July 14 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Human life path can be seen through the birthdates, by looking into the numbers that create that birthdates.

This number determines who you are at the moment of birth and shows what all the opportunities for promotion people will have in life. Also, from this number, people can find out also what talents are in those areas of life in which these humans will have the most success.

But, everyone, including this analysis can be small or big, and it can have much more information than just by looking at the birthdates; and this is the information that can be found in the ruling Zodiac sign.

Today we are focusing on the date July 14 and ruling Zodiac sign – Cancer.

Personality and Character

People born on July 14 are powerful in a sense they are very influential – they gain confidence with their openness and reliability that they impose on others with their extraordinary charm. These people are adorned with magnetism and charm and can influence their environment, both directly and indirectly. This influence doesn’t have to be directed and aggressive in some way, but it can be compelling.

And we will add that some of the representatives of this date number July 14 do not cause confidence at the first encounter; they can be shy and quiet right about the moment when they speak or do something, they just attract attention. Others acquire it immediately, abstained even by the self-critical approach.

Because of their openness and because they easily contact others, they usually have a large following and can efficiently use their personal magnetism to mislead others in the wrong way. Yes this scenario also sometimes occurs; they can be harmful in this way, and even bad towards some people.

These individuals who are born on July 14 have a highly developed talent to create convincing deceptions, and they express it as all the magicians without any effort, and often unconsciously manipulate others. And this manipulation can be used in a good and also in a bad way.

But from the others side of this story, the nature of these people can be kind and straightforward, and they can be trustworthy friends.

And if they every change in a certain relationship, it is the result of constant disappointment that people who are around them give them (of course this point of view of the people who are born on July 14).

They live in a world that is not natural for everyone to have their personal choice, and the solution in these and similar situations is to break away from their environment that is endlessly unpleasant and inappropriate, as they see it, so they change their environment quite often.

Love Compatibility

Those who are born on July 14 are the people, who have great charm, and the seduction of these people is miraculous -they can choose their lovers, not the other way around. Even those who understand how they are functioning can be misled and surprised with them, but even this can lead to a significant experience.

Perhaps this is because these persons do not perform the act of seduction only for their own purposes, but they tend to enlighten and change others in some way. This is also a part of their influential personality.

Despite their charm and conviction, people bore this day occasionally fall deep into depression, at first sight for no apparent reason. But those who know them, like their lovers and long-term partners, know better than these people carry sadness that makes them even more attractive. You know that type of people who are attractive cause their mystery sadness in their eyes? Well, those are people who are born on July 14, in Cancer Zodiac sign.

These people are honest when in a long-term relationship are honest and not at all prone to flirt when they commit to their lovers.

Purpose and Career

These people can have outstanding technical knowledge in their professions, and their creations are fascinating and convincing.


People born on July 14 have an unusual relationship with work, they can be either too committed or uninterested, but their work is their baby, and they are never giving up their ideas.

But in work, what is impressive regarding those who are born on July 14 is that these individuals can extract positive and healthy influences from others, as well as they can give others the same healthy control.

But once again we mention one more thing that is not so positive, and that is their need to get caught up in that mode of domination and self-awareness that they lose compass; they can even have some psychological disease periodically. And to add one more thing -these people are known for their ability to restore their energies, and to achieve the period of active renewal of powers.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 5 and the planet Mercury rules people who are born on July 14, in addition to this one more planet is influential, and it is the Moon that is a ruler of all Cancer signs.

Number 5, when you look at this number as a numerological influence is the number responsible for the tendency to change and the speed of thinking, and those who are influenced by the number 5 can have all of these traits. These people are also prone to impulsive actions that can be seen in all of their phases of life and are not like other Cancer people who are passive.

The combination of the Moon-Mercury is interesting since these two planets can be observed as two opposites, and in a way that can be a good thing since fiery Mercury provides action to the Moons passivity.

This combination also gives these people who are born on July 14 a quick recovery after life strikes, problems, and changes, cause these people can have too many changes that bring more issues than benefits. Also under these two influences, these Cancer people can often be very restrained, and it is the type of restraint that can lead to negative characteristics such as curiosity and passivity.

Therefore they have to resist general tendencies to develop their systems and thinking system in general – this is the aspect of a change that Mercury brings, fast and without an intro.

Some astrologers say that when Moon and Mercury are in the combination, they can point to the fusion of emotional and inner nature -so these people who are born on July 14 are cautious about what they are talking about since they know that they can influence others. They have inner knowledge of how words and actions can affect emotions and the spiritual world. They are naturally very communicative and have no problem to start communicating with others.

Pink, blue and white are the colors that suit them the most, and their number is 5.

Historical Events on July 14

To find out even more elements that are related to the date July 14, we gathered the most relevant events that took place on this day through history.

765 – The emperor Xizong of Tang from the Tang Dynasty escaped from the Si’an capital since An Lushan’s forces approached the city during the An Lushan riot.

1789 – The people in Paris took over the prison in Bastille, a symbol of the monarchy, in which only several prisoners were detained. The French Revolution started with this event.

1865 – Matterhorn,  a mountain of the Alps, was conquered (4481 m, located on the border of Switzerland and Italy).

1867 – In the English city of Redhill, the Swedish inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel, demonstrated his invention for the first time.

1889 – A gathering of socialist and communist organizations from Germany and France, known as the Second International.

1900 – The Alliance’s eight armies took Tianjin during the Boxing Rebellion.

1933 – Ban of all political parties other than Hitler’s National Socialist Party become active.

1933 – Nazi eugenics began with the adoption of the Law on the Prevention of Hereditary Progenies, which required the obligatory sterilization of any citizen who suffers from an alleged genetic disorder.

1951 – The first TV transmission of a sports event in color (horse racing).

1958 – Under the leadership of General Abdul Karim in Iraq, a military coup that killed King Faisal II and Prime Minister Nuri el-Said was executed. By military coup, Iraq became a republic.

1959 – The first atomic-powered ship made its first journey. The ship reached a speed of 30 knots per hour and had two nuclear reactors.

1965 – “Mariner 4”, an American satellite launched in 1964, made the first photos of Mars.

1976 – Chinese construction workers completed a railroad called “Tanzam”, which connected the port of Dar es Salaam to Tanzania and Zambia.

1976 – The death penalty was abolished in Canada.

1999 – After 17 years since the end of the war between Argentina and Great Britain for the Falkland Islands, renewed flights between Argentina and those islands in the South Atlantic.

2000 – 25 years after the end of the Vietnam War, the United States and Vietnam concluded a trade agreement, which opened the doors of the World Trade Organization to Vietnam.

2000 – A court in Miami ruled that the largest US cigarette manufacturing companies have to pay $ 145 billion in damages to Florida smokers for endangering their health.

Famous people born on July 14

And knowing about a specific date and people who are born on this date would not be complete if didn’t mention famous people who are born on this day -July 14.

1602 -Jules Raymond Mazarin, a French statesman of Italian descent.

1671 – Jacques d’Allonville, a French astronomer.

1798 – Alessandro Antonelli, an Italian architect.

1816 – Arthur de Gobineau, a French aristocrat.

1858 – Emmeline Pankhurst, American activist.

1862 – Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter.

1868 – Gertrude Bel, an English writer.

1874 – Abaz II. Hilmi, the third Egyptian Khedive.

1885 – Sisavang Vong, the king of the Kingdom of Luang Phrabang.

1890 – Ossip Zadkine, a French sculptor.

1896 – Buenaventura Durruti, a Spanish revolutionary and anarchist.

1903 – Irving Stone, an American writer.

1904 – Isaac Bashevis Singer, an American writer.

1910 – William Hanna, the world-famous animator.

1913 – Gerald Rudolf Ford – Junior, US politician and US president.

1918 – Ingmar Bergman, a Swedish film and theatre director and screenwriter.

1919 – Lino Ventura, an Italian film actor.

1939 – Karel Gott, a Czech singer-songwriter.

1942 – Javier Solana, a Spanish politician and statesman.

1958 – Joe Keenan, an American writer, screenwriter and producer.

1960 – Jane Lynch, an American actress.

1969 – Jaroslav Sakala, a Czech skier-jumper.

1977 – Princess Victoria, a Swedish priestess.

1981 – Matti Hautamäki, a Finnish skier jumper.

1988-Conor McGregor, an Irish professional mixed martial artist.

A few more important words are in order before we close the story about people who are born on July 14, who are Cancer Zodiac sign, and who are under the planetary influence of the Moon-Mercury combination that makes them overthink and people with this situation have difficulties to be able to be mindless.

Deep inside they can be compassionate and gentle human beings who are in their profound nature have that strong lines of religiosity that are slightly colored with dogmatism. They have strong convictions and mostly live with them, and they try to influence others to accept their beliefs, and in most cases, they are very successful in that intention.

They are known for their love of art and generally all things that are creative and loving, they can even develop extreme love toward their children, in a sense that they have strong parental instincts.

Also, those who are born on July 14 have a natural gif of making their living or work environment as beautiful as possible, and they love to make feel everyone welcome in their homes, and this is just one of many ways how they influence their surroundings. They make people feel comfortable, and then they present them with their ideas.