July 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many types and techniques were used during human history for looking into the past and future, and particularly for prophesying fate. So, the prophecy, in its original form, is as old as a man himself -in every part of the globe people used some technique for looking into people’s fate. Ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptian, Indian and Greek, know the prophecies. In ancient Rome, the solemn prophecy of the priesthood was recognised and abundantly used in the high and royal society.

Despite the ban that was caused by the religious norms people from the Orient also dealt with astrology.

The list is long, and we still couldn’t mention all countries and cultures that were involved in astrology in some way.

We used it today, in the modern times, and we use it abundantly. And all analysis starts from one point -birthdate and ruling Zodiac sign. Today we are looking into July 4 and Cancer.

Personality and Character

The people born on July 4 are different from the others since the day they were born and are usually the most advanced people inside their social group. That group can be a family, regional, political, economic or workgroup, they are just blessed with so many specific traits that they have to be noticed. But does that attentions suits these people who are born on July 4, the answer is no. No matter where they come from, these people never forget and do not neglect their roots -and this aspect of their character is very important in their maturity and subsequent personal relations-

People born July 4 are not happy if they only work for personal goals, of they are satisfying their own need – those who belong to this day want to mark greater goals with their contribution. These people can work alone, but they do not want to be alone. Characteristic of these people may be that they are very loyal to the social group they belong to. At some point in later life, they will either be asked to become leaders of this social group or will remain a faithful member, and this other is most suitable for them. In both cases, these individuals show a tendency to highlight the environment from which they come from, even when they travel around the world.

These people should preserve their psyche because they are inclined to care for others, to be protective and emotional towards others, and they inner being could suffer.

As all Cancers, those who belong to the July 4 are connected to their social groups, primarily families, and family gatherings are very important for these people. They are focused on making things better for their societies, countries; they want to promote and improve their group, no matter how small or significant; or to offer constructive criticism on what things needs to be improved.

At first glance, these people seem much less demanding and complicated than they are, but this is not a bad thing we might add. And the reason behind is in the fact that they often ignore or suppress emotional contradictions they believe impede their effective functioning in the world.

Love Compatibility

Since those who are born on July 4 have a clear mind, a good reason for dealing with emotions (unlike so many other Cancer sign people), they can be excellent and reliable partners. There is something untouchable in those who are born on July 4 that mainly attracts people; and if they decide to give heart to someone, that love is never superficial, but profound, as everything in their lives.

But, if you expect from these people to open their soul easily and acknowledge feelings immediately at the first meeting, you are mistaken. Before these people fall in love with someone, there are many uncertain and tightened situations that can be intimidating for some. Those who are born on July 4 never trust the strangers, and there are some secret things they do not trust their best friends either. It takes a lot of time and patience to get to know this different and sensitive being that belongs to the July 4.

Sometimes, in love, they are dominant so that after a tear of sorrow and uncertainty, they completely change their mood and behavior.

When those who are born on July 4 love and become aware of this fact, their shyness will disappear in a second and turn into a persistent, serious and determined partner who does not accept the word ‘no’.

Purpose and Career

When we speak about the business related issues, those who are born on July 4 are strong persons who have high self-control; never fear anything, and are quite capable of leading their business without the help of other sources. And this is not the ability of other Cancer sign people, we might add, but at the beginning of this article, we have said that these people are different from their environment, and they are, indeed.

Those who are born on July 4 are an intellectual people, well-read; they are intuitive and outstanding fans of spiritual and mystical. These people never get tired of digging and exploring these areas in life, and this is something that is always a part of their interest, on top of that they love philosophy and history.

What also separates their work life from others is that those who are born on July 4 will several times experience a failure in the things that they tried to do – this is not something that discourages them in any way.


The fact that they have not managed to get less can prove that they deserve more -the primary task is to get to know what they want and continue to do it.

It is also said that these people will probably have many strange experiences in life, in many foreign places in the world – some of them will shift their personality so much, and they will use this experience to make a difference in the world.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

It is time to take a look into the symbolical meanings that are behind the date July 4. We could say that those who are born on this day are under the influence of the number 4 and, alongside the ruling planet the Moon, they are under the impact of the Uranus.

Number 4 gives somewhat questionable circumstances in life, and those who are under its impact are often difficult and utterly argumentative people since the world surrounds them with a completely different view than their own. These people have their own and often unusual ways to access things in life, and this is what makes them, at times misunderstood.

Under the influence of Uranus, these individuals may be prone to explosive mood swings, which are anyway variable since these people belong to the Cancer Zodiac sign that is famous for often mood swings. Now, when we look connection Moon – Uranus things get even more interesting.

This combination gives an unusual, unique people who are always somewhat different from most of the other people.

People who have this connection in their “charts”, love freedom and do not like being pressured by someone and what they need to do. Those who are born on July 4 are genuine, unique people who have genius ideas that can sometimes look to others as impossible.

They often react based on the first instinct, because the Moon represents how we react to things that around us, and the planet Uranus is a warning. These people will always stop and protect themselves from the outside world, and they do not like bitterness and prejudice. They love openness, sincerity, and do not like to entice others, as well as to be entangled.

They can read other people like an open book. These people are authentic and do not care what others will think about them.

They are open, unconventional, like to give and have freedom and have a friendly relationship with many people.

Their number is 11, and their color is honey orange.

Historical Events on July 4

We started this list by naming one significant astrological event that is very important for the human relation towards Universe, and it occurred on July 4, among many others.

1054 – Chinese astronomers are watching the “new star”, the explosion of the supernova behind which remains of the Cancer Nebula.

1190 – English King Richard Lionheart and King Philip II of France went to the Third Crusade.

1631 – The Employment Agency, the first in the world, was opened in Paris.

1776 – The American Declaration of Independence was signed at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. That day is celebrated in the United States as Independence Day.

1903 – The first Pacific telegraph cable was put into operation, between San Francisco and Manila.

1927 – The first issue of Der Angriff, the newsletter of the German National Socialist Party (NSDAP), was released.

1943 – Under the unclear circumstances of a plane crash in Gibraltar, the Polish general and politician Władysław Sikorski, was killed.

1946 – The Philippines achieved autonomy after 47 years of the US government.

1976 – Israeli commandos infiltrated Entebbe airport in Uganda and released 102 hostages from a French passenger plane that were abducted, Arab extremists.

1979 – Former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella was released after 14 years in home detention.

1997 – NASA’s “Pathfinder” probe landed on Mars.

1998 – Japanese space probe “Nozomi” launched to Mars.

2001 – To end the 18-year civil war, during which nearly two million people lost their lives, the Sudanese government accepted the Libyan-Egypt peace initiative.

2001 – 145 people died in an airplane crash in Siberia.

2010 – In the US city of Bellevue during a July 4th parade, a couple of horses dragged on the carriage, broke out of control and stepped on 24 people, including children.

Famous people born on July 4

The list is not so long, but for those who are interested in history will find a few interesting names among those who are born on July 4.

1546 – Murad III, a Turkish sultan.

1715 – Christian Fürchtegott Gellert, a German writer.

1753 – Jean Pierre Francois Blanchard, a French inventor.

1790 – George Everest, a British geographer.

1799 – András Bartay, a Hungarian composer.

1799 – Oskar I, a Swedish-Norwegian king.

1801 – Elisabeth Maria, the Portuguese princess.

1807 – Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian military commander.

1858- Emmeline Pankhurst, a leader of the British suffragette movement.

1872 – Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States.

1910 – Gloria Stuart, an American actress.

1926 – Alfredo di Stefano, an Argentine and Spanish footballer.

1927 – Gina Lollobrigida, an Italian film actress.

1927 – Neil Simon, an American writer.

1938 – Bill Withers, an American guitarist.

1963 – Ute Lemper, a German singer and performer.

1964 – Elie Saab, a Lebanese fashion designer.

1995 – Johann André Forfang, a Norwegian ski jumper.

1998 – Malia Obama, the daughter of Barack Obama.

The time has come for a conclusion -those who are born on July 4 are considered to be great teachers in life, are very fond of nature, but can conscientiously preserve what they own and like. They do not like to share intimacy with others and can be very closed and reclusive in that way.

Often, these people are talkative, very popular in their social groups, and they never shy away out of the authority, and never, even when they are young, also when they are old, they do not like to be ordered, so they are best expressed in family business, or in some creative and independent work. When those who are born on July 4 dedicate their efforts to something, that they believe is an outstanding idea, they become great perfectionists, persons who see the details and someone who show exceptionally high ambitions. Love and partnership relations are of great importance to these Cancer people, and they know what they want.

Although they have incredibly protective relationships in life and a significant aspect of their being is dedicated to helping others, the often can be careless when their needs are in question.