June 18 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Zodiac, that narrow area of the sky in which astrologers observe the movement of celestial bodies: planets and two stars to be more specific – the Sun and the Moon. Some people call Zodiac an ‘animal circle’, having in mind the names of the Zodiac sign – like animals. We will remind you that the ancient Chaldeans dedicate themselves to the systematic observation of the stars, and that observation is continued till this today.

We still look at the stars and wait for their response; we want from stars to give us the answer to help us understand our imperfections and flaws; we want to accept ourselves for what we indeed are, and that process is very hard. First, people would see that they are not perfect, on the contrary people are bad, and can have many negative traits that they will hide, and show in the worst possible time.

So, Astrology, numerology, and everything in between should help us to accept ourselves for who we are, and then the next phase is to try to change what we feel makes us “bad”. And the final step is to try to make the best out of our lives.

The first step -get to know your birthdate. Today we are speaking of June 18.

Personality and Character

People who are born on June 18 are often more aggressive and impulsive than they seem in the first encounter, their looks can fool, the can be direct and even mean to those who oppose them in any way.

In fact, they can be quite sensitive, even offensive, and can respond to subtle influences and experiences, as well as to physical energy -but this aggressiveness is just their defending mechanism, not their character. At the same time, those who belong to the June 18 act like a petty, freaky and too critical person, often occupied with many things at the same time. Although they are knowledgeable, and they tend to react more emotionally rather than rationally, and this behavior might seem confusing to their environment since they certainly do not expect from these people to act in a way they show tender emotions.

People who are born on June 18 are smart, resourceful and talented; they are people who can occupy themselves with some project, often having opinions and not giving anyone time to make their stand – they feel like people should listen to what they have to say since their experience is the most compelling.

We could also describe these people as charming, funny and vicious in a way since they can get out from the most inconvenient situations and most difficult problems, it always smoothes out unfavorable circumstances.

But, in the end, we cannot forget one crucial thing -those who are born on June 18 are the people who are more traditionalistic than you think, and can value family more than we could ever imagine. The family and home occupy an essential place in their life, where they also appear as a sensual and gentle person.

Love compatibility

First of all, those who are born on June 18 have a very variable and weird nature – even they sometimes do not understand it. But they, as all Gemini do, love fun new experiences. But, on the other hand, at certain times these people like to be in complete silence – a tendency that can become pathological if they overlook it.

Also, another negative trait is that these people are susceptible to irritability that they partner cause, and it is something that they must learn to control.

Most often, they invest enough time and interest in their children always to feel comfortable with it. The character is what highly values their children, and they try to ensure that their home is always financially secured.

These people are loyal to their spouses and love partners, as well as friends and family. Of course, they occasionally experience temptations, but rarely those who are born on June 18 will leave their lovers for others, they want to feel good about themselves, nothing more. And more importantly, they have a boundary that they will never cross, even if these people are in constant search for excitement and change.

Majority of their lovers describe them as loyal, but they can be a little more honest than these people of the June 18 are in reality of the everyday. This means that these human beings can say little more than they should, and they fail to realise that part of a love relationship is a compromise.

If possible, it is recommended for those who are born on June 18 not be too cautious about other people’s affairs; everyone’s life is his personal and does not concern anyone else to the person who lives.

Their attractiveness lies in the fact that these people have a lot of self-confidence, power and vigor, and if they add up a little more generosity to their approach, they will enrich their character, and become even more attractive to the potential partners.


Since they have a pronounced sensitivity, for a Gemini people in general, the best choice would be a partner who likes to experiment, who is open to anything new and introduces diversity into sexual intercourse. They are the fast learners, and they want to learn and to move on, so they will be bored with a monotonous partner who does not like to try anything new. It is essential that their spouse is not just a friend, not just a lover, instead of that he is involved in other spheres of their life.

Purpose and Career

It is almost scary how much these people have confidence when they are about to enter some new project, they are incredibly confident about money and know how to get it and then how to spend the same money. Yes, you have heard this well -there is a virtue in how cash of expenditures in a right way. These people see money and material goods as a tool for the enjoyment of life and making something that will pass soon, enjoyable. They are naturally fond of science, especially history; nothing is as fascinating as the ancient history of the world. Undoubtedly, these people have a strong character so that they can become leaders, and can skillfully organise great moves and lead them successfully.

These people who belong to the June 18 often work behind the scenes and move on to hidden paths, their road to success is not ordinary, it is tough and tedious, and for most incomprehensive for the majority of ordinary people.

Their work environment sees them as people who can be our worst enemies, and they can play a dual role – they can be sweet and cooperative, but at the same times they can be cunning and tricky.

At the early stages of their work, these people accept the position of helpless partners, but later they leave this mould and become extremely capable and reliable business partners, and coworkers.

These people regardless of their contributions to a specific project can be great partners and can make the best out of people; they can push people to give their maximum.

People born on this day rely on their charm and their talent, and even when they slack off, they will make this up by looking good and having excuses. They want to be at the top, but they need great confirmation and great admiration for their family and friends. They often have an ego problem, but developed individuals with self-reflection could manage to overcome this problem.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on June 18 are ruled by the number 9 and are under the government of the planet Mars. Planet Mars in combination with Mercury that is a ruling planet of all Gemini people can cause a big problem for people born on June 18 because these people can be very frustrated and let their anger become commonplace with common sense. These people must be aware that they are prone to emotional outbursts as well as the tendency to dispute and argue what enemies can bring them, so provocative conflicts should be avoided.

Also, this combination can often show the presence of a stronger sense of intellectual superiority and supremacy regarding other people. And these people may have an increased need for active participation in many debates in which he will strive for domination and competition.

What this combination also brings is a need to achieve a better position and realisation of their interests. However, due to an aggressive approach to communication, it is possible to leave the impression of hostile attitudes.

What numeral 9 bring into their lives is the opportunity to be the wisest and to have a new start after ever failure.

The green, red and brown colours are suitable for them, and their number is 9.

Historical Events on June 18

From 618 and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty right up until the terrorist attack in Palestine, many events occurred on the June 18.

618 – Chinese general Li Yuan forces the emperor Gong from the Sui dynasty to leave his throne and take the name “Gaozu”; the Tang Dynasty’s rule begins.

1155 – Pope Adrian IV crowned the German king Friedrich I Barbarossa for the Roman-German emperor.

1583 – The first life insurance policies in the world are issued in London.

1815 – The Battle of Waterloo, in which British and Prussian troops finally crushed Napoleon Bonaparte.

1881 – Russia, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany signed a secret alliance of “League of Three Emperors”.

1940 – The World War II: French general Charles de Gaulle from London sent a famous radio message to the French in which he declared himself the leader of Free France.

1940 – The World War II: The Germans occupied the French port of Sherburne.

1953 – The Republic of Egypt proclaimed.

1975 – Prince Faisal Musaid was publicly executed in Riyadh for the killing of Saudi Arabia’s Faisal king in March 1975.

1979 – USSR Leader Leonid Brezhnev and the US President Jimmy Carter signed an agreement on strategic nuclear weapons limitation SALT 2 in Vienna.

1983 – Sally Reid, the first American to fly into space, as a member of the shuttle crew member.

1996 – Benjamin Netanyahu became the youngest prime minister in Israel’s history.

1997 – Red Khmer Rouge Pol Pot was captured by a group of his former followers and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

2000 – Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a ceasefire agreement in Algeria that ended the two-year war between the two countries.

2000 – The UN Security Council confirmed that Israel had ended the twenty-two-year occupation of southern Lebanon.

2002 – In an explosion of a bomb attacked by a Palestinian suicide bomber in a crowded bus in Jerusalem, 19 people were killed.

Famous people born on June 18

Revolutionaries, Kings and Queens, a crème de la crème of the society belong to the June 18.

1294- Charles IV of France, a French King.

1812 – Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov, a Russian writer.

1868 – Miklos Horthy de Nabbania, a Hungarian admiral and statesman.

1882 – Georgi Dimitrov, a Bulgarian revolutionary and statesman.

1884 – Édouard Daladier, a French politician.

1901 -Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II,

1918 – Franco Modigliani, an Italian economist and winner of the Nobel Prize.

1942 – Sir James Paul McCartney, a British co-author and member of the Beatles.

1943 – Raffaella Carrà, an Italian singer and TV star.

1952 –  Isabella Rossellini, an Italian actress.

1976 -Blake Shelton, an American singer and songwriter.

1989- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a Gabonese footballer.

In the end, let us speak up about love. Those who are born on June 18, in the Gemini sign, find that one of the essential elements in a love relationship is the integrity and sense of security. These people are very persistent in efforts to make their emotional connection successful, as long as they feel that the partner is fully committed.

Sometimes they might seem too vulnerable, or they can take too seriously comments and jokes that their partner makes, without having the intention to hurt them in minds.