June 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There is a lot of division within astrology, and in nowadays many people have opinions about everything, including astrology, so those divisions are even more prominent. Some branches focus more on the development of celestial bodies, and in some sense, this is important for all of us, since planets affect us significantly, even if don’t see this clearly, and every day. And astrology uses the information from others astro-sciences, or sciences that are related to astrology, like astrometry that is focused on measuring the positions of the body in the celestial sphere and their mathematical description.

And another example is theoretical astronomy that connects the positions of the planets in the celestial sphere with their mechanical properties, from the perception of the apparent positions of the body determines their true paths and knowing.

And now if say that astrology uses all of this knowledge to make a perfect natal chart of specific individuals, what would you think? No matter what will you think, and no matter how this all might seem complicated, everything is based on a straightforward thing -birthdate.

Today we are speaking of June 11, and we gathered every available information that is in some way connected to this date. These are our results.

Personality and Character

People born on June 11 can break away from social limitations and barriers and cross the boundaries that society sets, and in a way, these people can be considered to be the outlaws and unique humans. Some describe them as aggressive, and they are, but they can overcome these boundaries. The ones that celebrate their birthdays on June 11 need to accept their temperamental nature to overcome aggressiveness. And they could do this; they could overcome this task, only if they try, this is not something that cannot be achieved, they are much stronger than their character.

On the other side of this story, these individuals can be very successful people who are very successful in their specialty, whatever they choose to do.

These people accept the danger as one of the intrinsic motivations in their lives, and their interests can be manifested in many areas: work, sports, cooking, sex, emotions, and even criminal experiences. People born on June 11 have a wide range of interest, as well as a lack of specialty that is typical of many Gemini Zodiac sign. They often involve closest people in their activities, no matter how these activities are dangerous. Those individuals who live with people born on June 11 can participate in their “actions”, but more often they are observers because the undertakings of these people are only an integral part of their self-realisation.

These people often do well in school; they have the needed discipline to which they devote all their power, and those who are born on June 11 can be very intense and extremely competitive. They have a strong desire to win and rarely withdraw from the conflict, they are those who can become successful people that function well as team players but are more often in independent positions.

However, people born on June 11 should not push the limits set by society, sometimes these boundaries are set for the right reason. Their behavior can cause jealousy and enmity and leave the impression of arrogant people. Those who genuinely manifest such action can become victims of their social group, so we can see such examples among those who belong to June 11.

Love Compatibility

The main advantage of the people who are born on June 11 is their fun and inspiring spirit, and living with them is never dull. They can create constant excitement and unforgettable moments. If you are lucky enough to have a person who is born on June 11 next to yourself, then you know that your world is full of sunshine. They create constant excitement and help us to see the better side of life, and we could say that this is the feature that attracts people, or to be specific, lovers to them – they send this energy into the world.

In a way, these people are conservative in their needs, lively in their behavior and entertaining when looked through partner’s eyes. And they maybe have the magic formula; those born on June 11 are very attached to the opposite sex, they love to love, and to be involved with people, as they like to have as many experiences as possible.

At the same time, these people love captivating and mysterious people, to explore unknown places, and falling into unusual places and situations that push their nature to the limit.

They are those who are not so wise when their relationships are in question; they are energetic, love exciting games and have the mission to be the best partners they can be to everyone.

But when these people meet someone who they really like, they can enter a serious love relationship that is stable, and that can last.

In a majority of cases among those who are born on June 11 do not want to marry too early, because that would probably not be wise in keeping with their vivid love nature that pushes them to learn and to have as many experiences as they can.

Purpose and Career

As all Gemini people, those who are born on June 11 loves travelling, and will see much of the world before they die, often their job is involved in travel.


The scenes of any kind attract these people, so they could become good actors or actresses because they are naturally talented for acting and performing, and they are curious to explore human nature and different, even controversial personalities. Regardless of whether their thoughts are serious or humorous, they love to express themselves in many ways, and they expect to be listened to carefully. They also need to nurture their curiosity, and to avoid situations that are boring.

Those who are born on June 11 can earn money, not ordinary, small sums, but significant investments that could turn their lives around in some fantastic way, or it can turn them into people who could die from misusing their hedonistic lifestyle.

People born on June 11 can overwork- enjoying their work is one thing, but excessive work can impact their health. As very active people who are always on the move, these people should be more interested in their spiritual growth.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on June 11 are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. This is a very complex aspect (the connection between these two “planets”), and it has a lot of meanings. The most prominent expression of this aspect can be identified by the conflict between the emotional part of the being or the person who is under this influence and rational part (thinking). The Moon and Mercury connection that can be seen here, since Moon is responsible for number 2 and Mercury for all Gemini Zodiac sign, can manifest itself as a rationalising of emotions.

The problem occurs when these people begin to rationalise their emotional life, it requires manifestation, and it is rationalised to the extent that it will either become suppressed or overly rationalised. Sense and intuition are significant in people born on June 11 due to the influence of the Moon.

Those characters who are under the influence of the numeral 2 are usually better associates than leaders and are often kept aside by avoiding leadership positions.

One aspect here is critical -the number 11 itself, it refers to the sensitivity to a physical plan that agrees well with the mental power of the people who are born on June 11.

It is the number that points to the divine energy, and amazing potentials in life.

Their number is 11, and their color is dark grey.

Historical Events on June 11

Since we have mentioned that the number 11 hides some exciting features, you can imagine what events that occurred on June 11 are. They are inspiring and scary at the same time.

1184 B.C – The Trojan War: Trojans were robbed and burned,

1042 – Byzantine empress Zoe married to Constantine IX Monomachos.

1509 – The wedding of English King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon took place.

1580 – Juan de Garay founded Buenos Aires.

1770 – Captain James Cook got stranded on the Great Barrier Reef.

1770 – The Second Continental Congress has appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert R. Livingston to write a draft a Declaration of Independence of Thirteen Colonies of Great Britain.

1788 – Russian explorer Gerasim Izmailov reveals Alaska.

1837 – Rebellion in Boston occurred; the ethnic Conflicts of English and Irish Immigrants in America.

1892 – Limelight Department, one of the first film studies in the world, was officially opened in Melbourne, Australia.

1901 – New Zealand has annexed the Cook Islands.

1903 – Alexander the I inherited the throne of Greece, like his father, Constantine the I abdicated.

1935 – The inventor Edwin Armstrong first publicly demonstrates FM radio broadcasting in the US, in the New Jersey.

1937 – The USSR executed eight military leaders under the orders of Joseph Stalin.

1940 – World War II: British forces bombed Genova and Turin in Italy.

1940 – World War II: The first attack on the Italian aviation in Malta.

1955 – 83 people were wounded and at least 100 injured when Austin-Healey and Mercedes-Benz collided with the Grand Prix Le Mans race.

1962 – Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin became the only prisoners who successfully escaped from the prison on the Alcatraz Island.

1963- A Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burned himself with petrol at a traffic junction in Saigon to protest against the lack of religious freedom in South Vietnam.

1964 – World War II veteran Walter Seifert massacred eight children and two teachers at a primary school in German Koeln.

1970 – Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington officially become the first women – generals of the US Army.

1988 – The name – general public license (GPL) is mentioned for the first time.

1998 – Compaq Computer is paying $ 9 billion for Digital Equipment Corporation in a record acquisition of technology.

Famous people born on June 11

Read all about people who are born on June 11; what is their native country and what did those people do (or they still do).

1456 – Anne Neville, an English Queen.

1572 – Ben Jonson, an English playwright.

1672 – Francesco Antonio Bonporti, an Italian priest and composer.

1723 -Johann Georg Palitzsch, a German astronomer.

1776- John Constable, a British artist.

1842- Carl von Linde, a German engineer and industrialist.

1864- Richard Strauss, a German composer.

1876- Alfred Kroeber, an American archaeologist and anthropologist.

1880- Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to U.S. Congress.

1895-  Nikolai Alexandrovich Bulganin, a Soviet politician and statesman.

1896-Juan Laurentino Ortiz, an Argentine poet.

1904 -Emil František Burian, a Czech composer.

1908 – Francisco Marto, a Portuguese Catholic vicar.

1910 – Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a French sea explorer.

1928 – Fabiola de Mora y Aragón, a Belgian queen.

1933- Gene Wilder, an American actor.

1948 – Sumaya Farhat-Naser, a Palestinian politician.

1959 – James Hugh Calum Laurie, a British actor.

1964 – Jean Alesi, a French former F1 driver.

1969 -Peter Dinklage, an American film, television and theatre actor.

1970 – Venya Drkin, a Russian-Ukrainian singer.

1978- Joshua Jackson, a Canadian actor.

1986- Shia LaBeouf, an American actor.

People born on June 11 are knowledgeable, influential and brave people who can sometimes lose control become nervous and enter conflicts. They can see the high side in every situation and are children in the soul, so if you need a company for laughter and fun, invite them, and they will be created in front of you. Just be prepared for frequent changes because they continuously change their plans.

As all Gemini people, those who are born on June 11 are spontaneous persons who have multiple sides of personality. They openly accept changes, crave for constant stimulation, and are quickly bored with things.

They are attractive, exciting and intriguing, and they need mental stimulation and excellent communication to be in love for a long time.