July 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

You will see that in these articles we often mention planets and their influence on the people and their character, but the point of the astrology is not to “blame” the planets for all that is going on.

No, we are talking about some conditions that need to be regarded as optimal “guidelines” in the natal chart, where we can by using knowledge to improve our lives. It answers the question if what are our qualities and potentials, and also what kind of power and skill we need to pass through every phase of our existence and individuality.

And precisely that individuality can be seen in our birthdates. Today we are focusing on the Leo Zodiac sign, with our primary interest on date July 28.

One more thing – it is not relevant if come even in our chart is good or bad, what is essential here is the question -are we ready to get to know it in the aspect of our growth.

Personality and Character

This is one of the most attractive “versions” of the Zodiac sign Leo because they are confident, strong, they draw attention; they might be slightly egocentric, but will leave the impression of someone whom you cannot turn to when need.

When seducing they can be flattering and laugh loudly, but it is also essential for others to notice and accept them, and to receive compliments. The combination of all aspects them very expressive, strong, energetic, dignified personalities who hold to themselves.

In every area of their prosperous life, those who belong to the July 28 are more likely to become dominant, if they cannot have that they can feel that they are incomplete in some way. Of course, these people also face great emotional challenges in life, since matters of love are not so simple and straightforward, and the domination is neither always good nor achievable.

Others can view them as extremely insensitive people, especially if they are ready to achieve their goals at all costs; once again we are saying that they might seem as such since they act in this way, but this attitude does not deprive them of other things in life, like being good friends for example. But, people born this day should develop some “human skills” that will bring them closer to the world and enable them to realise their intentions more quickly and efficiently. There can be no success if there is not cooperation between people.

People born on July 28 have inner strength, and as great fighters (as all Zodiac sign Leo) can fight and overcome complications, and quickly recover after all types of injuries, emotional and physical. However, these individuals should realise that the willpower cannot defeat many problems in life and that difficulties or unsolved issues are best cured when they are cut off in the beginning.

People born on July 28th have an overwhelming desire to win, and they are very proud that their personality is an embodiment of authority. These people find that is more important than what they think or say or act than what they are their driving force.

Love Compatibility

These people are confronted with problems of trust, acceptance and love in general, since the romance is the area in which they most desperately want to achieve the best results, and in life, this is not the best attitude.

The realisation of love goals will be more important to them when the time comes, and the achievement of them will affect their personal development, and this improvement implies that they learn to love unconditionally and that they accept less from others. To be accomplished in this field, people born on July 28 must determine that love is not a competition or passionate game in which power and control over partners are the primary goals and instead give emphasis to understanding and support.

These are very generous persons of expressive emotions and people who know to keep “problems” inside and protect their homes, proudly talk about their roots.

They are kind, but only to those who consider them worthy and those who are born on July 28 accept friendship with few people and often view friends as family members.

For these people, it is not uncommon that they find happiness in love in later years of their lives, in these years they can get married, unless they are cautious to jeopardise their careers for example. But love for a certain person can overcome all fears. What they need to remember that a new life begins each day and their duty is to forget all the unpleasant things from the past and to be happy.

Purpose and Career

These people who are born on July 28 are so driven to succeed that they can be impatient and subject to anger when things are not going as they intended.


They have strong impulses, but also intuition to find the right idea that they can, later on, develop and monetise.

But also these people are not immoral in their workplace, they can be emotionally attached to their partners in job and co-workers; they are emotional and profoundly feel things, and their ideas are their babies.

Above all, those people who belong to the July 28 have specific dramatic abilities, and the scene attracts and fascinates them – they can achieve brilliant success if they ever decide to stand in front of the stage lights. Some say that these people can be even good imitators and can o all related professions that are around the stage and connected to the entertainment industry.

They are often capable and often able to work two professions in parallel, but they should be in a responsible place, where they will transfer their knowledge and experience to others, or where they can be publicly displayed.

These people have big dreams that sometimes involved some strange ideas that can overtake them, but these Leos born on July 28 should not pay too much attention to them, because it can lead them in the wrong direction. They love to mix business and travel, and they have the opportunity to travel a lot, and to make some serious cash during life.

In the times of a crisis, those who are born on July 28 can become bitter about life and like some destroyer of ideas they can act in a way that they are focused on failure, and the worst part is that they don’t shy away from pulling everyone else down.

Also, they are very interested in the lives of other people, and this is a topic that is inexhaustible to them -so they are prone to gossip, and this is something that can affect their work results.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

What we encounter here is one very interesting situation – the double influence of the Sun that is the ruler of the numeral 1 and Leo Zodiac sign.

Numerologically looking at 28 July, number 1 is the number that impulses people to become the first and the best in everything they, these people love to be at the top as well as to be noticed everywhere. The desire for the first position is expressed in these persons in sport and work areas, the social group or the area in which they are dealing. These are real fighters who are always interested in getting to the forefront, and we are not saying that defeat will break them, but it will undoubtedly leave some mark on their souls.

However, people born on July 28 are very dominant, and the double effects of the Sun double this domination – there is a great danger that these people have an excessive tendency toward power.

The positive aspect of the dual Sun gives diplomatic skills and a sense of tact when it comes to business (and this is not applicable in every situation.

Their number is 1, and their color is the sparkliest and brightest type of yellow.

Historical Events on July 28

The end of July brought so many exciting things in the lives of humans who lived in that time when these events occurred. Today we are looking at date July 28 through the “historical glasses”.

586 – Thomas Heriot of Colombia brought the first potato in England, and many centuries later potatoes arrived in other countries.

1794 – One of the main leaders of the French Revolution and the leader of the “Jacobins” Maximilian Robespierre was executed on the guillotine.

1821 – Peru declared independence from Spain.

1858 – For the first time fingerprint was used as a sign of identification.

1868 – Ratification of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, by which the black people were granted the right to a nationality.

1919 – The International Trade Union Congress, which established the International Trade Union Alliance, known as the Amsterdam Syndicate International, began.

1937 – Japanese army in the Chinese-Japanese War occupied Beijing.

1940 – The British in the World War II successfully rejected the Italian attack on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

1945 – American Bombers B25 struck the Empire State Building in New York, the tallest building in the world. 14 people were killed.

1945 – The US Congress ratified the founding of the UN.

1976 – In an earthquake in which the Chinese city of Tangshan was destroyed entirely, at least 242,000 people were killed and 164,000 injured.

1984 – US President Ronald Reagan opened the Los Angeles Olympics, which boycotted the USSR and other countries.

1999 – The European Court of Human Rights has declared the French state guilty of torturing a prisoner suspected of drug dealing. T

2000 – United Nations peacekeepers entered parts of the border area between Lebanon and Israel.

2001 – Alejandro Toledo takes over as President of Peru, as the first president of Indian origin in the history of that country.

Famous people born on July 28

We will give the finishing touch to this Astro-numerological story by counting down all people who are born on July 28.

1874 – Joaquín Torres García, a Uruguayan painter and art writer.

1887 – Marcel Duchamp, a French painter.

1909 –  Malcolm Lowry, a British novelist.

1925 – Juan Alberto Schiaffino, an Uruguay-Italian footballer.

1929- Jackie Kennedy, a wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

1938 – Alberto Fujimori, a Peruvian politician and statesman.

1938 – Luis Aragonés, a Spanish football coach and player.

1941 – Riccardo Muti, an Italian conductor.

1945 – Jim Davis, an America cartoonist (Garfield).

1951 – Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect.

1954 – Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, a Venezuelan politician and statesman.

1964 – Lori Loughlin, an American actress.

1972 – Elizabeth Berkley, an American actress.

1974-Alexis Tsipras, a Greek prime minister.

1990 – Soulja Boy, an American rapper.

Leo is one fascinating Zodiac sign that is capable of many amazing things, but their power is at the same time their demise. In this case, in the case of the people who are born on July 28 things are the same, but we could say that good can prevail negativity.

They are not petty and cunning; they are open to wide borders, are in the majority of cases they are secure in themselves. You can recognise them by their fluency in speech; they are very direct and are known to express emotions, love and his talents dramatically.

To be happy in interpersonal relationships, you must give these people a lot of freedom, space, relaxation and you have to be original and different for them to love genuinely (and accept also). Even if you don’t think that they can take care of their families, they are – they can care too much and at the same time carry the burden of the family.

To be happy, those who are born on July 28 have to be comfortable in the place they live in, even if they can move a lot. They need to pass many different phases in life to be able to reconcile with their souls, and along the way, they hardly accept the defeats in life.