July 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Probably a hundred times you watched the sky and asked yourself about so many things about the Universe, and these questions are still present.

What is the difference between zodiac signs and constellations, and why not every constellation has an equal sign? While the constellation is variable, the Zodiac signs are stable and permanent ecliptic sections of 30 degrees of celestial length. The Astrological Zodiac is aligned with the seasonal changes, so the beginning of the Aries sign always coincides with the spring equinox, Cancer with the summer solstice, etc.

These are precise data that do not depend on the decision of the astronomer on which star will be assigned to which constellation. This is something that is stable, and astrologers base their analyses on this information.

Today we are looking into Zodiac sign Cancer, and we are looking specifically into the lives of those who are born on July 9. We tried to include every possible insight and aspect that can build this story, so it is understandable and truthful.

Personality and Character

In life, there are those who affect others, and there are those who are under the impact of others, and in the lives of the people who are born on July 9 belong to the first group.

They silently but very significantly influence the world around them; they affect others with their ideas, thoughts and energy. As great dreamers and people of significant power, they can devise unusual working hypotheses, but also the practical ability to achieve them. And this combination is a good one – they have a fantastic idea and all tools and skills to complete them and turn them into the reality.

During their lifetime, people born on July 9 are fascinated by the hidden powers and paths of nature for which there is no explanation – the more mystery is somewhere they will follow that path, be sure about it; they are attracted to the paranormal and unusual things in the world.

Many of these people who belong to this date will only read about such secrets, but some of them will try to solve them and believe us, they have significant success in resolving problematic issues, a trait that is very respectable in their environment. If they are given the opportunity and a serious possibility for a discovery they will never miss it – give them a chance. And a chance is just something that these people don’t get enough in life; they are often mistreated and underestimated, so they have to work their life harder than everybody else.

Love Compatibility

In the life of the people who are born on July 9, in an emotional sense, things are not so easy and smooth like in some other people’s lives; they usually experienced great mental pain, due to their sensitive nature. Things in interpersonal relationships that are for some normal, for those who are born on July 9 are catastrophic and can leave real scars on their souls. They are sensitive people that need to realise that their nature is delicate and that they need to choose wisely when entering love relation.

Good thing that helps them achieve some security and confidence in their lives is a tendency to travel, to see all the parts of the world and meet different people. They can enrich their personalities a lot in this way, and become an exciting company for other, who might become their partners. They are attractive to the opposite sex, even if they carry sorrow and sincerity in their behavior – those who are born on July 9 are not happy to go lucky people all the time, on the contrary.

These humans need to nourish the sense of humor, to learn to be open and honest and take care of their health. As they become stronger and more resistant, above all else people will appreciate them more, and they will not be as fragile as before.

When in marriage, or long-term relationship, these people who are born on July 9 are wholly independent and often happen to support their family – they are often taking over the place as a “shadow ruler”. They will not hesitate to take over the leadership of a family company, for example; they are competent.

Purpose and Career

Regarding their work, people of the July 9 are independent in making conclusions and like to lead their business without considering the lives of others. They are supposed to be thorough investigators and are strongly attracted to spiritual and occult topics, as we mentioned previously.

These people can “feel” things that others seem never to feel, and are much guided by these impressions and intuition – they are the people who are first in bringing some work ideas to the table. They are original and inventive workers who have a vibrant inner life that no one can reach, but them. So what these people need in their business is to be understood and supported, nothing else.

When they need solitude, they are in their inner sanctuary and are resting, alone, thinking about life problems and contemplating in a quiet meditation- this is a place when those creative ideas are born.

Some would say that those who celebrate their birthdays on July 9 have a good business mind and can be successful if they hold it and do not let themselves to have the difficulties when others try to put them down. And it is the situations that often happen in their lives.


Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on July 9 are under the impact of the number 9 and are affected from the planetary impulse that comes from the planet Mars. Number nine has the power to have a strong impact on other numbers, and it is said that these people have a great impact on their surroundings. Number nine is the number of strength and suffering, success also, but the success that is achieved with pain; and those who are born on July 9 have such life.

The planet Mars is a dominant and aggressive planet and it gives the energy of a fighter to the people who are affected by it, but something stands in the way – a fragile Moon, that is the ruler of all Cancer Zodiac people. The Moon in combination with Mars can make these people insecure, even when they have financial prosperity and power, for example.

This connection gives other difficult aspects – they are very serious from the very beginning, and even if they have some element of enthusiasm, over time, these feelings disappear, and the distance comes, the time when these people their times of solitude along with the periods of emotional distance. This aspect can be too “heavy” for those who are born on July 9, so strong emotions and tears accompany their relationships.

But this Moon-Mars connection also gives certain success, since these people are loyal, full of compassion and support.

Their color is pink, and their number 16.

Historical Events on July 9

Long ago, there was a saying that history that the history is a teacher of life. The Latin or Cicero’s thesis of the Historia est Magistra vitae is well known and so true. As much as some like history and some do not, it is essential that we can learn from her study what are the differences in today’s way of life and the ancient ways, how far we have progressed, and that helps us understand the present and try to build the future.

Today we are looking into the dare July 9.

1386 – In the Battle of Sempach, the Swiss canton’s alliance was dragged into the much more powerful army of Leopold III of Habsburg.

1519 – Spanish conquistador Ernak Cortes landed on the Gulf Coast, where he founded the city of Vera Cruz and began the conquest of Mexico.

1609 -Roman-German Emperor Rudolf II, to gain Czech protesters, issued a charter on the freedom of religion in the Czech Republic.

1686 – The Augsburg alliance was formed between the German-Roman emperor Leopold I, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Saxony against the French king Louis XIV.

1701 – The Battle of the Carpathians occurred between the Austrian and French forces.

1746 – The French fleet arrived in Pondicherry in India, which then became French.

1762 – The abduction of the Russian Emperor Peter III Fyodorovich Romanov, a few months after he took over the throne.

1810 – Napoleon Bonaparte has annexed the Netherlands.

1877 – The first Wimbledon tennis tournament was held.

1922 – An American swimmer, later film actor (“Tarzan”), Johnny Weissmuller became the first swimmer who swims 100 meters in less than one minute (58.6 seconds).

1944 -The British and Canadian troops took over the city of Kaen in Normandy from the Germans in World War II.

1944 – American forces in World War II occupied the island of Saipan in the Pacific.

1963 – An agreement was signed on the formation of the Federation of Malaysia, in which Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and North Borneo entered.

1971 – The last American base in Vietnam is surrendered to the South Vietnamese troops.

1993 – Using the genetic method of DNA fingerprinting, British scientists identified the remains of Russian emperor Nikolay II Romanov and members of his family.

2001 -The Santiago Appellate Court suspended the process against former Chilean dictator August Pinochet declaring him mentally incompetent.

Famous people born on July 9

Sometimes it is hard to believe that those who are born on the same day to have some things in common, but when you look at their biographies, you will think so. Today, we are looking into the lives of the famous people who are born on July 9.

1578 – Ferdinand II, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

1834 – Jan Neruda, a Czech writer.

1858 – Franz Boas, an American anthropologist.

1879 – Ottorino Respighi, an Italian composer.

1901 – Barbara Cartland, a British writer of romance novels.

1916 -Edward Heath, an English statesman.

1929 – Hassan II, the king of Morocco.

1932 – Donald Rumsfeld, an American politician and statesman.

1935 – Mercedes Sosa, an Argentine singer.

1935 – Wim Duisenberg, a Dutch economist.

1945 -Dean Koontz, an American writer.

1946 – Ronald Belford “Bon Scott”, a former singer of the AC / DC group, was born.

1947 – Mitch Mitchell, a British musician.

1954 -Viktor Yanukovych, a Ukrainian politician.

1956 – Marc Almond, a British musician.

1956 – Tom Hanks, an American actor.

1957 – Kelly McGillis, an American actress.

1964 – Courtney Love, an American singer and actress.

1978 – Mark Medlock, a German singer.

1983 -Marina Lizorkina, a Russian singer.

1989 -Roman Koudelka, a Czech ski-jumper.

Let us speak a little bit more about these Cancer Zodiac people, born on July 9, under the impact of the Moon-Mars planetary combination.

People born on July 9 like to explore, talk, write and describe each of the areas of life they are interested in, but those areas are most likely connected to something mysterious and exciting, almost repulsive to others. Their infinite curiosity can lead them to incredibly unusual places, and even they are afraid of new things and changes, they don’t shy away from them. What others call bizarre is of great importance to them for research, those who are born on July 9 like to be intrigued, and even if the may seem in the society can look very normal and conventional, they spread a strange kind of energy around them. And others are attracted to them very much; the thoughts of these people are attracted to others.

These people accept almost all people from their surroundings, and it rarely happens that because of prejudice someone ignores or rejects, you will never hear a person who is born on this day to judge someone in any way.

Those who belong to this day have a pronounced sense of pride that requires them to get themselves in the right and to draw conclusions about the given situation makes them behave like this.

One important thing is that no matter how they can be fragile, they are those who make an impact on others, not the other way.