July 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The date of birth always classifies us, people, into one of the 12 Zodiac signs, but the Zodiac sign by itself can hardly fully identify one’s characteristics unless other planets and the aspects support that they build together. There are so many determinants that influence one’s personality that we could take an entire day to mention all these factors.

But if we combine all the available information, we can see the much more than if we would only look at the date or Zodiac sign separately – combination of the tow can bring the best results by our opinion. Today we are looking at the date July 16, and we are examining all the critical aspects that make this date to be what it is – a date that belongs to the people who are emotional and strong at the same time.

Personality and Character

Some people are attracted to the ordinary things, while others are drawn to things that are strange for the majority of people – and those who celebrate their birthdays on the July 16 are always looking for the unusual persons, adventures, and jobs. The specter can go on for days; everything that the majority of the people will reject these people will take as the greatest gift there is.

Those who are born on July 16 have a constant need to bring excitement into their lives and are very frustrated with the daily nature of existence; they hate if their lives fall into one same routine, they hate doing the same thing every day.

As idealists(and many Cancer people are just that), these people believe that they can change the world, and they consider that what they do is in one form of war for the greater good; they perceive their life as a crusade, and they are the leaders of that war. And they want not to win, but to leave an imprint in the world they live in -this is the main difference between them and many other people who are born under the rule of the Cancer sign.

The other side of these romantics and they are emotional, sometimes even too sensitive, they can be overwhelmed with the intensity of their feelings; still, these people are Cancer Zodiac people, and that sensitivity is reflected in their spiritual powers. Spirituality is an aspect of their human side; it is something that relates to the way they seek and express their sense and purpose, as well as in the way they perceive their own nature.

Many people who are born this day recognise themselves as ultimate logical creatures who believe in the power of the spirit – they think that they can change their lives by listening to their nature and following their mind. But what they say and what the people who are born this day do often differ significantly -yes they are consistent in that way.

Additionally, these people who are born on July 16 are confident in their fantasies, and they extend their way of desire regardless of everything. If the object of their interest is not a person, but a place, a thing, or some sort of experience, then this phenomenon can hold power over these people throughout their lives.

Also what else could be said is that people who are born on July 16 have strongly religious temperament because they are lead by the faith.

Love Compatibility

For people born on July 16th, falling in love can have hazardous consequences; and even this sounds maybe too serious, we mean here on their light nature when they fall in love, often and with an open heart. Falling in love is in their case and extremely deep and serious and too often, and so many problems occur just because they are so emotional.

Whatever the case may be, it is almost impossible to separate them from the object of their love, they are so in love that all of the obstacles go missing; difficulties of all kinds, frustrations, for these people are essential components of the love life. When in love, those who are born on July 16 feel the inextricable link; it is the destiny that connects the two people who are supposed to be together. These people are tied to their lovers regardless of time, place or situation. Nothing can break the invisible thread between them (or so they feel).

No matter what those who are born on July 16 love with greatness, they are good looking human beings and above all, they are unique in love and can be very romantic.

When in a close relationship those who are born on July 16 are the people who act in a way that their lovers have a feeling that they are the closest persons you will meet in life. Those who belong to the July 16 are creative people who have perfected the intimate technique, and they practiced it often.

They can be spontaneous, random in their exploration of love, even full of nonsense when in love, they can do some crazy things; they are fun, and when they open their hearts and let someone get inside, they will stay there forever.

Purpose and Career

By nature, in life these people who are born on July 16 are strong-minded; they tend to be commanding to everyone, and especially to their work environment.

Generally, those who are born on July 16 know how to make things happen as they want them to happen; and in their jobs, these people are also emotional. The most important thing for these human beings is to stay strong and to be honest about their performance, and this could be the greatest thing that has ever happened to their inner life, they spirituality can be developed even more. However, unfortunately for some, those who are born on July 16 can be a little bit cunning and dull but are not aware that they will hurt someone in this way.


Naturally, there is another person inside of them, since they manage to achieve excellent results, but this side is not the side they want to express. This is the side of their personality that comes in the front row when the situations require from them to do so, and it is not something that is present just for the show, it has the real purpose.

They have an excellent mind to work in any form of creative work and those who are born on July 16 rarely ever give up on a business opportunity that is in front of their noses. They are talented in literature and art; love colors and music. If they find what they want to do with passion, they become serious, colder and disciplined in their work environment. What these people need to learn is to use kindness and gentle words, to show more than justice or mercy.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on July 16 are ruled by the number 7 and are under the impact of the planet Neptune, besides the Moon that is the ruler of all Cancer people.

Those individuals who are ruled by number 7 are hard can lose contact with the world, and this is especially pronounced in people born on July 16 due to the additional influence of the Moon that has the sign of Cancer -these people have the need for a change, but they can be afraid of that change.

The planet Neptune is a planet of dreams and fantasies, but also of religious feelings, or in the case of the people who are born on July 16 in their spiritual beliefs. Since those who were born on this day are very interested in developing in this direction, particular attention must be directed to their psychological stability; since they can lose it in a way they can be confused and could ask themselves about so many things that are happening in their lives.

These people can be uninterested in achieving a gain in some situations, and they can entirely leave them uninsured, and this feeling can be frustrating for them since all Cancer people could crave for the security. And we will remind you once again that Cancer Zodiac people are in the first place family people, but that does not mean they are attracted to changes and alterations in their life. They like to express their love for tenderness and safety.

The connection Moon-Neptune points to the developed intuition and that in specific periods of life those who are born on July 16 should pay particular attention to dreams because they could have a hidden message and meaning. On the more negative note this combination can indicate a possible danger, that is, the risk of falling in love with the wrong person or making a possibly fatal error.

Their color is blue, but the watery kind and their number are 14.

Historical Events on July 16

History teaches us that the most significant changes happen with the smallest, micro steps. Read all about those events that took place on July 16.

1054 – The Roman and Constantinople Christian Church split -this event led to the creation of the two Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.

1661 – For the first time in Europe, one bank issued paper bills. The Stockholm Bank did it.

1867 – In Paris reinforced concrete was patented.

1917 – An attempt by the Bolshevik to take power in Russia. Leo Trotsky was arrested.

1925 – The first elected parliament of Iraq began its work in Baghdad.

1935 – The world’s first parking meter in Oklahoma City started to work.

1945 – In the New Mexico Alamogordo desert, the United States authorities carried out the first atomic bomb test.

1951 – Belgian King Leopold III abdicated in favor of his son.

1965 – An 11.6 km long tunnel beneath Mon Blanc that connected Italy and France was opened.

1969 – Apollo 11, an American spaceship within the Apollo program, flew from Cape Canaveral to a historic mission to the Moon.

1976 – Former Portuguese colony of East Timor annexed by Indonesia, thus becoming the Indonesian 27th province.

1990 – More than 1,600 people died in the earthquake in the Philippines.

2001 – Chinese and Russian presidents Jiang Zemin and Vladimir Putin signed a friendly pact setting out the principles of partnership between the two countries.

2003 – The government of the African country of São Tomé and Principe was under the military coup.

Famous people born on July 16

Many extraordinary people achieve great success not by having all the opportunities in life, but because these people have the kind heart that they listen to in crucial moments. Read all about those people who are born on July 16 and who achieve success.

1723 – Joshua Reynolds, a British painter.

1796 – Camille Corot, a French painter.

1872 – Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian researcher and the first man to arrive at the South Pole (1911).

1907 – Barbara Stanwick, an American actress.

1911 – Ginger Rogers, an American dancer, singer and actress.

1943 – Reinaldo Arenas, a Cuban writer.

1956 – Tony Kushner, an American drama writer.

1963 – Phoebe Cates, an American former model and actress.

1967- Will Ferrell, an American actor.

1971- Corey Feldman, an American actor.

1983 -Katrina Kaif, a British-Indian actress.

1989- Gareth Bale, a Welsh footballer.

To sum up, all information that is related to the people who are born on July 16 – their personality is very magnetic; it can attract people. They are idealists and prefer to live in the world that they have created, but in the one that exists. At the same time, those who belong to the July 16 are not absolute dreamers -they can even be efficient when they want to show a lot of strength and determination when they focus their mind on something.

The amazing thing is that these people can think ahead in the business and have great ideas about position and rights of the humanity. By nature, they are not gentle, but are rather cold and critical; however, their passionate quality is very strong.