July 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Even those people who don’t believe in the horoscope will agree that they notice the general characteristics of people of a particular sign. We can also find in ourselves the same thing – we can relate to many components, of course not all features. The main thing is never to take things for granted and to take these features as the rule and way of judging people. But, when you sink into the depths and details of your own horoscope, you will see how much you can learn.

In this Astro-numerical piece, you will get to know the Zodiac sign Leo, along with the specific date July 30. We will try to point out and identify all critical aspects that make this date to be what it is, in its real sense.

Personality and Character

People born July 30as so many Leo Zodiac signs can be extremely preoccupied with their bodies and appearance in general. Some of them can put too much emphasis on the physical aspect of life by neglecting his emotional, spiritual and intuitive qualities, and this is the moment when they fall into their bad states in life.

Not only are they brilliant, they like to show off how smart they are, and a great way to see it is in finding ingenious ways to outsmart others, and they are very successful in this game.

After all, those who are born on July 30 prefer to stay within the limits of the law; it is the calculated risk. Like big and expensive things, and in competition with opponents, which wants to have better than them, they will fight.

Looking for the negativity in these people we found that those who are born on July 30 may have significant problems with various forms of irrational attitudes and phobias. And these neuroses occur as a price to their spiritual underdevelopment; they are not committed to their inner development or the mental aspects of the personality. But this occurrence has some good things in it – they are encouraged to get interested in getting to know the essence of things, and this can be a motivation for turning around spiritual things, and eventually their life towards success.

Love Compatibility

There is one aspect that sets apart these people who are born on July 30 from other Leo Zodiac sign people who tend to be serious all the time – they are incredibly funny, and have a good sense of humor and see something funny about everything that happens- Their lovers adore this trait in them; they are good partners, and have an excellent taste in making life in two enjoyable.

Above all, in love, people of the July 30 are flexible and can become friends or lovers both with a large number of different people; they are not people who are all about prejudices. They are funny, especially when in a stage of seducing their lovers because their attention and entertainment have no limits. And their partners are aware of this, and they need to be with someone who understands their need to be at the centre of attention and to entertain the full room of people and smite them with humor, wit and originality.

Now, we must admit that things are not so perfect and that those who are born on July 30 have a problem in maintaining successful love relationships for a long time. Many of these people cannot reconcile pure love with physical needs and desires; since their demands are enormous in everything and also in life – they can have difficulties in establishing normal and long-lasting love connections. For some, less developed people who belong to this group this can produce a powerful life of fantasy.

Some of these people are struggling with the fact that true love is impossible to accomplish or impossible to reach, and they act like that is something that will never happen to them. Those who adopt this fact most often take a cynical view of themselves and the world -they need to resolve this issue as soon as possible, so the world can enjoy them as they are, fantastic.

Purpose and Career

These people are spiritual and are open to new things that even if cannot bring them any material gain can give them a unique experience.

But as many Leos, those who are born on July 30 have a sense of business that is remarkable concerning their talents and skills; and even if their abilities are not anything special, they can be unstoppable and are always on the move.

If they want something, they will use all imaginable means to get it. They both like material goods and intangible benefits such as honor, fame and recognition.

Their temperament is often trouble for themselves because it will not allow them to stay in one place, although they may want it – they can abandon good jobs, to try something new, and this is not always a good idea. But we must add that these people in situations when they find something that they want to do they are very devoted and passionate about their work. Perhaps in that sense, they are not honest as they should be, and they can change job they love just for the sake of the new excitement.

Again, in general, those who are born on July 30 are persons who are easy to love and deserves the best in life, but will they have that depends on many factors; and sometimes they are their worse enemies.

Undoubtedly, they have a high level of confidence that gives them the courage to bet easily. But since these people can get greedy and unreasonable in their optimism, they often get into too great risks, which can lead to the loss of significant capital. More controlled members of this sign (Leo) and date July 30 can go into somewhat milder variants of gambling and with small stakes, so the losses are not so significant.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 3 and planets Jupiter and Sun rule persons born on July 30.

Jupiter gives them an expansive and optimistic social perspective that, in the case of people born on July 30, boost vitality and courage, mainly because of the influence of the Sun in combination with Jupiter because the Sun is a ruler of the Leo Zodiac sign, as we mention so many times before. Sun and Jupiter are expressed through support, career improvement, social or financial status, and astrologers say that this combination is very favorable in all aspects – these people al warm, has optimism and joy, and a loving people.

The planet Jupiter points to the ability to fight for a better life, and it is responsible for the happy conditions, and everything that seems to look bad can be actually good for the person who is under its influence.

The numerological influence that comes from the numeral 3 is unusual since it is the number that gives rise to the highest altitudes in the field these people of the July 30 deals with, and thanks to this impact can achieve great material or financial success. Above all these people like independence and determination in themselves and in others too.

Their color is bronzy yellow, and their numbers are 10 and 3.

Historical Events on July 30

History is created from successes, and the failures, and the people (those little ones who just lived their lives, and the great ones who changed the world) – can serve us to follow the right path and to understand the events in the present. Today we are looking into July 30, and all the events that happened on that day.

101 B.C – Roman Consul Gaius Marius defeated Germans in the battle near Vercelli, and for a long time eliminated the danger from Germans.

1419 – Hus, followers of the executed Czech religious reformer Jan Hus, provoked by throwing stones at their procession, rushed into the City Hall in Prague and cast Catholic members of the city administration out of the window, together with the mayor.

1930 – Uruguay in Montevideo, winning the World Cup final against Argentina 4-2, became the world’s first football champion.

1935 – The first pocketbook was published in the UK, according to the idea of ​​Alain Lane to create a “book that will have a price of 10 cigarettes”. The first book was “Ariel” by André Maurois.

1945 – The Japanese submarine sank, in the World War II, the Indian cruiser Indianapolis. 800 people died.

1971 – The American spaceship “Apollo 15” with the cosmonauts David Scott and James Irvin descended on the Moon.

1971 – 162 people died in the crash of the Japanese combat and passenger aircraft “Boeing 727”.

1974 – Turkey, Greece and Great Britain signed a cease-fire agreement in Cyprus.

1975 – The Conference on European Security and Cooperation, which brought together political leaders of 35 countries, began in Helsinki.

1980 – Pacific New Kingdoms acquired the independence of the Republic of Vanuatu, after 74 years of British-French administration.

1997 – Two explosive bombs killed two Arab suicide bombers at a crowded Jerusalem market, killing 18 people, injuring at least 170 people.

1997 – The US cancelled a 12-year ban on the travel of US citizens to Lebanon.

1999 – Leaving the shores of the Panama Canal after nearly a century, the United States formally closed the “Panama operation”.

2001 – Canada is the first country in the world that allowed serious patients to grow marijuana and used it for treatment.

Famous people born on July 30

Any historical story, no matter if related to the numerological aspect or astrological, would not be complete if we did not look into the lives of the famous people who are born on July 30.

1511 – Giorgio Vasari, an Italian painter and architect.

1818 – Emily Bronte, a British writer of Irish descent.

1857 – Ignaz von Szyszyłowicz, a Polish botanist.

1862 – Nikolai Yudenich, a Russian general.

1863 – Henry Ford, an American entrepreneur who founded the Ford Motor Company.

1898 – Henry Moor, a British sculptor.

1904 – Salvador Novo Lopez, a Mexican writer.

1910 – Edgar de Evia, a Mexican-American photographer.

1939 – Peter Bogdanovich, an American director.

1941 – Paul Anka, an American singer.

1945 – Patrick Modiano, a French writer.

1947 – Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor and politician.

1948 – Jean Reno, a French actor.

1958 – Kate Bush, a British singer.

1961- Laurence Fishburne, an American actor.

1963 – Lisa Kudrow, an American actress.

1964 – Jurgen Klinsmann, a German footballer.

1964 – Vivika A. Fox, an American actress.

1968 -Terry Crews, an American actor.

1969 – Simon Baker, an Australian actor and director.

1970 –  Christopher Nolan, an English director.

1974- Hilary Swank, an American actress.

1977 – Jaime Pressly, an American actress.

1981 – Nicky Hayden, an American professional motorcyclist.

1984 – Gina Rodriguez, an American actress.

One thing that we did not mention when about people who are incredibly present in the place where they show up; they are both mentally and physically present; they are here and want to present to all of us their idea of their functioning in the world. They are very firm and persistent in their intentions directed to the other people, but all of that time they are very charming and funny people who are interested in what is happening at this moment, here and now, so they do not pay attention to introspection and are not inclined to a philosophical view of life.

One more thing is essential here – those who are born on July 30 and are undeveloped can be narcissistic. Their narcissism is immediately noticeable because they regularly want to be at the centre of attention and think that the world is spinning around them – their intentions are harmful but are overly dramatic.

They genuinely believe that they belong only to the best in everything and reject the realisation that others can be more intelligent and more successful than they are – this is one irrational trait that they have.