July 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology helps to realise the self-knowledge and see the facts of life in the right light, rather than in some simple way it relieve us of the worries of existential puzzles through lightweight predictions. We are not saying that astrology and knowledge that derives from it is not good and that it cannot be used for fun, but when we use the word science, many more serious things are involved there.

Astrology can be used to identify the essential components of a person that can be effectively used if a person knows the potential. It can be used as a routing; it is not enough to know how to live alone in the world, we need three associated factors, know the facts – laws of the forces that act around us.

We also should know others, our own psychic and physical boundaries, because only then the astrological element becomes a real knowledge, as a prediction, which it follows that knowledge is power. And it truly is power that can change your life, for better.

It is believed that we were born at a particular moment, at a precisely determined place, and that the characteristics of the year and the time in which we were born mark our path for good. Today we are talking about the people who are born on July 7, and who belong to the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

People born on July 7 are people who have enough maturity that their lives can be examined, and they show needs to re-examine their own and others’ inner visions and to hide something new in that way. They love secrets, and by revealing a lot about them, these people can cause mild shocks to others – they like to have information about others. In spite of this, these individuals who belong to the July 7 can have good interpersonal relations; can succeed in agreeing with colleagues, family and friends in a good way. They are kind, and sometimes they are asking too much about other people’s affairs.  So, in their case, knowing too much about their environment can be a good thing, or in some case, it cannot disable them from having good and healthy relationships with people.

These people who are born on July 7 have strong ties to their subconscious, and they understand well the many unreasonable turns that can affect the human spirit and their soul also. They are tolerant people who cannot be shaken by some bizarre and unusual things in life since they live with strange thought their entire lives.

They adore discovering internal processes in themselves; these individuals often spin internal processes in others, and like to have a significant effect on others, it excites them in many ways.

Therefore, it happens that they are accused of dealing with things that do not personally concern them, or that they like to meddle. In essence, this person leads a very mysterious private life and only gives their ideas and opinions to the public. They hide what they do and spout what they think.

In fact, it’s challenging to live with these people who are born on July 7 – they require full attention from their environment, and nothing more, no matter if that attention is necessary or not. But in this world of competitions, this person works reasonably well and often becomes the driving force in his business or social circle.

These people almost have a childish soul and are perceived as dreamers; especially their friends see them as unrealistic as their partners observe them as unreliable persons, and they are in the sense of obligations, not in their care for their loved ones.

Love Compatibility

People born on July 7 not only that they want to be protected in a love relationship, but also feel that they protect their partners themselves. This creates security within which love can grow. Faith, protection and complete sense of security in the embrace of a loved one are the most comfortable feeling for Cancers born on July 7.

In spite of their stubborn and complicated character in life, and love also, these people are gentle souls, and they seek a partner who can be trusted, who is kind, full of love. They seek, deep inside a lover who will be right support and who will show them their sensuality.

They are very sensual, but also a little shy, or maybe really shy, but this is just a characteristic that is so typical for all Cancer people. Foreplay is more important than the very act of sex for those who are born on July 7, and they need a lot of persuasion and seduction. These people can be stimulated with music, and they like to be intimate in a familiar ambience, preferably at home. They do not like aggression and vulgarity, and they are not prone to exhibitions, but this doesn’t mean that they do not have some secrets, like having an affair with a colleague from work, for example.

For some marrying young is a good idea, for others it is not, but they should not wait until everything is sorted out according to their exquisite taste and it is impossible to change. Some representatives of this date can be too cautious, shy and afraid of the darkness that may come along after a love breakdown. What these people should learn from an early one right when they start dating or being serious in love – is to accept things with more enthusiasm and great happiness will be theirs.

Purpose and Career

These people love animals and are very sensitive to help other people, who are old, weak or sick, and the same rule applies to the animals who are in need – so those who are born on July 7 can find their purpose in helping people and animals, like doctors or veterinarians.

Also, these people have the gift of art and writing – but usually this is their hobbies that sometimes can become their occupations.


When those who are born on July 7 start something new, as a business, they are cautious in what they are doing and are careful in their endeavors. These people have a sound business mind, so can get a lot of money for their business visibility and can receive recognition from their peers. At the same time, they are noble and compassionate and are content when they can help those in need or worry.

In free time, and sometimes as part of their jobs, these people love music, although that is not their first intention.

Undoubtedly, they can be pragmatic, and it’s not easy to entertain them or excite them in any way, the job that they will do must be something extra special so that they could give their souls and hearts.

People born July 7 can be exposed to high tension at work, primarily because of criticism they are often referred to, and it something that these people can’t stand and have major issues regarding this matter. They need to be more faithful in their abilities at work and do not listen for the advice of other; sometimes they know the best.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born 7 July are ruled by number 7 and planet Neptune.

Number 7, numerologically speaking, traditionally marks the desire for change and travel, and it is the number that is incredibly fortunate and connected to the spirituality and wisdom, and those who are under this influence are like that. Since people born on July 7 are among this group, they like to travel, and they love the feeling of the excitement, by as all Cancers, they want to be safe in their safe environment – home.

Planetary influence is fascinating – as we know, Neptune is a planet that represents visions and psychic marvels, and in combination with the Moon, that is a ruler of all Cancer sign people lead them to adapt to the feelings of others, perhaps even excessively. We spoke about their understanding and their meddling into other people’s business.

In this aspect Moon – Neptune, creativity and imagination can get better expression so that they can bring some significant viable benefit or some form of achievement of good personal satisfaction by complementing by adequate work and dedication. On the other, more negative aspect, these people can deal with the hypersensitivity, vulnerability and more intense emotions that are more difficult to control.

Also this connection Moon – Neptune can give gentle and passionate feelings in character that point to factors that can facilitate the achievement of better agreement at the intellectual level. However, it is not necessary for those who are born on July 7 to experiment too much with some non-ferrous methods, due to a more pronounced possibility of the wrong estimation and wrong moves.

Their numbers are 7 and 14, and their color is pale blue.

Historical Events on July 7

It is said that winners write history and that one same event can be seen in so many different aspects, and we believe that this statement is true. But we will try to be as objective as possible in representing the most important historical events that occurred on July 7.

1585 – Under the pressure of the Catholic “Holy League”, the French Queen Anne issued the German edict against Huguenot.

1807 – A peace treaty was signed that ended the war between France and Russia, a coalition party against Napoleon.

1815 – Allied forces (Sixth Coalition against Napoleon) entered Paris after the abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte.

1898 – The United States annexed Hawaii.

1937 – A Japanese-Chinese war broke out near the Beijing Bridge.

1969 – Canada officially declared the French language is equal to English in the federal government.

1978 – After gaining independence from the United Kingdom, the State of Solomon Islands was declared.

1987 – At least 46 Hindus were killed in an attack on two buses, suspected of Siki terrorists.

1994 – A two-month civil war ended in Yemen with the entry of North Yemen’s troops into the capital of South Yemen, Aden.

2000 – The full distribution of the book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire” was sold out in a subscription before it was printed.

2005 – 56 people were killed in terrorist attacks in London.

Famous people born on July 7

We feel like there is not one job, a profession that people of the July 7 didn’t find success and fame. Just take a glance at this list, and things will become much clearer.

1752 – Joseph Jacquard, a French inventor.

1834 – József Angster, a Hungarian organ making

1843 – Camillo Golgi, an Italian scientist.

1860 – Gustav Mahler, an Austrian composer and conductor.

1887 – Marc Chagall, a Russian painter.

1899 – George Cukor, an American film director.

1901 – Vittorio De Sica, an Italian film director and actor.

1907 – Robert A. Heinlein, an American SF writer.

1911 – Gian Carlo Menotti, an Italian composer.

1922 – Pierre Cardin, a French fashion designer.

1940 – Richard Starkey, better known as Ringo Starr, an English musician.

1943 – Toto Cutugno, an Italian singer.

1965- Jeremy Kyle, a British TV host.

1976 – Bérénice Bejo, an Argentine-French actress.

1991- Toni Garrn, a German model.

It is the right time to mention a few more elements that describe these people of the July 7 in some manner. Even if this could be so uncharacterised for Cancer people, those who are born on this date can be very greedy at certain times in their lives. They will collect money in their account, let others pay for them, and if they pay, they will almost never leave a tip – so ugly, so bad, and so out of their character.

They like shopping, especially when it comes to jewellery, and can turn into the people who are obsessive shoppers. They can become collectors, and are people who like secrets, and mysterious places. They are beautiful human beings who love the feeling of doing something good for others. But on the darker note, these people can have hidden fetishes.