July 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Honestly, on how many occasions have you heard that people speak about their date of births, and the times of their births? Hundreds, if not even more. And this is one of the common questions that are just beside the question – what Zodiac sign are you? And do you know why people ask these and similar questions each other constantly, in every occasion? Because they want to find out as much information about that person (they meet for the first time, or their love interest, etc.) as soon as possible, and Zodiac sign or date of birth can reveal so much about those people.

Now, our mission is to help you, and today we are looking in the world of the people who are born on July 20 -their personalities, traits, features, and all additional stuff that are relevant.

Personality and Character

There are not many faiths in the world that can be so different in the life of the same people; what we mean by this? We mean that the lives of the people who are born on July 20 have their ups and downs, and those ups and lows can be so drastic that it seems almost impossible.

People born on the 20 of July in their lives experience great climbs in which they rise to the very top and large crashes to the very bottom, and when they hit bottom, they crash and burn so badly. Such a series of ups and downs can characterise their social, family, professional or emotional life, and no part and no person in their lives are excluded from this sequence. The climbs and falls are in some way an integral part of their personality, and those who are born on July 20 are the people who can deal with such events in a positive way.

These are incredibly dynamic people who are only inspired by the movement and some form of change, and that change can be the reason that is behind their success or failure.

And we must say that those who are born on this day realise one fundamental truth about life, and that truth is this – journey is sometimes much more important than the destination. In their lives, the very process of becoming is more important than what they grow into eventually.

But to this there is one negative thing – due to the frequent change in the situation, they are at risk of becoming very unstable in their lives, and this is the time when they are lead to become bad.

However, some of these individuals who belong to the July 20 can succeed in finding their stability in these constant shifts. These people are living proof that in the middle of the storm there may be a calmer and coldest point, but we must add that this is indeed not the rule, rather the exception.

Love Compatibility

There is a weak side of their nature that is difficult to define, perhaps even these people who are born on July 20 cannot do it, and have to learn to resist it, so if they strengthen that part of their loving nature, they will be complete, capable and powerful individuals who can truly love their chosen person.

All of this means that these people, like in every other aspect of their lives can be people who are so into change, as in changing lovers that they don’t manage to make strong their loving nature and to dedicate themselves to someone special.

Spouses or associates of people born on July 20 are lucky to work with them and to be with them in any relation, since these people are real team players, in life and also in love. But their lovers must have a lot of patience and understanding since these people often need a lot of time to settle in love since they are so dedicated to the movement.

Some representatives of this date are probably withdrawn and shy in the company of the opposite sex but should learn to overcome it. And how these people of the July 20 overcome their shyness and low-self-confidence? These people realise the great opportunities they have, and they start to use hidden abilities and potentials. In this way, they unlock the most important opportunity in life -to love and to be in love.

Purpose and Career

They have an excellent and active mind but are inclined to absorb many trivial things instead of concentrating on one element of great interest and value.

One of the essential things in the careers of the people who are born on this day, and that is related to their jobs is to be respected, but they do not do much to build a career with hard work. If their status and money are secured through a spouse, they can entirely renounce their careers on the fact that they feel stable, and they can experiment with their careers so that they could invest some money in different, often risky jobs.

Many Astro-numerologists say that those who are born on July 20 love to learn and love the world of literature and are often involved in such professions that are related to books. They can show interest in limited things, for which they will not make a lot of money until late years of life; then they will leave all that aside and dedicate to the practical side of life.

People who are born on July 20 love being at the centre of attention and being valued and choosing secure professions, they rarely deal with politics and can be mainly seen in fashion and creation of some sort. They are good in private business, but sometimes they are not able to keep just one idea alive, they invest their time and money into so many different things, and many of them fail miserably. Their money is very important, and when they have families, these people can often be very economical, which by looking at their appearance could never be concluded.


Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on July 20 are ruled by number 2 and are under the double influence that comes from the Moon that is the ruler of the Cancer Zodiac people.

Number 2 is the number that makes people search partners conforms and imagine together. They are very sensitive and are easily affected by criticism, and in fact, these people who are born on July 20 always need more attention. They also have very low tolerance inception, and they need very little to start some conflict or attack.

But, we will focus more on the planetary influence here that comes from the Moon that has a double effect on people born on July 20. And its strong impact can cause changes and can affect the mood of these people.

Another remarkable thing that comes as a direct consequence of the Moon is that it can create real dreamers and great souls open to the cosmic influence. They are re-experiencing the world, and every injustice can be seen negatively on them; and even if the reactions of these people who are born on July 20 can be slow and passive, they can resolve specific situations. Negatively looking these people can form complete apathy and insensitivity, even they can cross the line and become the worst villains that can burst into the moment, and destroy everything that is on their way.

The best advice for the people who are under this planetary position is to find a balance.

Their color is the color of the Moon, grey-white, and their numbers are 20 and 27.

Historical Events on July 20

It is time to add up a few more information about the date July 20, but not looking into characteristics of the people who are born on this day; we are focusing on the historical events that took place on this day.

1402- Mongolian Khan Tamerlane in the battle of Angora, the current Ankara, defeated the Turkish army.

1654 – An Anglo-Portuguese Agreement was signed, which began the long-standing alliances of England and Portugal.

1810 – Colombia gained its independence.

1866 – In the Austrian-Prussian war, in which Italy was on the side of Prussia, the Austrians destroyed the Italian fleet.

1903 – Ford introduced its first car.

1951 – The king of Jordan, Abdullah, was killed in the Al-Aqsa Jerusalem Mosque.

1954 – An agreement on the cease-fire in Indochina was concluded in Geneva, which ended the war against the French colonial administration in that part of the world.

1960 – Sri Lanka: Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first woman prime minister.

1974 – Turkish forces carried out a descant route to Cyprus, seized the port of Kireny and headed for Nicosia.

1976 – The American cosmic ship without a human crew, “Viking 1,” went to Mars after 11 months of flight and began to send clear images of the planet to Earth.

1982 – Explosion of bombs set by members of the Irish Republican Army in Hyde Park and the Regent Park in downtown London killed 10 British soldiers.

1988 – South Africa, Angola and Cuba accepted an agreement to withdraw foreign troops from Angola and to recognize the independence of Southwestern Africa, today’s Namibia.

1994 – Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres traveled to Jordan as the highest Israeli official to visit Jordan.

1996 – Rebels from the Hutu tribe attacked a refugee camp of the rival tribal Tutsi in Burundi and killed about 320 people, mostly women and children.

2000 – After nine days of negotiations, a Middle East peace summit was concluded. The solution to the multi-ethnic conflict has not been found, and the conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians have continued.

2000 – Corsican nationalists accepted, after negotiations in Paris, a proposal by the French government on the autonomy of the island. This ended the 20-year tension between the separatists and the authorities.

2001 – After 20 years, a break from Baghdad started the first passenger train to Turkey.

2001 – Carlo Giuliani, an Italian activist and anarchist, was killed during demonstrations against Group 8 in Genoa in 2001 by Italian Carabineers.

Famous people born on July 20

One of the most famous people in the world, Alexander the Great was born on this day, and we could say that his life depicts the character of these people in a right way. Look up who else was born on this day.

356 – Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia.

1304 – Francesco Petrarch, an Italian writer.

1519 – Innocent IX, the Roman Pope 1591 – 1591.

1774 -Auguste de Marmont, a French Marshal.

1785 – Mahmud II, the Ottoman sultan.

1847 – Max Liebermann, a German post-impressionist painter.

1919 – Edmund Percival Hilari, a New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist.

1928 – Pavel Kohout, a Czech-Austrian writer.

1937 – Eduard Streltsov, a Russian soccer player.

1938 – Diana Rigg, a British actress.

1938 – Natalie Wood, an American actress.

1947 – Carlos Santana, a Mexican composer.

1964 – Chris Cornell, an American musician.

1969 – Josh Holloway, an American actor.

1973 – Haakon, the Norwegian prince.

1979 – Miklos Feher, a Hungarian footballer.

1980 – Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian model.

It is very unusual (but not uncommon in the life of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the July 20) to be very unhappy after achieving some success. The experience of failure and frustration is something that is necessary for these people as a motivation for essential changes in life -yes, you have heard it well; they can make the best out of their mistakes and problems. And this is not something that everyone can do with ease.

The greatest danger for these people who are under the double Moon impact is to be satisfied with their life situation, and that can be the biggest problem for those who are closest to them. When these people stop changing, they stop growing in a way, and that is a bad thing for them and their environment.