July 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The word horoscope can be heard everywhere here, from the private circles to the TV and online especially. And let us be entirely open, it is not just a prophesy and it is not JUST an article that describes someone traits.

Horoscope describes the “sky” at the moment of your birth, and in this picture, there is not just the position of the Sun, but tens of celestial objects that are even not the part of your ruling Zodiac sign. But all these bodies are in mutual relations, and they have their impact on people, and this is the aspect that astrologers observe.

Today’s story we will start by looking into personality of the people who are born on July 22.

Personality and Character

Let us say at the beginning of this Astro -numerological story, those who are born on July 22 are people who are adorned with so many essential things in life -intellect, looks and confidence. But they can be misunderstood since there are in their thinking miles away from their environment.

People born on July 22 are always confronted with the problem of keeping their lives at the same level – their life can be full of ups and downs, but this is something that can seem from the outside, they don’t see this as a problem.

One day they can have an incredible and favorable set of circumstances, while on the second day they can be hit by disaster and setback. It may happen that for years they enjoy the success of seeing themselves on the throne, but eventually losing everything that they have created so far. But, on the contrary, of what you might think about those who are born on this day, it may happen that they will not be recognised for years for their efforts to climb to the top. It often happens that these people are recognised only after their death, or in some other country; they can be mistreated in their native environment, and it is the thing that hurts them the most. It can even lead them into depression and can cause them psychological problems, but will certainly never derail them from their path towards success.

And one more important thing needs to be mentioned here – the lives of the people who are born on July 22 are crisscrossed with changes. But those changes not only apply to careers but also to their emotional experience, which is best seen by their love affiliations, marriages, divorces, separations and all kinds of difficulties. But the desire of these people to reach the peak in everything they do is so strong that they never surrender when life hits them hard. Once they achieve control, and the situation is controlled they are invincible.

Nevertheless, it can happen that even the strongest people born this day will suffer evil destiny before the end of their life, but once again their greatest strength is their attitude that enables them ever to give up.

People born on July 22 are generally brave in life, not to say fearless but they know how to take the risk -they are energetic and ready to compete in all areas of life, but they can also be stubborn and very unrealistic when they set standards for themselves. If their actions lead to a personal failure, they should first acknowledge their own mistakes and then learn something from them and then go on -and be sure about these, those who belong to the July 22 can act in this way. Their ability to achieve success in their lives is proportional to their self-knowledge -the more they know about themselves, the greater success waits for them.

Love Compatibility

In love, those who are born on July 22 are calm in showing their emotions but are also active, and you cannot mess with them, they know what they want and have their boundaries.

But more than romantic love, these people are such friends that can be trusted, and they are Cancers who can instinctively know what their loved ones feel. But when they are disappointed by someone they have respected, they can fall into despair.

When in love, these people are warm and emotional toward their lovers and families; they give a lot of feelings and responses to their environment, so are not as rational as they should be. Nevertheless, these people are gentle and open, and sometimes, perhaps, they can surprise with their sharpness.

There is no problem if these people marry young, but they should not let passions alone govern their choice of partner since these people can be misunderstood – often their best thoughts and actions are misinterpreted.

Purpose and Career

No matter how other aspects of their lives are described, are they emotional or not – those who are born on July 22 are practical and entrepreneurial in the choice of their careers. They are considered to be vigorous and worthwhile workers who are honest in their intentions and work-related issues; they can be withdrawn and reserved, and occasionally strange. What needs to be remembered here is that those who are born on this day are under the impact of the planet Uranus that is the planet that belongs to the geniuses and those people who have futuristic ideas.

But this amount of “creative energy” makes these people depressed so that they do not know what to do with themselves.

Additionally, these people have specific literary talents, and they can for a hobby. Also, these people have discipline when they find the particular idea is fantastic – they can practice without telling anyone anything until they’re done, and until they make amazing results that will blow everyone away.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The number 4 and planet Uranus rules persons born on July 22, besides the already existing government of the Moon that is responsible for all Cancer Zodiac people.

Numerologically looking at this date we could say that number 4 affects people in a way that they have their attitudes and principles of doing things, and it often happens that antagonisms provoke them because of these unusual ways. These people who are born on July 22 are like this – they have their specific ways in doing and seeing things and nothing can change that, and if someone tries to do so, they see this as a confrontation.

These people often revolt against appropriate rules and regulations and want to change the social system – will they achieve this without any problem? No, since the Moon in combination with an explosive Uranus, suggests a very dynamic life.

And planet Uranus is unusual -it represents distinctive, people who are entirely different from the average. They can be seen as the people of the future who tend to be all but average and mostly go to some extreme.  The need for great freedom in every sense is present here because of this planet (movements, speeches, opinions, everything).

Another number that s relevant here is precisely number 22 that has his symbolism and energy -it is the symbol of precision and balance.

Their numbers are 22 and 4, and their color is pale blue-green.

Historical Events on July 22

The second part of July through history brought some exciting events, starting from war battles and everything that is considered to be relevant for the humanity.

838 – The army of the Abbasid Caliphate defeated the Byzantine army in battle at Anzen.

1099 – First Crusade: Godefroy de Bouillon was elected for the first “Protector of the Holy Grave of the Lord” (Latin advocates Sancti sepulchre) of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

1456 – The Christian army under the command of the Hungarian military leader John Hunyadi defeated the Turkish forces that surrounded Belgrade.

1812 – In a battle at Salamanca, in Spain, the British, under the command of the Duke of Wellington, defeated Napoleon’s army.

1894 – The first car race was held on the road between Paris and Rouen.

1933 – American pilot Wiley Post first landed the Earth. The flight lasted for seven days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.

1942 – Nazis begin mass deportation from the Warsaw to death camps.

1943 – Allied forces in World War II occupied the Italian city of Palermo, on the island of Sicily.

1944 – A group of Polish politicians, sent from the USSR, formed a Committee of National Liberation.

1944 – 44 countries of the world sign the agreement from Bretton Woods.

1946 – An explosion of a bomb at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by an extreme Jewish Zionist organisation, killing more than 90 people.

1972 – The Soviet cosmic probe “Venera 8” descended on the surface of Venus, from which it broadcasted data for 10 minutes before the instruments burned.

1981 – Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Pope John Paul II on May 13th.

1988 – Seven people were killed and 48 people wounded in a bomb blast near the Syrian military base in western Beirut.

1992 – The largest Colombian drug smuggler, Pablo Escobar, escaped from prison.

1994 – Calling for an economic crisis, President Raphael Caldera suspended constitutional rights in Venezuela.

1996 -A humanitarian aid program for some 700,000 starving people in southern Sudan began.

1997 – Italian court sentenced Nazi SS officer Erich Priebke to five years in prison for crimes committed in Italy during the World War II.

2001 – Preparations of professional divers for the extraction of the nuclear submarine “Kursk” began.

2011 – In two related terrorist attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utah, Anders Breivik killed 77 people.

Famous people born on July 22

A story about a certain date would not be complete if we didn’t count all amazing people that were born on this day and who rise to the fame, for one reason or the other.

1478 – Philip I of Castile, the King of Castile and Leon.

1510 – Alessandro de ‘Medici, a Duke of Tuscany.

1559 – Lawrence of Brindisi, an Italian saint.

1596 – Michael of Russia, the first Russian emperor of the Romanov dynasty.

1751 – Caroline Mathilde, a Danish queen.

1784 – Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, a German astronomer and mathematician.

1860 – Frederick Rolfe, an English writer and artist.

1882 – Edward Hopper, an American painter and graphic artist.

1887 – Gustav Ludwig Hertz, a German physicist.

1888 – Selman Abraham Waksman, an American microbiologist from Ukraine.

1889 – James Whale, an English director.

1892 – Arthur Seyss-Inquart, an Austrian and a German Nazi politician.

1894 – Oskar Maria Graf, a German writer.

1898 – Alexander Stirling Calder, an American sculptor.

1923 – Bob Dole, an American politician and senator.

1946 – Mireille Mathieu, a French singer.

1946 – Danny Glover, an American actor.

1949 – Muhammad bin Rasheed Al Maktoum, a Dubai Sheikh.

1954 – Al di Meola, an Italian-American jazz guitarist.

1955 – Willem Dafoe Jr., an American film and theatre actor.

1963 – Emily Saliers, an American musician.

1971 – Charlotte Gainsbourg, a French actress.

1973 – Rufus Wainwright, a Canadian musician.

1974 – Franka Potente, a German actress.

1980 – Kate Ryan, a Belgian singer.

1980 – Dirk Kuyt, a Dutch footballer.

1992 – Selena Gomez, an American actress and singer.

At the start of this article, we said that these people who are born on July 22 deal with pressure in a right way; they can be rational, but also very emotional and depressive. But what is important to mention is that in stressful situations (when something happens to them unexpectedly, and they are not ready to accept it, either positively or not) these people can learn to grow, and this is one of the aspects that makes them great, better than the average people, the majority.

And the planetary and numerological influence here is impressive – we have unique number 22, and all who have this number are unique, and the combination Moon- Uranus represents all kinds of revolutions, fundamental discoveries, and a revolution in the right sense.