June 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The astrological subject in these and similar articles has the purpose to help you understand the principles on which this predictive discipline is based on which you can always have more or fewer benefits. It is tough to find an astrological reading on the Internet that can be used in your work and give an explanation of the astrological principles on which every serious and precise forecast is based.

But, we tried to add one more aspect in this article, and it is the story about birthdates and the importance of them since we think that there is a great symbolism that hides inside these special numbers.

Personality and Character

People born June 15 are full of charm and beauty, and this is a direct consequence of the planet Venus that is in charge for them, besides the Mercury planet -and this beauty can be seen in their looks, beliefs, speech. These people know how to gain others on their side, they know how to make others accept their beliefs and to start being on their side, no matter what kind of their side is, good or bad. They are turned to the outside world, and especially in the business, they want to be valued for their charm, and that charm will help them overcome many obstacles that they can experience; and by the rule, all of the people born on June 15 want to feel appreciated and recognised.

These people who belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign are very active in the broad sense of the word active -they are energetic, enthusiastic and most of all they are competitive. They do it or with their appearance, if that is not the case, their brain comes to their aid, if they fail to use it in their language and manner of expression or by merely knowing human nature.

People born on June 15 are good at educating children because they understand the motivation of young people, and above all these people feel like they are the children inside of their minds and souls, and that that allows them to know children and young people very well.

When these people who are born on June 15 reach maturity in emotional sexual and mental way, they can become even better people, in a sense that their character is built to perfection.

They become fearless and are not afraid to express their opinion, no matter how controversial it can be, and usually, it is, no matter what the topic is.

In interpersonal relationships, these people are honest and are rarely satisfied with anything smaller than the best in every part of their lives. Some people can call them megalomanias, who would not be happy with all the money in the world, they always want more.

They have a strong focus and pursuing their goals; those who belong to June 15 can have everything they want from this unlimited action.

Love compatibility

People born on June 15 become merely irresistible to people of the opposite sex who often become addicted to them, and have a hard time in accepting that, for example, their relationship is over.

Each of their love and passionate manipulations are turned to the outside world, and in this dangerous game enjoy both sides. They know they are good partners, but in love relationships, they often have the ability to deceive and use manipulative methods in crisis situations. Charm skillfully conceals the real personality of those born this day, and what they really are, can always remain a mystery not only for others but for themselves.

You love art and literature. Many forms of art attract them in particular, and they like the life that is related to it because those who are born on June 15 are mostly bohemian types and they, in fact, attract people who want to enjoy life, in every shape and of a form of it.

Because of their openness, those who belong to this date easily make friends, and have many new acquaintances in life, although it is always necessary to keep in mind that in the most challenging circumstances of life they cannot be relied upon. They are unstable and can think only about their needs and desires, but they are not bad people. The lives of their friends are monitored closely by those who are born on this day; and are well aware of the problems, and even without much thought, they give excellent advice that is directed to the solution of the problem.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born on June 15 need to know that road to success is hard and that just believing that they can make it, will not make them winners. They need to work, but of course, their charm is never a bad idea, it can help them a lot, especially in the stressful and problematic situation, that are often in workplaces.

They need to get to know their values, and the proper way to use them because if they do not appreciate values enough, they will always be in a less desirable place than a potential(and since these people are megalomaniacs, their plans are grandiose). This does not mean that they should brag about their quality, but to calmly emphasise their values and the place to which they belong – and that place is in their opinion on the top of the game, in life and business.

These people can become very fortunate with intellectual and creative abilities and talents. It all depends on them – will they stay poor or rise to the peaks of success -they have both of these options written on their life path.


If these people of June 15 are passionate about something, they can be very devoted and have deep feelings about that project, and expect that everyone else believes in their vision of that same project. They will spend numerous hours in making sure that their team believes in the same values. But they need to watch on one important thing – to never let their work be too shaken by emotions.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on June 15 are ruled by the number 6 and the Venus planet, besides their primary ruling planet – Mercury that is in charge for all Gemini Zodiac sign people. This combination gives them reasonableness in the actions, but because of the influence of Venus and a very emotional and sensitive reaction. People born on June 15 are under the great influence of Venus, and this can lead them to search for sensual pleasures constantly

Numerologically speaking, those who have number 6 in their life have the power to attract love in a very specific, magnetic manner. These people often cause worship to others and are very attractive, almost irresistible.

Historical Events on June 15

We look in the year 1215, and we realised that one very important event for humankind, in general, occurred on that specific day. Read all about this event, and many others, right up to the year 2001.

1215 – King John without Earth confirmed Great Charter of Liberty by his seal (Lat. Magna Carta Libertatum).

1219 – Danes “got” Dannenberg, the oldest state flag.

1409 – With the double split, the Catholic Church received the third Pope.

1520 – Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther with a bell in which he condemned heresy Luther’s theses of indulgences, the dogmas and the organization of the Catholic Church.

1648- Margaret Jones was hanged in Boston over an allegation of witchcraft at the first such executions in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1752 – Benjamin Franklin proves that lightning is actually electricity.

1775 – George Washington was appointed as the Supreme Commander of the Continental Army in the American War of Independence.

1776 – Delaware voted to suspend the power of the British crown and to separate from Pennsylvania officially.

1836 – Arkansas was admitted to the United States as the 25th State.

1846 – The Oregon agreement established the 49th parallel as the US-Canada border, from the Rocky Mountains to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

1904 – More than a thousand people, mostly women and children, were killed near New York in a fire.

1907 – The Second Hague Peace Conference started, in which 44 countries adopted 13 conventions on the laws and customs of war (“The Hague Convention”).

1919 – British pilots Arthur Braun and John Alcock ended their first direct flight through the Atlantic Ocean.

1920 – An Italian engineer, one of the founders of wireless telecommunications, Guglielmo Marconi, broadcast the first live music in England.

1924 – American Indians are declared as the citizens of the United States.

1954 – UEFA was formed in Basel.

1969 – After the withdrawal of Charles de Gaulle from the political scene, Georges Pompidou was elected as the President of France.

1982- Argentine troops on the Falkland Islands surrendered to the British, thus ending the Falklands War.

1988 – Pakistani President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq announced that Islamic Sharia Law would become the supreme law in Pakistan.

1992 – The Japanese Parliament, for the first time since the World War II, approved the engagement of Japanese soldiers abroad.

1994 – Israel and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations, confirming an agreement on mutual recognition.

2000 – Roman Catholic Bishop Augustine Misago, charged with complicity in the massacre of more than half a million inhabitants of Rwanda in 1994 and genocide, was acquitted and released.

2001 – Shanghai Five – China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, after receiving Uzbekistan’s membership, renamed their organization into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Famous people born on June 15

Do you believe that one Chinese president and one American comedian have something in common? Well, they share their birthdays, and maybe a lot of characteristics! Do you know someone who is born on this day?

1843 – Edward Grieg, a Norwegian composer.

1882 – Ion Antonescu, a Romanian general and statesman.

1886 – Gabriel Kostelnik, a Ruthenian writer.

1902 – Erik Erikson, a German psychoanalyst.

1914 – Yuriy Vladimirovich Andropov, a Soviet politician and statesman.

1919 – Alberto Sordi, an Italian actor.

1923 – Erland Josephson, a Swedish theatre and film actor.

1927 – Hugo Pratt, an Italian cartoonist.

1932 – Mario Cuomo, a US politician.

1933 – Sergio Endrigo, an Italian author.

1946 – Demis Roussos, a Greek singer.

1953- Xi Jinping, a Chinese president.

1954 – James Belushi, an American actor.

1963 – Helen Hunt, American actress.

1964 – Michael Laudrup, a Danish football player.

1964 – Courteney Bass Cox, an American actress.

1969- Ice Cube, an American rapper.

1969 – Oliver Kahn, a German footballer.

1969 – Cédric Pioline, a French tennis player.

1970 – Leah Remini, an American actress.

1973-Neil Patrick Harris, an American actor.

In this last and finishing section, we will try to add some things that we did not mention in previous parts of this article, but that we feel are essential regarding those who are born on June 15.

Their appearance is genuine, as is the way they speak and think; in fact, these people do not like any conventionality, nor do they like to follow the thinking of society. They firmly believe that everyone should consider with their heads, but if they can convince someone to think as they think they will do it, and be happy about it. Namely, they look younger than they actually are, or if they already give a physical appearance to a real year, they must have distinctive traces of childhood in the expression of faces, mimics, and movements.

Above all, these people who are born in the sign of Gemini are bothered by routine, which inevitably leads to boredom, and these people hate boredom more than anything else in the world. Their motto is – everything is okay, just if it isn’t dull. By nature, they are too active and vivid, and charm, just in an attempt to break the monotony that occurs in everyone’s life and in their life also. How they have a pronounced sense of humor, they often fight against routine by humor, and making fun -this makes them even more adorable.