June 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

During astrological counseling, in the office of any astrologer, well known, or less, it is imperative to explain to the client the development phase in their lives, and the challenges that he is about to face. And we must confess, many of us are scared by the problems that life might bring, and it is no wonder, no one like to be hurt, deceit, mistreated, etc. And to have all the inputs in advance, at least as a cautionary tale sounds like a good idea.

When a person gets an insight into the aspects of his horoscope, with much more attention and understanding, he sees the reality. Then he could see himself and his life in the way he never has seen it before. It is some revelation which naturally comes after living in a kind of confusion that is normal for all of us, as human beings that live in the world that things are not so simple.

The first question that Astrologers ask a client is – What is your date birth; and everything comes after is based on a calculated Zodiac sign.

So, today we are looking into the world of the people who are born on June 17.

Personality and Character

Some people describe those who are born on June 17 as the people who have to carry a significant burden on their lives. And that burden is in most cases a big responsibility, as well as the high demands they place on themselves. They can even take a weight of persons who are close to them as well as on their associates, so their lives become even more complicated. They adapted themselves well to enormous pressure, but they like to put others under high pressure either sensual or spiritual. They are not heroes in this sense; they feel that all of their environment should see and feel their “pain.”

These people are characterised by very quick thinking and are the people who like action, as in fact as all Gemini people. But unlike many others, these people don’t want to transfer their knowledge so easily to others, not because they are selfish, but because patience runs out when something needs to be done. Those who are born on June 17 don’t like do this, just because they are focused on things that are much important for the society in general.

These people do not stand aside watching others do their jobs but are tackling the most significant problems.

When it comes to emotions, it may be complicated to reach these people, and they are not open as other Gemini people, they are impulsive, which additionally complicates understanding them at a deeper emotional level. But those who reach it are witnesses of something great – reveling hearts of the people who are born on June 17.

Sometimes, these people are described as liars, in a sense that they diverse the truth, so that is more interesting, or funny, but they don’t mean anything evil.

This behavior is a type of deception that is in most cases harmless, but like any other type of game, it is necessary to keep it under control.

Love compatibility

Unlike many other Gemini people who are in love very social, who love gatherings and exciting people, these people are shy and love secretive flirting. Sometimes they can be prone to “bypassing the truth,” although they do not do it maliciously, to have fun.

For sure, people of the June 17 are very attractive to the opposite sex; however, the appearance of partner does not matter to them – these unstable persons will retain the one beside which they feel great because what they cannot bear in any way is boring.

What these people adore having in a relationship, are intellectual conversations, in which their visions and education will be expressed.

These people also can make more or less fast acquaintances and friendships which, despite the raw performance that these people sometimes show in the first encounter. But they can keep their partners for a long time, since these people, can appreciate, and so dear people manage to keep him with you for many years. They will keep their marriage or relationship everything but boring, and they even will leave some small part mysterious.

In marriage, these people of the June 17 are loyal to spouses who can count on their support, and we could say that it is one of the essential things in a relationship between two partners.

Purpose and Career

These people take very seriously what they are doing, so they require their employees to behave utterly morally in every possible aspect, in every part of the work process. And some call them tyrants for such behavior.


In their work, they have extraordinary work energy, always are positive regarding their goal, optimistic and full of bright spirit and self-confident.

Those who are born on June 17 are very creative, are able to create something original and create their lives in the most challenging life circumstances. The surprising aspect is that these people are neither afraid of physical nor intellectual effort; they can organise themselves to be efficient.

They are not as adventurous as other Gemini people, but they also have a youthful spirit and do not like restrictions and want a lot of personal freedom, they don’t like to feel that they are obligated to anyone, but are also ready to accept great responsibility when needed.

In work, at their work environment, no matter do they own the company or they just work in it, those who are born on June 17 are excellent organisers and leaders, and believe that best lessons can be learned through experience (theirs or someone else’s).

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on June 17 are ruled by the number 8 and are under the planetary influence of the planet Saturn. What planet Saturn brings in this life is the seriousness that is generally in contradiction with the Gemini nature. On top of this, when Saturn is in combined effect with the Mercury planet that is dominant for all Gemini people, it points to a big amount of criticism among these people. The beneficial aspects of these two planets are the indicators of brilliant minds, great logic, and the people who have persistent and rigorous work manage to achieve the highest recognition. Nevertheless, the goals do not come easily, but through hard, devoted and long-lasting work, patiently building their significant and lasting achievements.

Also, this combination brings a good balance between being “dead” serious and being relaxed and funny; but the biggest gift that these people get from this combination is their persistence and strength to come to their desired goals.

These people who are born on June 17 are under the impact of the numeral 8, and it is the number that points to conservatism and constraints, but also the opportunity to rejuvenate and survive the hardest problems. Eight often brings conflict between the material and the spiritual world, and these people are often lonely and prone to various types of ecstasy, and they can sink into addiction.

Their number is 8, and their colors are pale yellow and dark purple.

Historical Events on June 17

In the next part, we will give you with the opportunity to inform yourself about the events that made a significant mark on the history of people, and that all occurred on June 17.

653 – In Rome, on the orders of the Byzantine emperor Constantius II, Pope Martin I and Maximus the Confessor were arrested.

1397 – Danish Queen Margrethe using The Kalmar Union united Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1462 – Vlad III, the Impaler of Wallachia, attacked the army of the Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire

1579 – English sailor and pirate Francis Drake declared the sovereignty of England over New Albion, today California.

1665 – The Portuguese and the English army defeated the Spanish army.

1773 – Founded the city of Cúcuta in Colombia

1843 – In New Zealand began the rebellion of the native Maori against the British.

1848 – Austrian troops suppressed Czech rebellion in Prague.

1867 – English surgeon Joseph Lister used the antiseptic for the first time in his medical history when he operated his sister Isabelle.

1885 – The Statue of Liberty arrived in the port of New York.

1925 – Geneva Protocol was signed, which prohibits the use of poisons in the war.

1939 – The last public guillotine in France was held in Versailles.

1940 – The Soviet Red Army occupied Latvia and Estonia.

1944 – Iceland became an independent republic.

1947 – The constitutional Assembly of Burma made the decision to declare the independent Republic of Burma.

1950 – In Chicago the first kidney transplant surgery was conducted.

1953 – Soviet troops suppressed the rebellion in East Germany.

1967 – China performed the first hydrogen bomb test.

1971 – The US and Japan signed an agreement to return the island of Okinawa under the sovereignty of Japan in 1972.

1990 – Demonstrators against Romania’s government returned to the streets of Bucharest a few days after a clash with the police and miners loyal to the government, killing five people and injuring several dozen.

1991 – The Parliament of South Africa abolished the last law on which apartheid policy has been based since 1950.

1992 – Germans Tomas Kempner and Heinrich Stribling, two of the last Western hostages in the hands of Islamic terrorists in Lebanon, returned to Germany.

1993 – Six members of the United Nations peacekeeping force were killed in Mogadishu’s capital, Somalia.

1999 – The International Labor Organization adopted an agreement to ban the worst forms of forced labor of children, including slavery and forcible recruitment.

2001 – In the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, the National Movement of former Bulgarian emperor Simeon II was defeated.

2002 – The oldest untouched sarcophagus, about 4,500 years old, was found near the Pyramid in Giza.

Famous people born on June 17

Since this section is relatively short, you good guess that these people are not fans of being famous and that they will stay on the side, while they will do their jobs with dedication. They don’t want notoriety, but in some cases, it can find them.

1703 – John Wesley, an English priest and reformer, founder of the Methodist Movement.

1714 – Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, a German philosopher.

1742 – William Hooper, an American signer of the Declaration of Independence.

1818 – Charles Gounod, a French composer.

1880 – Carl Van Vechten, an American photographer.

1882 – Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, a Russian-American composer.

1888 – Heinz Guderian, a German general.

1898 – Carl Hermann, a German physicist.

1928 -Juan María Bordaberry, an Uruguay politician and dictator.

1929 – Tigran Vartanovich Petrosyan, an Armenian chess player.

1939 – Krzysztof Zanussi, a Polish producer and director.

1945 – Eddy Merckx, a Belgian cyclist.

1946 – Barry Manilow, an American songwriter.

1976 – Peter Svidler, a Russian chess grandmaster.

1980 – Venus Ebony Starr Williams, an American tennis player.

1985 – Marcos Baghdatis, a Cypriot tennis player.

1987- Kendrick Lamar, an American rapper.

Now, at the end of this article that deals with the date June 17, we will speak of one more thing that will reveal more about the personality of the people who are born on this day.

At a young age, they can show an outstanding degree of maturity for their years and give a picture of someone who sees their life path. And this ability is not so common for people that are young; they are not lost in this sense.

People of the June 17 are endowed with patience, perseverance, wisdom, perseverance, exceptional concentration and logic, excellent memory and depth of thought. They have all important ingredients to make something out of their lives; and the planetary combination Mercury -Saturn gives them that opportunity, of course, will they use it, is a big question.

These people usually do not speak much, not as much as other Gemini Zodiac sign people;  but every word spoken at the right moment is pronounced, reflecting with profound wisdom and knowledge, which leaves people breathless and in a way shocked.