July 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

This title is not here without a purpose since Love and Love compatibility are critical aspects of everyone’s life. This is a matter that by looking at the statistics is the most asked question of all questions in the realm of astrology; clients ask this question the most when visiting astrologers and numerologists. Even when looking for online answers people are most interested in their love life and then work and health, and this are the fact in almost every part of the globe.

When it comes to love, astrology can help people to understand relationships between partners, to discover the harmony of personalities, as well as to determine a favorable period for getting in touch with someone(potential partners) or even moving into action(asking for a date, for example).

But we must admit, this is not a question that is easy, it is not sufficient to tell people that they are compatible with someone who is Aquarius in a horoscope, for example.

The thing of love is much more complicated, since each natal chart is a map of the skies, so all things that revolve around the Sun (which is the basic zodiac sign) are included in the relationship and character as in look of the personality. All these unique combinations of energy between two signs are there to help us cross all obstacles with ease, even when it comes to the combination of ‘incompatible’ characters.

Planets that affect the success of people’s relationships are not just the Sun, Moon and the remaining eight planets, but also several thousand asteroids on the line between Mars and Jupiter, as well as a number of other things astrologists are still discussing to complicate matters a little more.

But we will add that this makes things even more interesting, and it is the best idea to take a look into the personal chart that is based on the ruling Zodiac sign, and date of birth. Today we are looking into the date July 11.

Personality and Character

It can be said that people born on July 11 are very sociable and can find fascination in the world wherever they look; they are fascinated by many aspects of life.

Whatever may be going on in the societies they live in, their minds are always open and alert; their opinions are like that they are almost entirely understood, since they speak clearly and openly. It rarely happens that these people do not have a quick comment about something that they have noticed, and because of their sociability, even those most respected individuals born this day share tips that nobody asks for. Those who are born on July 11 are not mean and don’t want to make things worse, but they can be intrusive toward their environment.

On the other hand, these people are very private, and the privacy is extremely important for these people, and very few people are allowed to penetrate into their world, usually close family members, and long-term lovers.

Hiding the secrets and their later detection is a feature of the people who are born on July 11 – they can be lead by the mysteries and love to have them. These people know well what others think of them and have a clear awareness of what kind of image they are putting on the world around them, that influence is a conscious decision that these people make.

Another important thing that can be contributed to them is that these people are full of information and with that knowledge (of what is happening in the world) they are manipulating events for their own benefit. And when you think about it, it is really smart what these people can do with a few pieces of information.

Love Compatibility

These people are most successful as team players or partners; they work well in the company of others, and have a fantastic influence on others, to say for their lovers.

In their youth, those who are born on July 11 tend to avoid the responsibility that they hold leading positions in a relationship, and they only agree to them when they have to. What does this mean? It means that this situation occurs only when they are desperately trying to hold on to their privacy, in a moment when someone is trying to penetrate their inner world -they hold up their walls, as all Cancer Zodiac sign people.

Emotions are not strange to them, in a sense that they have them, and they, as all Cancers expect emotional security in their love relationships. This does not mean that they will so easily give their hearts, even more; they will only be able to do this when someone deserves their trust and when they allow themselves to fall in love.

Their partners will soon realise that these people are worth waiting – they can be passionate lovers who give everything they have in their love affair.

Purpose and Career

For many people born on July 11, the job is something that should not be understood too seriously since they are usually occupied with their private lives. If they are involved in their private lives, they can be problematic and uninterested in their work.


But when things are ok, and nothing special is going on, it can be clearly seen that they are brilliant and that they have a sound business mind. Those who are born on July 11 are naturally cordial towards things that are around them, but they cannot stand those who try to make them believe in doing something that they don’t want to do.

The best success these people have in business is when they are partners with someone; then they show their good sides – they are progressive and determined in achieving their ideas.

On top of this, they have very original ideas and often amaze people with their delightful and original sayings; they make a real impact on their environment.

Some representatives of this date are not big fans of literary and scientific work, as they might need to be; they like the happier side of life, everything to be in the right place.

Some of these people can be interested in politics, or can be good speakers, even if they will never develop their talents.

They will avoid a scene since they see this as an intrusion of their privacy; even if they have the gift for it.

Many of the representatives of this date dress well and never get tired of trying out and combining different colors -and many of them find careers in a design (clothes or something else). They are honest and committed when they do something that they love; just they cannot avoid their obligations.

As Cancers, a Zodiac signs that they belong, they need financial security, which will also boost their ambitions.

And those who are born on July 11 are not one of those people who are keen on popularity, but they still struggle to stand out with their perseverance. Their sharp eye and perception ability allow them to see the small details that promote others. If these people can avoid embracing emotions, they will quickly climb the steps to success.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 2 and the Moon rules persons born on July 11, and in many ways, this date is exciting. The Moon, the Cancer Planet, is a planet of emotions and introspection. This reminds us of the compassionate nature of this sign and among them, there are people of the July 11.

First of all, those who are under the impact of the number 2 are considered to work the best when they are associates than leaders, even if they have so many excellent characteristics of leadership.

For persons who are born on July 11, their dreamlike and sensitive nature is pronounced, due to the double influence of the Moon, which also rules the Zodiac sign of Cancer, can lead them to utterly unrealistic perceptions of the world. This is why they need someone who will put them on the ground. People who are born under the number 2, or in this case numbers 2 and 11 their lives are marked with the coincidences, and they adore everything that carries symmetry.

The Moon that appears two times in this date gives people who are born on July 11 to have an emotional, intuitive, curious and imaginative personality. That nature is often expressed in the situation in which they are experiencing change – changing their mood easily and quickly, as all Cancers do. The double Moon gives susceptibility to the current feeling that is conditioned by the received impressions created by each given moment in the everyday life situation.

The combination Moon -Moon often refers very carefully to the need to adjust themselves in many situations they find themselves in.

Historical Events on July 11

By learning about history, we can learn about ourselves, about our people, customs, and tradition; and this knowledge can be expanded to some other cultures and nations.  This knowledge is never useless, and can always be used, at least for the expansion of our minds and insights. Today we are speaking about the date – July 11.

1276 – Adrian V inherited Innocent V, as 186th Roman Pope.

1302 -The Battle of Courtrai occurred between the French and Saxon troops.

1533 – Pope Clement VII excommunicated English King Henry VIII, refusing to cancel his marriage with Catherine Aragon and to make a connection with Anne Boleyn.

1690 – In the Battle of Boyn, in the “Glorious Revolution,” English King defeated French.

1740 -Jews were expelled from Russia.

1811 – Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro has published a theory about the molecular composition of gases (Avogadro’s law).

1882 – The British Mediterranean fleet began bombarding Alexandria within the Anglo-Egyptian War.

1921 – Mongolia declared independence as the People’s Republic of Mongolia.

1960 – Prime Minister of the Katanga Province in Congo, Moiz Chombe declared the independence of this province.

1978 – About 200 people were killed in a gas explosion at a Spanish tourist camp in Sant Carles de la Ràpita.

1979 –  The US satellite station, “Skylab”, after six years of circulation around the Earth, collapsed when landing.

2000 – With the mediation of US President Bill Clinton, talks on the issue of sovereignty over Jerusalem, began in Cape Davis.

2001 – A law was passed in Cambodia to allow the trial of former Red Khmer leaders, whose reign was killed by 1,700,000 people.

Famous people born on July 11

And people are part of the history also, by looking into their lives we can learn a lot about their countries and times when they lived.

1274 – Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland.

1561 -Luis de Góngora, a Spanish writer.

1657 – Friedrich I, the last Brandenburg and the first king of Prussia.

1662 -Maximilian II Emanuel, a Bavarian Duke.

1767 – John Quincy Adams, an American president.

1772 – Pietro Carlo Guglielmi, an Italian composer.

1836 – Carlos Gomes, a Brazilian composer.

1844 -Peter I, a King of Serbia.

1849 – Nicholas Edward Brown, an English taxonomist.

1897 -Gregorio Fuentes, a Cuban captain.

1920 – Yul Brynner, an American film actor.

1927 – Theodore Mammen, an American physicist.

1931 -Tab Hunter, an American actor and singer.

1934 – Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion designer.

1956 – Villain Ward, an American actress.

1958 – Hugo Sánchez Márquez, a Mexican football coach.

1959 – Suzanne Vega, an American singer.

1970 -Justin Chambers, an American actor.

1971 -Leisha Hailey, an American actress.

1972 -Michael Rosenbaum, an American actor.

1975 -Lil’ Kim, an American rapper.

1984 -Tanit Belbin, a Canadian skater.

1990 -Caroline Wozniacki, a Danish tennis player.

Some say that these people who are born on July 11 are in fact, manipulators and that they are very skilled actors. When needed, they have the power to disseminate misinformation at the same speed as the truth, to remove rivals and rivals behind the scenes.

These people are proud of their actions, but it happens that those who need to be deceived are wise enough to recognise deception.