July 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Natal astrology is sometimes even called personal or individual astrology, and it is specific for dealing with the compilation of the sky map at the time of person’s birth. This is also the best-known branch of astrology, and in it, the stars affect the child at the time of his birth and on the basis of this, they reach certain conclusions that are relevant for the further life of that child. And these conclusions cover everything – from the psychological structure, temperament, hereditary factors, the environmental impact, etc. Everything that creates one person, making it one of a kind is in astrological, natal chart.

And we will explain the term natal astrology – it comes from the word Natus, and its meaning is the one who was born. Natal Astrology is the astrology of all living beings, and the first information that the astrologer asks for the creation of the natal chart is the time and date of birth.

Personality and Character

No matter how these people can be passive, because of the double impact from the Moon, they have a restless, unstable nature that drives them to, at certain times of their lives to seek for the excitement. What is exciting for the people who are born on July 2 is another matter, but in those times they no longer care what everyone else thinks of their choices; they do their own things, and having in mind their shyness and passivity this is exciting.

What these people of the July 1 need is peace and tranquility, but also people who worry about them, they give all of this to their loved ones, even to the people they feel like they need their support and love, and they expect the same thing in return.

When their mood swings are exaggerated, they can be overly emotional, profoundly emotional and subjective; in these situations, they don’t see the reality of certain conditions in which they find themselves, and they can make wrong moves that can cost them a lot, later on.

Others see those who are born on July 2 as sensitive and reserved humans; but if you look deeper into their souls, they are overwhelmed with secrets, not necessarily theirs, but others too.

These people are inclined to think or say something indecent about other people, but they are so afraid of conflicts that they immediately eliminate them, and this fear is the most significant disadvantage that can be found in their character.

People born on July 2 emotionally react to the feelings of others – if their loved ones are sad, they are also going to be sad if their lovers are happy and content they are going to be also like that. This is a trait that comes from Cancer Zodiac sign that is a ruler in this case.

These people are often overwhelmed by personal suspicions and lack of self-confidence. Such uncertainty is often skillfully hidden from the eyes of others, especially if these people are successful in their own aspirations. For them, problems are a matter of personal nature and will rarely seek support or help from others.

Love Compatibility

The best therapy for Angry Cancer is to show to the former / ex, but also to keep your life going. Going out on the parties and socialising with people, as well as the feeling of freedom will silence this anger and create new reasons for sentimentality.

Advice to Cancer Friends: Make a friend in a fun place where you can relax completely, but within reasonable limits.

You have strong emotions, although the passionate side of your nature is more developed. This is more accurate for women born this day than for men. You are tactful, skillful, and patient and you can be an exceptional wife, a good living companion.

The loving partners of these individuals play a key role in encouraging and stimulating their psychological development. People born on July 2nd have great emotional wealth and deep feelings and need to make great effort to express them.

However, these people of the July 2 are also very sensitive and do not respond well to what they see as conflict, accusation or blame – the typical Cancer trait. And more importantly, we must add that it cannot be said how they are going to react – they could be angry or remain in silence, who knows. It is precisely because of this excessive sensitivity that they need to shield the armor more quickly rather than empower it, and this task requires a lot of effort, understanding and energy. This could be their most crucial task in lives, and they can only manage it if they are determined and have the support from their families.

These are the people who love to commit to one person and do not like noise and games that follow uncertainty and suspicion, and this makes them even more shy and reclusive. Nevertheless, they can be very jealous, demanding and insecure, which they know how to process, and also because of this behavior, they can reject their partner.

Very rarely it happens that those who are born on July 2 are unfaithful, once they get married, they are dedicated to their families forever.


Purpose and Career

Even if we have their passivity and emotionality in mind, and that we could not relate these people to some over the top success in work, things are not so simple; the life of the people who are born on July 2 is much more complicated.

Those who belong to this date are also determined to have success in their jobs, no matter where they work, they are hard working, they must love what they do, and they have an active mind that is maybe not used to the full extent. To a large extent, they do not have natural business skills, but they should work with what they have – and make a substantial success of it. Surprisingly, step by step, even if no one believes in them, these people can reach to the positions of managing large work projects, and one of their talents should provide them with a substantial sum of money, and they will not invest that money in developing new projects, they will spend it on their loved ones, to make everyone around them happy.

These people cannot commit themselves to the idea in which they do not believe, and they don’t know how to lie, they assure themselves that everything will be fine, and more importantly, they believe in their hunch.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on July 2 are ruled by number 2 and are under the double impact from the Moon since Moon is the ruler of all Cancer Zodiac sign people and the ruler of the numeral 2. We have already spoken about the character of the people who are under the influence of the 2, and we said that they are, by rule, better collaborators and partners, and very confused and demanding leaders. They like society, but can be easily excited and change their mood frequently.

Strong reflexive and passive tendencies Moon wakes up in these people, but this aspect can be very favorable so that relationships that develop in their lives can go in the positive direction as these people of the July 2 have close relations in their lives. Above all, they create a comfortable home in which everyone is equal, rarely quarrels and have a great relationship. In a small number of cases, these people can have a problem in interconnection with others, where they will find it hard to understand their environment; they are never synchronised. If they manage to overcome these weather disadvantages somehow, they begin to appreciate and express sincere love, and their intentions in life, no matter how passive they can be, could succeed.

Historical Events on July 2

On the second day of July, the imperial dynasty in China started its rule, and one famous writer took his own life. Can you guess who it was?

626 – An incident at the gate of Xuanwu in which Chinese prince Li Shimin removed his brothers and secured the throne of the imperial dynasty Tang.

1798 – Napoleon Bonaparte took Alexandria.

1800 – The Parliament of the United Kingdom adopted the Union Law with Ireland.

1819 – The United Kingdom passed a law prohibiting the work of children under the age of nine in the textile industry.

1853 – The Russian army attacked Turkey, and this event marked the beginning of the Crimean war.

1860 – The Russians founded the city of Vladivostok, which later became the most important Soviet port (naval and air base).

1881- The assassination of US President James Abraham Garfield was carried out in Washington. He died on the 19th of September as a result of the wounding.

1900 – Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin made his first flight by a dinghy above Lake Bodensee in southern Germany.

1940 – Armed with a torpedo from a German submarine, the ship “Arandora Star” sank, which was transported by German and Italian prisoners in Canada.

1961 – American writer Ernest Hemingway committed suicide.

1964 – US President Lindon Johnson signed the “Civil Rights Act”, which prohibits racial discrimination.

1966 – France performed the first of six tests of the atomic bomb on a Pacific Atoll.

1976 – The unification of North and South Vietnam to one state with the capital city of Hanoi was proclaimed.

1994 – Colombian footballer Andrés Escobar was killed, reportedly as retaliation for scored a goal which contributed to the team’s elimination from the competition.

2000 – The candidate of the People’s Party of Action and the Green Party, Vicente Fox, won the presidential election in Mexico.

2001 – The first ingestion of a mechanical heart was made in the United States. The operation lasted seven hours.

Famous people born on July 2

Who are the Zodiac Cancers in the horoscope that are born on July 2, and that become famous during life? Read all about them.

419 – Valentinian III, a Western emperor.

1489 – Tomas Cranmer, an English religious reformer.

1714 – Kristof Wiliwald Gluck, German composer and conductor.

1724 – Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, a German writer.

1862 – William Henry Bragg, an English physicist.

1869 – Hjalmar Söderberg, a Swedish writer, poet and journalist.

1877 – Herman Hesse, a German writer.

1892 – Boris Hagelin, a Swedish inventor.

1903 – Olav V, the king of Norway.

1904 – René Lacoste, a French tennis player and fashion designer.

1914 – Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, a Russian politician, president of the USSR.

1916 – Hans Ulrich Rudel, a German aviator in World War II.

1923 – Wisława Szymborska, a Polish writer.

1925- Patrice Lumumba, the Prime Minister of Congo.

1929 – Imelda Marcos, a Philippine politician.

1930 – Carlos Menem, an Argentine politician.

1937 – Richard Petty, an American racing driver.

1940 – Kenneth Clarke, a British politician.

1956- Jerry Hall, a former American model.

1985 – Ashley Tisdale, an American singer and actress.

1986- Lindsay Lohan, an American singer and actress.

1990- Margot Robbie, an Australian actress.

Some Astro- numerologists divide these people who belong to the July 2 into two groups: those who retain intense feelings for themselves and those who express them without saying “I am sorry”. The first group must learn how to be lenient, while those who are fiercely expressive must learn how to alleviate their own fervor.

What is necessary to be remembered here is that Cancers, just like Scorpio, and Pisces are under the effect of the water, that affects the conscious and unconscious forces that govern lives. And those who are born on July 2 are Cancers and water makes them go ahead; and more importantly, it allows others to feel their pain and suffering, but also they offer sincere sympathy.

Spiritual consciousness is also present here, and they show a tendency to heal and nurture those people who are around them. Uncontrolled, this element can direct the emotions of these people in an uncertain direction, which can result in mood swings and unpredictable rises and falls, just like a ship on a stormy sea.