July 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Some renowned Astrologers describe Astrology as the method of contemplating and developing a mind along with the souls, and it carries a critical message to all people around the world – everything has its place and occurs at the right time, and everything can fall into line, and everyone and everything has its reason and purpose. There are no accidents and what we can do is to improve all the time, all day every day; because it is a shame for people who don’t get to know and who don’t develop their potentials.

We see that astrology is analytical science, and regardless of whether its recommendations are acknowledged or perhaps disputed, that line cannot be foreseen.

What else cannot be disputed is our birthdates, one thing that defines from the first breath that we take in this world.

Today, we are focusing our awareness on the end of month July, specifically, pointing our attention to the date July 29.

Personality and Character

Although this date in itself carries on one side there is volcanic energy with something withdrawn and passive power, the persons of this date can still be very recognisable by their strong spirit, intense reactions, and the internal assessment of others; they are always in their world searching for their own ways.

The difficulties often encountered by persons born on July 29 are, can show a tendency to prejudice or a stereotypical way of thinking. They can sometimes exclude some people without any reason, but more often make more correct decisions that are a point of beneficial actions. You will notice by the end of these articles that these people are in a way divided, and almost separated into two opposite energies – one comes from the Sun and other from the Moon.

People born on July 29 have strong tendencies to evaluate the characteristics, potentials, morality and success of the humans they are surrounded with, and according to those insights they make their actions.

Although they know that they are wasting their time and energy and unnecessary things, we have to say that these people do everything with great devotion.

They mostly rely on the environment in which they grew up, like – unlike other Leo Zodiac signs they do not like sudden changes and are challenging to deal with sometimes in an unfamiliar environment.

These people often give incredibly staggeringly accurate predictions about a possible outcome of certain situations, and they would be the happiest if others would listen to them in every possible case, but since people see them as pretentious, this doesn’t happen regularly.

Love Compatibility

In love, those who belong to the July 29 can be pessimistic and cynical when in a relationship; they have these moods when it seems to them that everything is dark – when their lovers don’t satisfy them anymore. Then everything is terrible, and nothing can be done. But again, the next day they can be thrown into the joy of life and start a new affair that will make them happy again.  But as a reminder, they have to deal with these melancholy hits so that they don’t last long.

They are emotionally sensitive, they believe in love, but they do not manage well in some non-harmonious situations, unpleasant discussions when they will tend to retreat dramatically and suffer in themselves.

Additionally, when we are speaking about emotions in these people in some general way, people born on June 29 need to point their actions toward a balanced life. However, their empathic capacity is so developed that they can have the psychological problems of others and manifest them as their own. When with someone for a long time, they become one, and they transfer their issues on their shoulders, but they are strong, and there is no problem in dealing with many difficulties as long as they stop being overly dramatic.

They can be gentle and sensitive to their loved ones, and this is all thanks to the Moons influences, but at the same time, these people are rigorous in needs. They tend to command, to be superstitious, and to have a high opinion of themselves – if all of this is unjustified, they need to stop in showing these traits.

Purpose and Career

These people of the July 29 are profoundly attracted to the strange and unusual, in a way out of the ordinary flows fascinates them. They are curious and have a thirst for knowledge that is not easy to satisfy; so their ideal career has to be demanding and uninteresting, even unique.

Some of these people can become archaeologists since they like to travel, explore the depths of ancient times. They are naturally blessed with the scientific mind, which they use in everything they do, even when it comes to the lives and motives of others in the work environment. When in a specific work environment these people are fighters for all, they are the voice of the workers and are fighting for better conditions, and are continually protesting against things they see as harmful.


These are also persons who can be professionally very affirmed only through business honors- in this way they gain a better personal self-confidence and inner peace.

Although they act calmly, these are extremely warriors who can demonstrate this feature in the financial plan and can be excellent advisers, maybe little weaker organisers.

At the same time these Leos are very poetic and can write amazing lyrics and songs, so this could be a suitable choice for their careers, only if they ever decide to deal with it seriously.

Because of their familiarity with the human nature, people born on July 29 may be outstanding mediators in debates or disputes. Understanding the culture of negotiators and representatives gives them immediate insight into access to the parties to the conflict. Because of this, these people can be excellent teachers or social workers, or they can be of great use in the political parties of which they are members (they will rarely become party leaders, but will the most efficient members).

What these people who belong to the July 29 have to learn is the lesson that too much of an exaggeration and analysis destroys naturalness and spontaneity, thus depriving their work of their real qualities that these people undeniably have.

Some representatives of this date can have good business sense and can succeed if they focus on their organisational ability and control, but once again we mention that organisational skills are not their most prominent attribute.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

From a numerological point of view, number 2 affect people who are born on July 29 – and those people are often better contributors than managers and do not want leadership positions; they are oriented toward social, group values that they want to put in the front row. But this does exclude their nature as protectors and caregivers, people who will fight for the rights of everyone that belongs to their group. If they are unable to do so – their initiative and action can turn into frustration, and such feeling is enhanced by the influence of the Moon that causes strong reflections and passive tendencies in people. The Moon is the ruler of the numeral two that is found here as a reduction of the number 29. The Sun, which also gives the planetary influence as the ruler of all Leo Zodiac signs, with its activity somewhat, mitigates the adverse effects of the Moon.

The Sun is our creativity, the way of expression and an indication of motivation because it represents a will and the Moon represents what we carry with us wherever we go – emotions, the subconscious, the past, our habits and the need for security.

So these people need to find the balance and right amount of both forces. Also, for them, it is essential to find what they like to do, what fulfils them, because only then they will feel safe about emotional state, and therefore they will be more willing to give it to others.

Their color is something that resembles white gold and their numbers 2 and 11.

Historical Events on July 29

On history courses, we learn about Kings and Queens, wars and battles; but it is just the mask on top of something much more significant. It is the opportunity to learn about history in two dimensions, but the third dimension is the lesson about the spiritual dimension of those times. Today we are trying to get close to you events that took place on July 29.

1014 – The Belasic battle in which the forces of the Byzantine emperor Vasily II caused a decisive defeat to the army of Bulgarian-Macedonian emperor Samuel.

1148 – The siege of Damascus ended with the heavy loss of the Crusaders and led to the interruption of the Second Crusade.

1588 – The British fleet, under the command of Lord Howard and Sir Francis Drake, defeated the Spanish “Unmanageable Armada” of about 125 ships.

1937 – Japanese troops occupied, in the Chinese-Japanese War, the Chinese city Tianjin.

1940 – German Air Defense launched in Great Britain in World War II.

1941 – France and Japan signed an agreement on a joint protectorate over Indochina.

1946 – Peace conference of winners in World War II began in Paris.

1948 – The first Olympic Games after the World War II were opened at London’s Wembley Stadium.

1958 – NASA was founded.

1967 – In the Vietnam War, the American carrier of the “Forestall” aircraft was damaged in a fire. 130 people were killed.

1973 – Greeks in the referendum abolish the monarchy.

1981 – Prince of Wales Charles, and Diana Spenser, married in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

1992 – Former East German Communist leader Erich Honecker came to Berlin after spending eight months in a Chilean embassy in Moscow to face an indictment for the deaths of many German citizens.

1996 – China conducted a nuclear test of 4.3 magnitudes of the Richter scale at Lop Nora.

1999 – A summit of the Stability Pact for South East Europe began in Sarajevo.

2005 – Astronomers have discovered the discovery of Eris (full name 136199 Eris), the largest known dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt.

Famous people born on July 29

The same thing as in the previous section can be applied here in the section where we speak of people who are born on July 26.

1805 – Alexis de Toquilla, a French historian and politician.

1846 – Isabella Brazilian, a Brazilian nobleman.

1883 – Benito Mussolini, an Italian dictator and fascist.

1887 – Sigmund Romberg, an American composer.

1905 – Clara Bow, an American actress.

1905 – Dag Hamarsseld, a Swedish politician.

1924 – Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia, an American actress.

1925 – Mikis Theodorakis, a Greek composer.

1927 – Harry Mulisch, a Dutch writer.

1929 – Jean Baudrillard, a French philosopher.

1974 – Josh Radnor, an American actor and comedian.

1981 – Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Formula One world champion.

1982 – Allison Mack, a German-American film actress.

1987 – Génesis Rodríguez, a Cuban-Venusian-American actress.

Here we can see one fascinating profile of the people who are born on the July 29, in the Zodiac sign Leo and are under the influence of the Sun and the Moon at the same time.

Some say that these people belong to the extremely sensitive and unusual profiles of the Leos, who imaginatively convey great ideas to others. They are people who like to help others, are very sensitive to weakness, disease, but they are exceptional visionaries and intuitive people, and they use all of these characteristics in their professions.

Emotionally the best-suited persons for them are protective, family, but worthy, straightforward partners who would bring peace and support to them and could even be more energetic than them. They love freedom and have a sense of width from inside, although they have stages when they are, prone to complete confusion and mood swings.

They believe that nothing happens by chance and that with the help of strong faith, personal goals can be achieved.