Jellyfish -Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Jellyfish are freely swimming marine animals. Some species can even live in fresh water. They aren’t actually fish, but belong to a group of animals without backbones called invertebrates.

These animals can be vividly colored or totally transparent. They are very simple organisms, moving through water helped by the sea current and winds.

Although they seem fragile and weak at first glance they hide many secret weapons. Their stings and venom can be very painful and even deadly. Their stings are dangerous, even if the animal is dead.

Jellyfish is a powerful spirit animal.

What does the Jellyfish Symbolize?

Jellyfish might symbolize various things. They are a symbol of protection, but also of caution. They can symbolize emotions, sensitivity, flow, faith and trust.

They are also a symbol of inner strength, power, organization, challenges and delegating duties.

Jellyfish also signifies acceptance, softness, transparency, drifting and simplicity.

This animal spirit reminds you of the need to undergo some experiences and emotions. It can also symbolize avoiding dangers.

The Meanings of Jellyfish as a Spirit Animal

Jellyfish as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Simplicity. Jellyfish are very simple organisms. Appearing in your life, the jellyfish spirit animal might be calling you to simplify your life and let go of things and people which are of no use to yourself and your personal growth. Release anything that’s been slowing the process of your advancement into a better person.

Flow. Jellyfish are free flow moving animals. Their message in your life might be to trust that things are working out in your best interest and that you must relax and go with the flow. Nothing should be rushed, because things in life have their divine timing. Jellyfish remind us about the natural flow of life.

Things take care for themselves in nature, that’s why there’s no need to worry because everything always works out.

Sensitivity. This spirit animal is calling you to pay attention to other people’s feelings and emotions and try not to hurt anyone. Think before you speak because you might hurt someone even without wanting to.

Healing. Jellyfish as a spirit animal might be encouraging you to release the past and its hurts. You need to heal from all destructive energies. Accept all that has been, forgive and move on with your life.

Faith. Jellyfish basically don’t move freely. Their movements depend on winds and sea currents. They have no choice but to surrender and trust that they are going in the right direction. If this is your spirit animal, it teaches you the need to have faith that all will be well and you’ll be provided with everything you need.

Trust that you are divinely guided and protected in your actions and existence.


Balance. The message of this spirit animal can also be the need to attain balance in your life. Probably you’ve been shaken and out of balance at the moment when this animal appeared. You should get rid of things, situations and people that bother you to restore your balance and focus on things and people that matter, appreciating them more.

Hard work. Jellyfish is calling you to work hard to achieve your plans. Maybe it reveals that soon you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your work and also sharing them with loved ones.

Flexibility. Jellyfish are flexible animals. They are letting life to lead their way. As jellyfish, we should let things happen and not make strict rules about their unfolding. That would be against nature, which always arranges everything in the best possible way.

Accept changes and adapt. You will soon realize that they came for the right reason.

Survival and defense. Jellyfish are animals which look fragile on the outside. But their body hides powerful weapons in a form of poisonous stings which can hurt or even kill their enemies.

This animal teaches you about the inner strength you carry inside no matter how weak you might appear.

Love. The jellyfish spirit animal might be announcing that love is about to come into your life. You should relax and let the Universe finish its work, bringing you together with your perfect mate.

Jellyfish as Your Totem Animal

If a jellyfish is your totem animal, maybe it reveals that you are a person who flows through life, letting things run their course and not trying to push anything.

You are probably highly intuitive and follow your strong instincts. You somehow always know what others think and their motives.

You prefer simple way of living and don’t stress much over challenges and problems that arise in your life.

You freely express your emotions, unafraid to explore them and share them with others.

You are well organized and hardworking, but know how to properly organize your work tasks, so you don’t overwork and stress.

You have faith in the Universe and let things unveil naturally.

If the jellyfish is your spirit animal, you probably have a strong and independent personality. You are an honest person who always speaks the truth, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes this straightforwardness of yours might hurt someone, so you need to be watchful of your words.

You are also elegant and well poised person, who discreetly and with ease manages difficult situations.

You are also a loving person, who takes care of loved ones, even to the point of neglecting own needs.

If this spirit animal is your totem, you are most likely devoted to the fulfillment of your life mission.

Sometimes this totem might reveal your elusiveness. You might be losing interest quickly.

You can also be manipulative and possessive, especially with loved ones. Your negative trait is also the tendency to repeat old mistakes due to stubbornness.

What if the Jellyfish Appears in Your Life?

When a jellyfish appears in your life, maybe it is a sign to start revealing your true self to the people around you. Start showing more love and affection towards others, without fear of being hurt or feeling vulnerable. Be open and sincere and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.

Sometimes its appearance is a message to start taking some actions if you want change in your love life. Trust that you are divinely guided in your quest for love. Believe that your true love is out there and that you’ll be at the right place and time, to meet her.

The lesson this spirit animal brings is allowing things to unfold naturally, without any force. Just be sure you know what your heart truly desires and expect to receive exactly what you want.

Use your intuition and be prepared to react in the right moment. In the meantime, just relax and enjoy your life. Don’t put any resistance, because it only furthers you away from your desires.

Jellyfish also appears when:

-You need some help with the direction of your life.
-You need help from others.
-You need some guidance on some matters.
-When to call on Jellyfish?
-You should call on Jellyfish when:
-Things haven’t been working out for you lately.
-You need support to face obstacles coming your way.
-You don’t know what to do regarding love.
-You are looking for a love and life partner.
-You are denying something.
-You have some family problems.
-You don’t have enough patience.
-You are facing some danger.
-You lack faith in life.
-You don’t manage your time well.

Dreams about Jellyfish – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about jellyfish can be very symbolic. They may reveal confronting and healing hurtful memories that have emerged from your subconscious.

That is a good thing because it signifies your readiness to deal with these issues and move on with your life. If this is the case with this dream you should also pay attention to the lessons those painful situations thought you.

Jellyfish in a dream might also reveal your uncertainties and inadequacy in some situations. This dream is a reminder to identify those issues and confront them.

Sometimes this dream might reveal a lack of emotional support from your loved ones.

They can also forewarn the need to adapt in the near future for there might be some changes in your life soon. You need to be flexible and adapt to whatever situation, trusting that it all happens in your best interest.

This dream might also be revealing lack of purpose and goals in your life and suggests you start working on those issues.