June 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Today we will put our focus and attention on something else, we will not focus so much on Astrology and the influence of the planets (we will mention this later on), but for now on we want to tell you that each day of the month has its own features that influence the formation of personality, the choice of profession, behavior in society and other.

To make things even more straightforward, in short, they (birthdates) determine the fate of every human being, and it can also reveal secret characteristics and hidden potentials. This is something that long time ago, in the 15th century one of the most famous astrologers of all time, Giordano Bruno discovered. He was an astrologer one of the best at that time, and he dealt with the opportunities to see into the future, and we think that he make some things right. Today we are looking into a date June 27, with all elements that can complete this exciting personality profile.

Personality and Character

As we know those who are born on June 27 are Cancers, so we can expect from them to be more emotional than rational; and their access to life and interests are more emotional than rational, relying more on their senses.

These people almost never admit defeat. In their life philosophy, the benefit of such an understanding is obvious, but it can also cause the ultimate inability of the personality and unwillingness to accept the unpleasant truths. A strong desire to protect not only herself but also family and friends is strongly expressed in these people. But because of this, it happens that they are showing great aggressiveness towards others.

Some representatives of this date can be involved in some extravagance, but it could be seen just as their phases, but those phases can occur at any time.

Those who belong to the June 27 are independent in thinking and behaving and can live life satisfactorily, without the help or advice of others -in that sense; it is the best when these people listen to themselves and do not take advice since that can often lead them into the wrong direction.

In life, these people have a rich imagination that they have to keep under control because otherwise, will fall into various troubles – they can get some ideas that are in their minds great, but in reality, they are dangerous, or just stupid. These people must make a difference between good and bad imagination.

As all Cancers, those who are born on June 27 don’t have a problem in spending time alone; they like to read and often sit all day quietly, thinking and daydreaming. At times, they want to have good fun, and a good time, so they always have a lot of friends around.

In their work, those who belong to the June 27 are precise and methodical, neat in everything they do.

Love compatibility

These characters belong to the group of people who don’t have a problem in being intimate, getting married young, or committing to a relationship – but they have to make sure that their partners are chosen wisely, letting their head help the heart in determining a life companion.

They are compassionate people who have an active, passionate nature, and allow themselves to be overwhelmed with their feelings, forgetting the part about discretion -this part can be seen the best in their love life, and when they are in love they will be completely overwhelmed with their lovers, forgetting about the rest of the world. They are devoted, gentle and honest. Overall, these people have a very pleasant and attractive personality.

Their lovers often describe these people as versatile people who can fall in love with many different people, that share nothing in common, and who are also a very demanding partners – they think that if they give a lot they have the right to ask for the same amount f love, and this is the trait that they share with all Cancer signs.

They will always be available to the loved one and put their needs above their own, and their partners can count on them in every occasion, good and bad (until death do us part has real meaning in their case).

If these people who celebrate their birthdays on June 27 feel that the love connection is going in a wrong direction, they will try to save it by giving concessions to the partner. This action something brings more negativity than anything else. If they are a victim of love, of their partners, they will offer forgiveness on the condition that the culprit is pledged to be faithful in the future. They believe that some things, like love, are worth saving, especially if they are in marriage for a long time.

Purpose and Career

These people are temperamental and creative and can be a good artist, whether it’s a scene, painting, sculpture or music. But like so many other Cancer people, they can be shy and don’t like to be in the limelight, but some of them are so talented that they fight this feature.

People born on June 27 are fighters when they need to stand up for their idea, and when they need to achieve their work goals. This fighting nature comes directly from their planet Mars since the other planet in this combination is the Moon that is not “fighting” planet.


These people believe that the most effective attack is supported by the high-quality defense. They are very dedicated to protecting their projects, whether it is their business or the family of this person, very carefully entering the world, leaving their values safe. And this is an essential aspect when those who are born in June – they need to preserve their values, and their work must be in the same level.

Behind the actions and determination of those who are born this day, a firm set of moral beliefs is present. Because of these beliefs, these people feel that they are one hundred per cent correct toward their co-workers, and very rarely question them. In this way, these people often get very powerful enemies who can sabotage their businesses progress, and in rare situations, they can defeat or destroy them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on June 27 are ruled by number 9 and are under the control of the planet Mars.

Numerologically speaking, numeral 9 has a powerful effect on other numbers since each number added to the number nine gives that number. Similarly, people born on June 27 have an impact on other people, but in this case, their effect is subtle and points to the emotions and general matters of hearts.

The planet Mars is a very powerful and aggressive planet and represents robust fighting energy. In combination with the Moon, which stands for the sign of Cancer, it brings strong emotions that, besides verbal, can be represented in the physical area. This planetary combination makes spontaneous and impulsive reactions possible, and in people it allows a stronger tendency to impose a dominant position in love, which often induces major disagreements, sometimes leaving the impression of intolerance.

If we look deeper into this connection, it is the symbol of a growing desire to provide support and help to dear people. Also, unusually indomitable courage and feeling of superiority can be present in the life of the people who are born on June 27.

Their number is 9, and their colors are white and silver.

Historical Events on June 27

To see the actual features of the date June 27, we gathered all the crucial events that happened on that date, from the year 1693 until early 2000.

1693 – John Danton published the first women’s magazine, The Ladies’ Mercury, in London.

1709 – Peter the Great defeated Charles XII.

1743 – In the war for the Austrian heritage, the British King George II defeated the French army.

1801 – British and Turkish troops defeated the French and occupied Cairo.

1806 – The British conquer in Buenos Aires got into a war with the Spaniards.

1844 – Joseph Smith, an American religious reformer and founder of the Mormon Church, was killed in prison.

1905 – The rebellious Russian sailors took over the Potemkin cruiser in the Black Sea.

1932 – Siam has proclaimed the Constitution, and a constitutional monarchy was established.

1943 – American planes in World War II bombed the Greek capital of Athens that was under the German occupation.

1944 – Allied forces in the Second World War occupied the French city of Sherburne, an important port on La Manche.

1946 – Foreign ministers of the USSR, USA, Great Britain and France decided to include Dodecanese islands to Greece, including Rhodes.

1954 – In Obninsk, near Moscow, the first nuclear power plant in the world was opened.

1957 – An earthquake in Russia took about 1,200 victims.

1973 – The People’s Republic of China experimented with a hydrogen bomb.

1976 – Palestinian terrorists in Greece, took plane Air France with 246 passengers and 12 crew members, and then flew to Uganda. The hostages were freed later on.

1976 – Antonio Ramalho Eanes was elected President of Portugal in the first presidential election after the half-century fascist dictatorship.

1986 – In Hague, The International Court of Justice ruled that the USA violated international law because it assisted Nicaraguan rebels.

1990 – In Nicaragua, the civil war ended.

1993 – The US with 23 cruise missiles Tomahawk bombed Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad.

1997 – President of Tajikistan Imomali Rahmonov and Islamist leader Said Abdul Nuri signed a peace treaty to end the four-year civil war in that former Soviet republic.

1997 – At a conference in Brussels, representatives of 95 countries agreed to ban the use of landmines.

2000 – At a meeting in the Polish capital, representatives of 106 countries adopted the Warsaw Declaration.

2000 – The United Nations has announced that the AIDS killed 19 million people in the world and estimated that half of the teenagers of the poorest African countries would die of the same disease.

Famous people born on June 27

Can you believe that two French Kings share their birthdays; and that in that royal society there is one more King? Who else is on this list, of the people who are born on June 27?

1040 – Ladislaus the I, the king of Hungary.

1462 – Louis XII, a French King.

1550 –  Charles IX, a French king.

1838- Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, an Indian writer.

1846 – Charles Stewart Parnell, an Irish politician.

1850 – Jørgen Pedersen Gram, a Danish mathematician.

1869 – Emma Goldman, a Lithuanian Anarchist.

1869 – Hans Spemann, a German embryologist and nobleman.

1880 – Helen Keller, an American writer and activist.

1941 – Krzysztof Kieslowski, a Polish film director.

1949- Vera Wang, an American fashion designer.

1955 – Isabelle Adjani, a French actress.

1956 – Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, a Saudi astronaut.

1966 – J.J. Abrams, an American director and producer.

1975 – Tobias Vincent Maguire, an American film actor.

1977 – Raul Gonzalez, a Spanish footballer.

1983 – Alsou Ralifovna Abramova, a Russian singer.

1984- Khloé Kardashian, an American TV personality.

1985 – Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kuznetsova, a Russian tennis player.

1988- Alanna Masterson, an American actress.

These people have a strong will and determination thanks to the influence of the Mars, although it creates a small tension between the inner needs of dreams and reality. These are people who primarily love their home, although they often have the impression that they do not always have more space. Although they can be susceptible as well as the entire Moon’s children (Cancers), they are known for “exclusiveness and stubbornness when they decide something.

Also, those who are born on June 27 have a very noble and benevolent line of character, they are very dynamic, and because the Mars gives the principle of fighting, not letting it go.

They love to feel secure next to their loved ones, but that doesn’t stop them from dreaming of something else, maybe even wild, and unconventional.