July 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Zodiac can be seen as one cosmic clock that our body reacts to since there are movements of planets and many aspects that we need to consider to conclude anything.

And it is the fact that we live our planetary aspects from the moment of birth, and everything stays in that symbolism -this is one of the reasons why we deal with the date of births, because it is something that follows us.

And in every of these or similar articles, it is all about the knowledge and understanding to use our full potential. To live these aspects in the best possible way, this process does not exclude our free will.

Today we are looking into July 27, and essential aspects are here – personality, love life, careers, symbolism and also events that are related to this day.

Personality and Character

Let us start with the negative aspects and then we can talk about good things. Many, or the majority of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the July 27 have a problem with emotions, and to be specific with aggression. It’s rare that these people show a tendency to physical violence, but it is not impossible for these people to act in such, inappropriate way.

The only way these people can be rage-free is to have moderate or major success in their lives, no matter which field. Success is if these people channel their aggressive energy and use it to manage the group better -they should have the positions that are managerial, if not they will not consider them successful. These people act too securely in themselves, but in spite of their exterior that is shiny and maybe more focused on looks, rather than on substance, this is a very insecure person with many fears.

These people are dedicated to the organisation of a career or business and give little attention to their depths, and inoperative words, this means that they can be superficial, but indeed not because they don’t have anything to offer, but because of their focus. The crisis in the lives of those who are born on July 27 occurs when secondary activity begins to gain primal significance in their lives -like for example, they have children, and they cannot focus so much on their jobs.

They belong to the group of people who have strong instincts and know how to evaluate others thoroughly. These are the people who dream, and in this state, their dreams indirectly speak to them about things that should happen or what they need to change. If only they would listen to this voice that comes at night; their life would be much more comfortable.

They often travel, but they do not want to leave their country as smooth as some other Leo Zodiac sign people can. If they do, they always suffer and return to the past nostalgically.

The true power of these people can be seen in their strength and power can be seen in their expression. Although most of the members of this date can hurry up to make a remarkable success in lives, their intuition is their guide to the life they rely on.

Those who are born on July 27 know how to overwhelm their environment with unnecessary interrogation, in the moments when they believe that they could be jeopardised in some way because they know how much they are worth.

Love Compatibility

They are original and spontaneous in interpersonal relationships, and they can make people fall in love fast in them – they are interesting and funny people.

Others describe them as magnetic lovers and people who have a fascinating personality that affects the opposite sex so they can trust them – sometimes too much. And don’t be fooled these people have their interest in their minds, and they want to indulge themselves in the first place.

Born this day, they may be prone to periodic psychological crises that will be difficult to face, and if they have not adequately analysed their emotional problems, it is recommended that in such cases they seek the help of a therapist or a person of trust. It can be anyone -their friend or a family member. They know how to change the opinions of others and to organise the life of others correctly -those who are born on this day see themselves as a foundation.

The most common state in these people is a so-called colored emotional activity that requires passionate engagement -we are talking about times that are stressful. In such states, it happens that these Leo Zodiac sign persons, who otherwise easily and quickly solve problems, find themselves facing an unsolvable problem or to end up to be completely paralysed.

They can even panic and make a situation even worse than it is, and this is not the worse part. The worst part is when these people don’t learn anything from the adverse and stressful events.


Purpose and Career

People of the July 27 are fierce and impatient, which is sometimes difficult for them to control when they need to focus on a specific task regarding their jobs.

Those who are born on July 27 are predestined to have many ups and downs in life, many hard battles in the process of defending their ideas; but the most laborious task is the fight between them. This is the case because these people see themselves or as winners if they decide to overcome specific periods of discomfort to end up in the high place eventually.

Many people claim that the nature of these people is two-sided, two very different sides. One side of the people who are born on July 27 is the one side that loves literature, art, music and drama. This is the side that is focused on the hedonistic parts of life, they like music, food and drink, and this side is extreme. The other side that is the one that helps them achieve something significant in their lives is the side that is ambitious and the side that wants to learn and values the power of habit. And having good practices in work-life help these people in their search for the greatness in their professions.

Those who are born on July 27 are the people who can make their skills, no matter how small they can be – a wanted good, and this is the power of a good seller that these people have in their blood.

If these people who are Leos in Zodiac system of signs want to succeed, they must learn about the value of money and all possibilities to save it; if they do manage, in the long run, it will be significantly paid off.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 and planet Mars rules persons born on July 27 who belong to the Leo Zodiac sign, and that means that they are under the influence of the Sun.

Planet Mars is one of the strongest planets that is also an aggressive one, and its power needs to be controlled. Otherwise, people who are under its control can have many problems in their lives. Mars is an embodiment of male energy, which in combination with the Sun, which is a sign of Leo, is even more pronounced. This means that all people who are born on this day are fighters they are those who can be excellent sportspeople; or in private life too dominant for people with a traditional understanding of the issue.

This combination Sun-Mars gives the support to the person who is under its rule, and it helps those people to release of a massive amount of positive energy and creative potential that can be shown to be unusually diverse in new beginnings, on love and business plan.

Number nine has a specific impact on all other numbers, and numerologists say that those people who are under the government of the number nine are people who are wise and who can make good observations of life.

Their number is 16, and their color is orange yellow.

Historical Events on July 27

Each cause has its effect, and this is the first lesson that history teaches us. Every man and occurrence left some trace behind, and we all can feel some effects that happen years ago. Our ancestors created much in their minds. Much has changed. There were also many mistakes, as well as successes -and we are here to learn about the progress and failures that are connected to the date July 27.

1377 – To protect against the plague, the Grand Council first ordered quarantine in Europe.

1540- Tomas Cromwell, the chief adviser to English King Henry VIII, was executed.

1675 – In the battle of Sasbach, in the Dutch war, French army commander was killed.

1789 – The US Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs, which later became the State Department.

1794 – The National Convent ordered the arrest and execution of the leader of the government of the terror, Maximilian Robespierre, after calling for the implementation of more than 17,000 “enemies of the French Revolution”.

1830 – A three-day “Julian revolution” broke out in France caused by the decision of King Charles X Bourbon to abolish the freedom of the press.

1839 – Opium war of China and Great Britain began when Chinese authorities in the port in Canton confiscated and destroyed 20,000 opium boxes.

1921 – Canadian doctors Frederick Banting and Charles Best isolated insulin, which quickly enabled the effective treatment of previously deadly diabetes.

1953 – An agreement on a ceasefire in the Korean War was signed in P’anmun, ending a three-year war that killed 1.6 million Koreans and Chinese.

1954 – Great Britain and Egypt reached an agreement to end the 72-year British control over the Suez Canal.

1970 – The spread of the cholera epidemic in most of Asia.

1985 – President Milton Apollo Obote, was thrown into a coup in Uganda when he was shot down by Idi Amin Dada.

1989 – Krister Peterson was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986.

1996 – During the Olympic Games in Atlanta, a bomb exploded in an amusement park. Two people were killed, and 110 people were wounded.

1998 – Former intern in the White House, Monica Lewinsky gave her first statement to the investigators, breaking the six-month silence on the affair with US President Bill Clinton.

2001 – The US has extended sanctions to Iran and Libya for another five years.

Famous people born on July 27

It is clear that this group of Leos born on July 27 is created by artists who made an impact on the society in which they live in.

1824 – Alexandre Dumas Jr., a French writer.

1835 – Giosuè Carducci, an Italian poet.

1867 – Enrique Granados, a Spanish pianist and composer.

1915 – Mario del Monaco, an Italian tenor.

1939 – Peppino di Capri, an Italian co-author.

1940 – Pina Bausch, a German dancer and choreographer.

1958 – Piotr Fijas, a Polish ski jumper.

1968- Maria Grazia Cucinotta, an Italian actress.

1970- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a Danish actor.

1972- Maya Rudolph, an American actress.

1975-  Alex Rodriguez, an American baseball shortstop.

1977 – Jonathan Rhys Meyers, an Irish actor.

1990 – Indiana Evans, an Australian actress.

People born on July 27 an often be found in an awkward, strange and unlikable position in life; and by this, we mean that these are the positions in which they are in title to decide for others. This is a burden that those who are born on this day do not like, and would want to skip it by all means, but somehow this is something that could be called karma.

These events require them to establish structures and to provide with answers.  These people of the July 27 work well if there is a change in deadlines, a change of schedule, or a change in personal arrangements of all kinds. The problem arises when these dynamic individuals try to make personal or emotional decisions for themselves.