July 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many critics of the Astrology will say that they have noticed that there are some general characteristics of the Zodiac signs can be roughly reduced to several phrases which then in various variations can be applied to each Zodiac sign. And in some part – we agree. It is true, and it is not true, since someone personality depends on many factors, and one of them is sign, but there are still so many other factors that make a huuuuge difference.

Of course, in this area also some people are different, but there are indeed some things that they share or some potential that they have. And one of these factors is a specific date of birth, and today we are looking into the lives of people who are born on July 10 – they belong to the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

Emotionality in Cancer Zodiac signs can be seen differently, some of them are shy, others are overemotional, and crybabies and others are something else. But the facts are that these people who belong to the July 10 live their lives in the way they show a certain amount of withdrawal to the outside world. The sensitivity of these people is evident and deeply engraved in their temperament – they are very unusual people who, on the one hand, strive for success, while on the other hand, they retreat into their protected area. And sometimes it is hard to see are these people genius or are just people who are strange and weird.

These people are especially prominent visual talents and talents that not many people have, or they are involved in their projects in a way that no one else is, they are so dedicated that they forget about the outside world. Whether through observation or reflection, these people who belong to the July 10 receive impressions from the outside world and project them in their work by giving them a new and futuristic touch.

Because of their sensitivity to what is happening around them, to the people that are around them, these people can opt for total withdrawal from the world. However, if imagined projects require more engagement, these people will quickly jump out of their passive world by expressing their strength and dynamism.

Having said all this, it is good to have in mind one particular person who is born on this day, and who has all of these characteristics – it is one of the most famous inventors and scientists in the world, Nikola Tesla. He completely fits in the picture of the people who are born on July 10; he had the mind that was almost out of this world, he was notoriously withdrawn and reclusive, but the invention that he gave to the humanity was imaginable. And even if he was in front of his time, he never let that feeling that he is an outcast stops him from realising his visions.

In people born on July 10, also we could say that verbal talents are not particularly pronounced, they are people who like to keep things silent, primarily if they are working something that are very special. Most of these people keep quiet and observe their environment by acting on their principles. And this is something that is very important for those who are born on this day – they have their habits and ideas and can be the people who can be misunderstood in their environments.

These are emotional and unattainable people with fertile imagination, with the addition of a natural seriousness. They indeed can be moral inventors and pioneers in things they choose to do. This makes them natural explorers and gives those who are born on July 10 excellent, inventive skills.

Love Compatibility

If we look at the love habits of these people, we could say that they are shy, modest and gentle people who can, if they make such decision be exceptional spouses who love their home and children.

The main thing here is that if; these people rarely or later in life decide to commit themselves to their loved ones. They are dedicated to some other things in life, and they see all these things as love also, and the view of love and love relations is something that is so specific for them.

They see love as something that can be the force that is something much more than the love between two human beings, and something that is even much more powerful when in some transcendent form and shape.

But some representatives of this date love to look attractive, and when realising that someone likes them, they become even more shy and silent than ever before. Even more, they can be unpleasant since they are scared of entering the situation that is unsafe. What they hate even more is when others try to connect them with potential partners – they hate when others meddle in their private life, they are susceptible regarding this matter.

Purpose and Career

And now we have come to the most crucial aspect of the lives of the people who are born on July 10- their work. They are serious and strict when working, and can be unpleasant bosses, but they are not tyrants. What they ultimately believe is that their way is the only way something can be done, or to be more specific the majority of things. Although this is often a good way, there are others, and these people must learn this as soon as possible.

Sometimes they think that there are not many other professionals except them, and in some cases, they are truly the best people in their occupation, they are conscious but satisfied with themselves.

The beliefs of the people who are born on July 10 tend to be narrow and dogmatic, even if they have good logic and excellent business skills, so you’ll get a lot of money in life.

What these people must learn is to be more generous when and above all they need to accept themselves their way of deep thoughts, to concentrate.


For these people education is crucial, they enhance their knowledge by reading books, and being very cultural people – they should pay less attention to what has already been done, and more to what is not.

They can make great careers in inventing and research inventions, and many another scientific study.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on July 10 are ruled by the number 1 and the Sun.

As far as their individuality comes these people are great individuals who want to be the best and the first, and they don’t have a problem in doing whatever it takes to do so. The optimistic attitude of the striving towards the top makes these people who belong to the July 10 to be different from all of their surroundings, and number 1 pushes them to be the best. Their ambitions and positive attitudes towards life are very visible, but this attitude can be weakened if these people are strongly dominated by their parents or in a strict school for example.

Although ambition is something that binds to all those born under the number of one person, ambition manifests in a calm or hidden way that the Moon, that is the ruler of all Cancer sign people gives them.

They are under the impact of the Moon along with the Sun, and this can create an incredible charm and a phenomenon that others often think is eccentric, and in some way it is, they have this note to themselves.

People born on July 10 do not hesitate to say what they believe, but because of their sensitive nature, they do so with many tactics and discretion. Because they are too sensitive to the feelings of others, and this is a trait that comes from the Moon, these people can neglect their own (personal) goals, or postpone life-important decisions, like marriage or children.

Their favorite color is pearl white, and their numbers are 3, 6 and 9.

Historical Events on July 10

It is also essential to understand the causes and consequences of events that happened in human history-why something happened and what happened after that.  This is a valuable learning process in which all of us can learn something that can affect our personal beliefs and future events. Today we are speaking about events that occurred on July 10.

48 B.C- Julius Caesar barely defeated Pompey in the Battle of Durres.

1553 – Jane Gray, granddaughter Henry VII, was crowned the queen of England.

1584 – According to the orders of the Spanish court, the Dutch Prince of Orange, William I, was killed.

1609 – The Catholic League was founded in Munich in response to the establishment of the Protestant Union (1608).

1774 -After a six-year war, Russia and Turkey completed the peace, in which that Turkey lost Crimea.

1789 – Alexander Mackenzie reached the delta of the Mackenzie River.

1821 – The United States took over Florida after purchasing it from Spain.

1897 – In the battle for supremacy in the upper Nile, French troops occupied Kodok in Sudan, causing a serious crisis in Anglo-French relations.

1940 -The attack by at least 70 German bombers on targets in southern Wales, in the World War II, began the Battle of Britain.

1940 – The French National Assembly entrusted power to Henri Pétain.

1943 – Anglo-American troops in World War II landed on Sicily.

1962 – The first US telecoms satellite “Telstar” has been launched from Cape Canaveral, which has enabled the transmission of TV programs over the Atlantic Ocean.

1973 – The Bahamas gained independence within the British Commonwealth after 190 years of British colonial rule.

1976 – Due to the breakdown in the chemical factory near Milan, the cloud of chemical substances, including dioxin, heavily polluted four municipalities.

1994 – Leonid Kuchma won the presidential election in Ukraine.

1995 – Military authorities have released a six-year house arrest from the leader of the Burmese opposition and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Su Chi.

2000 – More than 200 people were killed in a pile of garbage that collapsed on a poor neighborhood called the Promised Land, in Manila (Philippines).

2001 – The drawing of Leonardo da Vinci is sold at Christie’s auction house for a record 8.1 million pounds ($ 11.4 million).

2011 – Bulgaria’s river cruiser sank, with 105 passengers being killed

Famous people born on July 10

As well as events that occurred on this day through history, examination of this date could not be complete without mentioning those important people who are born on July 10.

1451- James III, a King of Scotland.

1509 – Jean Calvin, a Swiss theologian of French descent.

1830 – Camus Pisaro, a French painter and graphic artist.

1834 -Jan Neruda, a Czech journalist.

1856 -Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous Serbian and world inventors.

1871 -Marcel Proust, a French writer.

1888 – Giorgio de Chirico, an Italian painter.

1895 – Carl Orff, a German composer.

1895- Pavel Sukhoi, a Belarusian aircraft designer.

1915 -Saul Bellow, an American writer.

1923 -Rudolf Kehrer, a Russian pianist and piano teacher.

1934-  Alfred Biolek, a German entertainer.

1942 -Ronnie James Dio, an American heavy metal singer and songwriter.

1943 – Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr., an American professional tennis player.

1954 – Neil Tennant, a British musician.

1972 – Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress.

1973 – Nelson de Jesus Silva, better known as Dida, a Brazilian soccer goalkeeper.

1980 -Jessica Simpson, an American singer and actress.

1985 – Mario Gomez Garcia, a German footballer.

Let us speak a few more words about these amazing people; they are prone in the certain times of their lives to visions, imagination, and obsession with light. Also, the combination of the Moon and the Sun indicates the talent of the people who belong to the July 10 as people who can turn their vision and imagination into reality.

The problematic aspect of their lives can cause them to experience great trauma and difficulty, is their tendency toward self-destructiveness and extreme reclusiveness.  Severe moral crises, sufferings and conflicts are also clearly seen in their lives, but in some way, these people can successfully overcome them.