July 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology can also be used as education since it is the science that can give extensive knowledge that combines many other sciences, like mathematics and astronomy; it can provide good training means to give a true dimension to the abilities of a person. This is the method that deals with the process of developing a being according to predetermined character inclinations; its growth is directed toward most suitable activity.

So, astrology can pinpoint your potentials, and once you find out what are they, you can develop them even further, until you reach your full potential.

Astrology is a science that is based on the celestial movements, especially on the motion of the Sun, and if we want to investigate the laws of the structure and periodicity that each human life contains, we need to write down a particular process. It is a process of measuring the position of the solar system at a certain hour and a specific place -a time and place of a person birth.

Today we are looking into the world of a people who are born on July 8, and we try to expand this story by adding as much information as possible.

Personality and Character

People born on July 8 are very pragmatic individuals who are very interested in practice, rather than in theories – they like to do, instead of making assumptions. They are exclusively engaged in the results while arguments are entirely neglected in their case, and this feature has some good and some bad consequences. From a negative perspective, you cannot talk to these people and confront opinions; they are very wide in their opinions. From a positive outlook, these people are very determined in what they believe and are willing to fight for it until the end.

These people are worthy of workers who are willing to devote their entire life to the organisation of their life and their well being, will working hard on the acquisition of money. Their family will have significant financial benefits from their efforts, but they must come to the point that they do not see them so often since they are dedicated to their work entirely.

Those who are born on July 8 are often engaged in long-term investments in the form of insurance or additional investment funds -and as all Cancer Zodiac sign people, they can be motivated by the safety and stability.

Regarding work, these persons must restrain their ego instincts, since they leave an impressive impact on other people, but they must fight against greed, cruelty, revenge. Even they can have in their character extreme aggression and grudge that is pointed to other people that are maybe not guilty, objectively.

Love Compatibility

Those who are born on July 8 are the types of lovers that like to love and be loved, but sometimes they do some things just for the show, and the miss out the whole point of being indeed in love; to care about someone, etc.

These people are sometimes too focused on the look of their relationship rather than on the substance, and that is a shame since these people have a lot to offer as partners, and why not parents. If the family is the main topic of people born on July 8, their children may be subjected to excessive protection and control of behavior. They can be strict with their family members, but the fact is that they only have one thing on their minds, and that is that everyone is safe and sound.

These people of the July 8, even when they fall in love, never let their reason leaves their heart to go too far, they need to leave their minds to work hard even in the matters of hearts, they cannot relax and enjoy the blessing of love.

It is also true that these people of the July 8 make their lives such that they live in harmony with their ideals, and it is the way that they make their lives much more productive and happier. So to be in a serious long-term relationship with someone, these people must stay true to their beliefs, and that person must fit into their system of values, which sometimes can be very hard for their environment.

People born on July 8 know exactly how to make themselves irreplaceable and necessary in others people’s lives, they can make themselves a necessity in the lives of other people. They can do this with their charm and charisma, they are usually good-looking, and know how to make a lasting impression on their lovers; some say that those who belong to this date are one of kind lovers, and we say it is true.

Purpose and Career

These people are ruthless in their business, they leave others defenseless in comparison to them, they are amazing in calculating and managing a business, and they are wise in all the things in which a business mind is sought.

Those who are born on July 8 are calm in making plans for the future and do not excite by trivialities -they know their path, and are efficient people who know how to get to their goals, with the least possible effort. Naturally, those who belong to this date are not big enthusiasts but are more likely to abstain; they could be called realists.

They like to travel; they like water, anything that has warm weather and water is their cup of tea, they are Cancers after all. They love life above all, and are well-reasoned people, who have clear heads when making business decisions. Sometimes they can even fall into the depression, but over time these people learn to overcome these and similar states -they do not let bad moments affect them; forget things from the past and look into the future is their motto.


They should, and in most cases, they learn to take care of their mood and to watch the happy side of everything. Find some hobby and develop an interest in it is also one of their goals in life.

For the majority of representatives of this date, there is one rule – they are only satisfied with the best things in life. However, they are not excessively extravagant in their desires; they are practical in this area.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 8 and Saturn rules persons born on July 8, and we can say from the start that in the lives of the people who are born on this date Saturn brings responsibility, a sense of limitation and fatalism. So their practical, reasonable side can be enhanced even more than in some other Cancer people. The conservatism of people born on July 8 due to the impact of Saturn can be very pronounced, and the effect of the Moon that is the ruler of the Cancer is mild to make some serious change in their lives. The Moon and Saturn give these people seriousness and aspiration to isolation.

Numerologically speaking, those who are born on July 8 are people who built their lives slowly and safely, which is especially true for people that are Cancer Zodiac sign.

Number 8 and Saturn combination points to the coldness and distance that can be found in the people who are born on this day, and the impression can be that these people are very inaccessible, which is contrary to their nature.

Their number is 8, and their colors are cool purple and beige.

Historical Events on July 8

History class is starting and everything in order to learn as much as possible about date July 8 – what are those remarkable events that took place on this day? Read all about them, and make your opinion about this date.

70 – In the Judean War, the Romans conquered and demolished Jerusalem.

1283 – The Battle of Malta, where the Aragonese beat the Angevines in the aftermath of the Sicilian Vespers.

1497 – Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama sailed from Lisbon on his first trip to discover the sea route to India around Cape of Good Hope.

1709 – The Russian army, under the command of Emperor Peter the Great, defeated the troops of King Charles XII of Poland.

1760 – British forces defeated the French army in the Battle of Restigouche.

1822 – Persi Bish Sheeli, one of the most important poets of English Romanticism, drowned in a sailing ship near Livorno (Italy).

1846 – Danish King Christian VIII proclaimed that women could inherit the Danish throne.

1858 – Great Britain declared victory over Indian rebels, after which the Mogul Empire and the liquidated East India Company were abolished.

1947 – First reported reports that the UFO appeared at Roswell in New Mexico.

1979 – Jewitt and Danielson discovered the Jupiter’s satellite to Adrastea.

2007 – New Seven Wonder Words were  Selected; Chinese Wall, Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the city of Petra, Chichen Itza.

2011 – The Atlantis, the last mission of a space shuttle, was launched from Cape Canaveral to space.

2014 – Operation “Protective Edge”, the Israeli army began attacking Gaza. About 1500 Palestinians were killed in the operation while 7500 were wounded.

Famous people born on July 8

Among people that found their respectable place on this list, where we count all crucial people that are born on July 8, there are two fascinating names. Those are two very, very successful people in their world, whose success is synonymous with fame and fortune.

1621 – Jean de La Fontaine, a French writer.

1831 – John Stith Pemberton, an American pharmacist, inventor of Coca-Cola.

1836 – Joseph Chamberlain, a British politician and statesman.

1838 – Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, a German entrepreneur and the designer of the flying machine of the same name.

1839 – John D. Rockefeller, an American industrialist and philanthropist, the world’s first billionaire.

1851 – Arthur Evans, a British archaeologist.

1867 – Käthe Kollwitz, a German fine art artist.

1871 – Valter Brajski, an Austrian politician, Chancellor of Austria for one day

1873 – Carl Vaugoin, an Austrian politician and former chancellor of Austria.

1875 – Rodolph Archibald Reiss, a Swiss forensic, publicist, doctor of chemistry.

1885 –  Ernst Bloch, a German philosopher.

1894 – Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, a Russian physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize.

1906 – Philip Johnson, an American architect.

1908 – Nelson Rockefeller, an American businessman, philanthropist and politician, a 41. Vice President of the United States.

1949- Wolfgang Puck, an Austrian celebrity chef.

1951 – Anjelica Houston, an American actress.

1958 – Andreas Carlgren, a Swedish politician and minister.

1958 – Cipi Livni, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Acting Prime Minister of Israel.

1959 – Robert Knepper, an American actor.

1961 – Andrew Fletcher, an English musician and member of Depeche Mode.

1962 – Joan Osborne, an American singer.

1964 – Linda de Mol, a Dutch TV star.

1968 – Thom Fitzgerald, an American-Canadian director and screenwriter.

1970 – David Campbell, better known as Beck, an American alt-pop-rock musician.

1981 – Anastasia Mishkina, a Russian tennis player.

1982 – Sophia Bush, an American actress.

1998 – Jaden Smith, an American actor and rapper.

Let us speak more of their character, trying to mention a few more pieces to this puzzle.

As the very foundation of a person who celebrates their birthdays on July 8 not only they can build an organisation, family or job, but also manage them well – they are incredible organisers, and managers, no matter how big or small their “workgroup” is. In fact, keeping a family or job is their priority, while in all this they have a great desire to prove it -and this is something that also describes these people of the July 8 to the full extent, they are very determined and like to prove their point.

The feeling of the significant presence of these people is not only felt during their lives but also after their death, those who are born on July 8 love to leave a label on the world, or at least on their environment. That environment can be their current lover, but in some cases, it can be the entire world, and you know what, some of them succeed just that.