July 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

To understand the process of the astrological or numerological examination of a certain person, you should know something first, and then you will know what the basis for the analysis is.

Five primary areas of human life are of essential importance for the evolution of human consciousness, and therefore these aspects can be observed. Each of these areas must be fully met and satisfied, to achieve the ultimate purpose of human life. In the first place, we have the prescribed duty (occupation) that man should deal with during life; then in the second place, there is person’s economic welfare – money and material goods. In the third place, there is love and matters of a heart, personal relations. In fourth place, there are matters of health, and in fifth place, there is a matter of souls, spirituality, etc.

So, every astrologer, for example, will look deeply into all of these aspects in a particular person, based on their ruling Zodiac sign, and their birthdate.

Today we will try to observe date July 1, working on all essential elements.

Personality and Character

People born on July 1 are intense, complex personalities that hold the whole world of extremely personal feelings in themselves. On the other hand, they have very developed social preferences that are manifested in the various forms of charitable contributions to society (this could be in their choice of careers, they can do humanitarian work). Because they are sensitive and sympathetic to other people, that means a lot to others, so they are respected and loved as good friends full of understanding and support. This is their strong point that is a permanent and direct consequence of the Moons power on them, and the Moon is the ruler of all Cancer sign people.

People born on July 1 are compassionate, but at the same time, they can adapt to various life events, dangerous and painful. These people can go through periods of long-suffering and, despite their emotional openness, they are prone to suffering, but it is something that is mutual for most Cancer Zodiac people. Still, in the fight against domination, injustice and oppression, no matter if they are in question, or someone close to them, they always come out as winners, and they see this as fighting for the right cause.

People born on July 1 feel quite well in their body, but we say quite well since these people can go through various stages of self-observes and self-esteem that can go from negative to high. They easily enjoy many forms of movement and sports activities, that are so unlike for people who are Cancers, but it is the Sun’s influence that is present.

However, it happens that these individuals periodically wholly renounce sexual expression and fall into complete abstinence. The greatest danger to the mental health of people born on July 1 is depression, so it is recommended that in specific periods of life they take care of their inner life, so that that depression doesn’t transform into something serious and chronic.

Love Compatibility

Those who are born on July 1 are attractive to the opposite sex, they can find a soft spot for all the people around them, so they are probably favorite both with young and old people. They are very intuitive, and should learn to trust more of those feelings -if their intuition tells them that a sure lover is not suitable for them, they should pursue that connection, and they should give up before they make a mess out of their lives.

One part of their personality loves order, so they cannot tolerate anything that is not in place, and this could be irritating to their partners. Some people recommend to those who are born on July 1 to live with someone, if possible, or get married relatively early – so that they can overcome their shyness in love.

Those born on July 1 have a significant conflict between the parenting and their work since they are dedicated to their homes, and love to be connected to their business. Both things represent love for these people, and they have unusual sensitivity and compassion for their loved ones, it is their soft spot.

These people are most often the worst enemies of themselves, so depression in their lives is a constant companion, and it can be troublesome when their love is in question. Their positive side is that they rarely follow someone blindly, they have their mind of their own, and no matter how occupied they are, they remain flexible enough to look at the other side of things.

If people were divorced, after years spent in other marriages and relationships, they returned to the person that their inner feeling tells them that he or she is the one. In many cases, it is their high school sweetheart.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on July 1 are the people who are honest in their business intentions; they are sincere in their work and have a propensity to learn. Some claim that these people love mechanics, and can be very skilled in calculations -some of them can find lucrative careers in these engineering or financial areas.

These people can have profound insights into the suffering of humanity that could encourage them to be interested in politics on the one hand and medicine on the other – they have the deep need to help all those who are in some way deprived in life and can find their lives purpose in these humanitarian areas. They can be doctors, surgeons, since they are, quite tactical and patient. Occasionally those who belong to the July 1 are entertaining and have a great sense of humor. They can speak well, with feeling, and can hold others attention, and could be successful lecturers.

Some representatives of this date have artistic and drama skills and show good skills and reasoning, so they can maybe work in theatre or on TV.


The excellent advice for these people is to practice concentration and determination – they know how much they can and what they need to achieve something.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on July 1 are ruled by the number 1 and are under the symbolical influence of the Sun. As we look into the numerological influence, those who have number one in their charts are full of ambition; they want to be the first and the best; they have incredibly individualistic tendencies and tend to rush to the highest leadership positions in the field they deal with. In self-expression, they are somewhat passive, so the relationship between the Sun and the Moon (that is a ruler of all Cancer sign people) has a somewhat favorable effect on this area of their lives.

The Sun that is one part of this astrological combination is a bearer of creative and powerful energy that needs to be kept under control since it tends to become destructive. It is the planet that gives strong emotions and knowing that people of the July 1 are already emotional Cancers under the influence of the Moon, you could imagine the extent of their emotionality.

The Moon and the Sun in the same date can have a secure connection in the beginning, but as life develops, the Moon plays the role of support, while Sun pushes things in its way – to a life of those who are born on July 1 can enter a crisis. In this Moon -Sun connection people compete with themselves, and will ultimately be exhausted, and the context of their lives will collapse. The moon also, in this case, relies on the Sun’s intelligence and courage, while the Sun needs Moon’s support in everything he does.

Their numbers are 1 and 8, and their colors are pale yellow and orange.

Historical Events on July 1

There is a record of one event that that place on the beginning of this millennium, and that occurred on July 1, and we also gathered events that followed.

69 – The troops in Egypt proclaimed Vespasian, the ninth Roman guard.

552- Battle of Taginae in which the Byzantine army under Narses inflicts a decisive defeat on the king of Totila, who died there.

1569 – The Union of Lublin was created by which Lithuania and Poland were united.

1661 – The Kardisian peace was concluded, ending the Russian-Swedish war.

1745 – Maria Theresa disbanded the military order.

1861 – “L’Osservatore Romano” was established.

1867 – Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick declared the federal union of Canada.

1900 – First flight conducted by an aircraft built by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

1921 – The Communist Party of China was founded at a secret meeting in Shanghai.

1921 – For the first time, a vaccine for the protection of children from tuberculosis (BCG) was applied.

1942 – German troops took over Sevastopol, the most important Russian Black Sea port on the peninsula of Crimea in the World War II.

1946 – The United States conducted an atomic bomb test in the Pacific.

1960 – Ghana became a republic.

1962 – The African Republic of Rwanda and the Kingdom of Burundi gained independence.

1991 – At a meeting in Prague, the leaders of Eastern European countries abolished the Warsaw Pact Military Union, founded in 1955.

1994 – Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat returned to Palestine after a 27-year-old absence.

1997 – Hong Kong, after 150 years under the English administration, was again returned under Chinese jurisdiction.

2000 – The two Koreas signed a family merger agreement, which was separated for almost half a century due to the war.

2000- The longest bridge in the world was connected to Sweden and Denmark.

2002 – The Permanent International, War Crimes Tribunal, started to work.

2002 – 72 people were killed in a passenger and cargo plane crash above southern Germany.

2003 – The United States has abolished military aid to approximately 50 countries.

2004 – NASA’s Space Flight Cassini entered Saturn’s orbit after a seven-year trip.

2013 – New Century Global Center opened, the largest building in the world.

Famous people born on July 1

Kings, pilots, general, writers, journalists – all high-end society, and among them the most beautiful woman in the world, they all share their birthdays, July 1.

1481 – Christian II, a Danish king.

1534 – Friedrich II, a Danish and Norwegian King.

1646 – Gottfried Leibniz, a German philosopher.

1780 – Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian general.

1804 – George Sand, a French writer.

1872 – Louis Blairio, a French engineer and pilot.

1894 – Isaak Babel, a Russian writer.

1899 – Charles Laughton, an English actor.

1902 -William Willer, an American film director.

1917 – Humphry Fortescue Osmond, a British psychiatrist.

1925 – Franca Magnani, an Italian journalist.

1931 – Seyni Kountché, a Nigerian President and General.

1934 – Sydney Pollack, an American actor and director.

1945 -Debbie Harry, an American singer.

1952- Dan Aykroyd, an American comedian.

1961 – Carl Lewis, an American athlete.

1961 – Diana Spencer, a British princess Diana, Princess of Wales.

1967 – Pamela Denise Anderson, a Canadian-American actress, photo-model.

1971 -Missy Elliott, an American rap singer.

1972 – Claire Forlani, an English actress.

1977 – Liv Tyler, an American actress.

1982 – Hilarie Barton, an American actress.

We must add that those who are born on July 1 are people who are under Sun-Moon connection, which are dominated by the number 1, and it is something that is good for them, since this competitive energy can push them to go in the right direction, to be more courageous, etc.

They are very reliable human beings, more or less and are capable of keeping a secret, and this adds up to the fact that they are amazing friends. These individuals are so loyal that the only problem that may occur is their expectation from other to give the same amount of loyalty in relations. Some of them are prone to being the people who are overly competitive, and they can lose their sense, but this is roughly the ultimate range of the manipulative abilities in those who are born on July 1.