “Mike” Tyson, an American boxer.

1974 – Juli Zeh, a German writer.

1975 – Ralf Schumacher, a German Formula One driver.

1983 -Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, an English singer.

1985 – Michael Phelps, an American swimmer.

Let us sum up all know about this date, and people who celebrate their birthdays on June 30. They can be gentle, with a good sense of humor; But they can be dark and shy, and in a stage of their lives where they don’t like to reveal their true feelings, and even worse, their intentions.

One thing that we didn’t mention is how these people spend their free time, do they relax ever? Those who are under the Moons influence, who belong to the emotional Cancer sign enjoy the most in bed with their partners, where they can feel safe and where they are far away from the world. A glass of fine wine and a romantic walk, it will always relax for these June 30 people. What these people crave is a long, warm embrace that will cure all the bad things that happen in life.

They enjoy cooking, reading and collecting and taking pictures and it is the way that is complementary to their sentimental character.