July 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Each zodiac sign has distinctive personality traits, which determine its priorities in life, it assesses their potentials and hidden desires that may or may not come to the surface during life. Experts in astrology and numerology believe that the position of planets at the time of births is responsible for characteristics of people, so people can be significantly different, even when they are born under the same Zodiac sign. But there is one differentiation here, and we are talking about the dates as separate aspects that deserve analyses for themselves, as well as a part of a particular Zodiac sign.

The excellent analysis that is in front of you reveals which fields are the most important in the life, as well as some perhaps less familiar but undoubtedly exciting aspects. It can help us to use our potentials and chances. Knowing we could become more accessible to overcome critical times and more efficiently solve problems in love, work and other fields of life.

It also helps us to get to know ourselves better, to better understand the circumstances in which we are born and in which we are living.

And today we are focusing on the date July 17.

Personality and Character

In a way, it is hard to believe that those who are born on July 17 belong to the Cancer Zodiac sign since these people have a deep need to achieve greatness in their lives. They want to become stars (maybe not stars, but they want to be influencers in their societies) and make the highest positions in their careers but also in their private lives.

These are the people who will never give up their private life to be successful in their jobs, by their opinion there is a room for everything. Are they able to accomplish this? Sometimes they are, and on other occasions, they are not able to do so, it all depends on their goals that are occasionally achievable, and at other times they are entirely utopistic.

These urges are not prominent all the time, all of their lives, these urges are relaxed by their humble and serious attitude and even by the shy behavior of those who are born on July 17. Yes, despite all of their courage and ambition these people are shy and will never reveal too much information about them, they will give you as much as they want you to know about them.

However, these are very dynamic people in the area they deal with regardless of their sensitivity, and their nature can fool you to think that these are very cold and serious people in every situation and in every possible way, and this is not true, they can be hilarious and lighthearted, that is hard to believe that it is the same person. And what else can be found in their character is that behind the exterior of these people there is often the subtle sense of humor that comes to light especially during leisure and entertainment.

By looking at all of these characteristics, we can think of one name that is a representation of this Zodiac sign/ date – Angela Merkel, a German chancellor. This day and the ruling sign give her a mother’s approach, but she is also someone who is not soft and who is a fighter. And the strength of her character is indisputable – it points to a tendency to bring hard decisions.

Love Compatibility

In the early years of their lives, when they are just entering the serious dating, these people love dating, public life, and have a wonderful sense of what they don’t want. They have a compelling character, so those who are born on July 17 reject the weak and receptive people, not realising that they have the unique qualities that they may miss.

General advice for these people is never to marry young, if at all, because the uniqueness of everyday life does not suit them. If they do, they might spend their lives regretting the missed opportunities in life, and they can ruin their love affair, that might have worked.

These artistic sensitivity practitioners bind themselves to objects, and they are trying to separate from insignificant little things. So these people can be connected to their homes and families, in both material and emotional sense.

Family life is especially important to them, and the home is considered private. And these characteristics do not go hand in hand with compassion, and with neighbors harder and rarely achieve a more intimate relationship.

These people are naturally stubborn in love, and the main lesson is to learn to let their hearts have a more significant impact on life in general than their rationality for example, even if they must use their mind when choosing their lovers.

Purpose and Career

These people are well-behaved as freelancers, and it is not a bad idea to pursue this career, rather than work in some corporation; they can work from home, they can conduct smaller business, and their jobs require a high degree of autonomy, or else those jobs will never be done correctly.

At least in one part of their daily work routine, those who are born on this day must be able to be alone and more importantly to make decisions for themselves.


Regardless of whether their loving partners or friends provide support or not, these people rely solely on themselves and their strength and abilities (this is a clear example that could be seen in the life of the Angela Merkel who as a leader must carry on some difficult decisions).

It may be that these people perform regular jobs at a particular time in their normal, everyday life, but since they need various life experiences (and in their jobs too), they often leave this kind of work to engage in their risky ventures, that their environment cannot grasp. These work adventures may seem incomprehensive to their environment, and they might look like lunatics, but they have their vision, and they will carry it till the end.

To progress in their jobs, these people who belong to the July 17 are ready to manipulate others subtly, without any bad intention. However, it is necessary for them to reconsider and evaluate their progress from time to time as they can progress too slowly.

Without a doubt, those who are born on July 17 will have financial success, because they can persuade people and force them to accept their suggestions on an exceptional scale. But this material success is by no means the primary goal in their lives; it is something that comes along the way.

They could become successful artists for example, but because of their character, it is crucial to find agents or mediators who will conduct their dirty jobs for them. This is especially true if their work requires exposure.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 8 and Saturn rules persons who are born on July 17, in addition to the influence of the Moon that is the ruler for all Zodiac Cancer people.

Saturn carries the seriousness that these people can unnecessarily distract from others, and they don’t want to be alone and reclusive since the Moon gives them emotionality. This combination could bring a series of discomfort if these people remain unprepared in advance for the arrival of difficult times, and they could leave themselves without any support.

Number eight is the number of conflicts, and in the life of the people who are born on July 17, it is the conflict between the material and the spiritual world. These individuals may be lonely (in their minds, not realistically) and when people born on July 17 are concerned this aspect is further expressed due to the significant influence of the Moon. Also, numeral 8 brings aggression, but also the ever moving energy that can transform itself in the wrong and prosperous way.

Their color is indigo blue, and their number is 8.

Historical Events on July 17

It is never a bad idea to think about the history of your own family, of your town, or country, or on the world history, it is good to remember how deep are our roots. In that sense, we are speaking of many important events that took place on the July 17.

1453 – In the Battle of Castillon, the French achieved a decisive victory over the English, which led to the end of the Year’s War.

1762 – Russian Emperor Peter III was killed three days after he was overthrown.

1917 – The British royal house changed its name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Windsor because of the anti-German mood in Britain during the World War I.

1936 – A Spanish civil war began with a military coup against the Republican government.

1945 – A conference on the post-war future of Europe began in Potsdam.

1968 – The government of Abdul Rahman Arif was overthrown in Iraq, and the Ba’ath Party came to power.

1973 – A republic was declared in Afghanistan after a military coup that ended the forty-year reign of King Mohammed Zahir Shah.

1975 – American and Soviet spaceships “Soyuz 19” and “Apollo 18” merged into the Earth’s orbit.

1979 – Nicaragua dictator Anastasia Somoza Debayle resigned and fled the country.

1981 – More than 100 people were killed and 550 wounded when Israeli planes bombed Palestinian areas of Beirut.

1984 – Soviet Soyuz T12 was launched, and a member of the crew, Svetlana Savickaya, became the first woman to “walk” to space outside of the spacecraft.

1996 – American Boeing 747 on the New York-Paris line exploded above the Atlantic Ocean after landing at Kennedy Airport. All 230 crew members and passengers were killed.

1998 – The remains of Russian Emperor Nikolay II Romanov and members of his family, transferred from Yekaterinburg and were buried in St. Petersburg.

1998 – The powerful earthquake took six villages on the northwest coast of Papua New Guinea. About 2,000 people died.

1998 – At a UN conference in Rome, representatives of 120 countries adopted a statute establishing the first ever permanent International Criminal Court for War Crimes. The United States refused to join the court. By March 2003, the agreement was ratified by 89 countries.

2000 – Bashar al-Assad became president of Syria, promising that he would continue the strong policy towards Israel led by his father.

Famous people born on July 17

It is a big question how did someone become a successful and famous person, and the answer in many cases is – those were the people who conquer their fears and who followed their dreams.

1714 – Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, a German philosopher.

1884 – Boris Asimov, a Russian composer.

1920 – Juan Antonio Samaranch, a Spanish sports official.

1935 – Donald Sutherland, a Canadian actor.

1939 – Ali Khamenei,  the current Supreme Leader of Iran.

1939 – Maria Ilva Biolcati -Milva, an Italian singer and actress.

1947 – Camilla, a Duchess of Cornwall, the wife of the British Prince Charles.

1952 – David Hasselhoff, an American actor.

1954 – Angela Dorothea Merkel, a German chancellor.

1972 – Andy Whitfield, a Welsh actor.

1976 -Luke Bryan, an American singer and songwriter.

Let us speak some more about those who belong to the July 17 -they do not work best in the role of superiors. But, unlike many other Cancer Zodiac sign people, they do not avoid speaking to the public and have no difficulty to establish authority, and as a disadvantage, they are attributed to great intransigence.

Those who are born on July 17 are people who, in an interpersonal relationship, when things go wrong, they go astray and spend their time wandering and expose themselves to physical pleasures (or to be specific, these people can sink into the sins of all sorts).

But the main thing that these people share with so many other Cancer Zodiac people is that these people are very emotional. Turbulent events can strongly affect their tender feelings, but, they will not easily allow circumstances to prevent them from realising essential life plans. Those who belong to the July 17 will often have the courage to fight with almost any adverse situation.