January 31 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The Zodiac system of astrological signs was named after Greek words “zodiacos” and “kyklos”, which when loosely translated means a circle of animals. In the cosmological order, the sphere of Zodiac signs or the Sky without a star represents the limit of the visible manifestation of the Divine, expression that can be perceived by senses.

But there is one thing that needs to be said here, it is that according to some astrologers, this symbolic sphere marks the beginning of the upper, “third world”, where it is necessary to look and allow the mind to be left to the imagination, something that will intuitively we lead us, and to come to know through pictures and archetypes. For example, even Aquarius sign is air sign; it is also symbolically connected to water (its symbol is in fact presented by a man with a crater from which flows water).

Personality and Character

Members of this birth date can be for others withdrawn and quiet people who have nothing or little to say, but indeed they are eccentric and passive people (so it seems).

But what is beneath the surface is that the people who celebrate their birthdays on the last day of the January are smart and intellectual people who hate everything that is mediocre.

They are knowledgeable people who like to help others with their skills and advice.

Sometimes they can act unorthodox for others, but they are good and honest people who are ready to help all human race.

Tempering and irritable are often hypersensitive to criticism by feeling misunderstood.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on the January 31 are known for loving to hide their feelings and for seeming cold for others. Some members of this date of birth have the reputation of being cold and insensitive, but only their defensive mechanism against premature intimacy.

They can seduce because they are beautiful with beautiful facial features and exquisite charm. He will never allow a relationship with a person who limits his freedom.

For them, love is a “place” in which the rule and love, passion, friendship and sharing of obligations rule. There is no division in them, but a notion of communion. People born in this sign, and on this date, can be ideal life partners with whom they will never be bored.

They are looking for security, so it’s not unusual to end up with a person who can provide them in every aspect and not the person who they share the passion.

For them, the most significant aphrodisiac is intellectual stimulation. Although their compatibility with other people can be complicated, integrity and honesty are a prerequisite for the success of a long-term relationship with the people who are born on the January 31.

Purpose and Career

People of the January 31 are the people who are, looking them through the business and careers are the people who can be described as the innovators and idealists. Undoubtedly, they are maximally dedicated to every company they, but one thing is somewhat unfortunate regarding them is that they sometimes in life do jobs that are not appropriate for them. But, still, they do these jobs very well, and they will never slack off.

For them, the perfect career choice that makes progress, and where ever they can make. If they are given the opportunity to express their talents, they can achieve great business success; and if they do something, else they will not be able to make progress, but will do their jobs well.

Because of their free spirit, they do not like control and impose of tempo, so they are hard to bear with authority and restriction of freedom.

Most people, who are born on the January 31, are like all Aquariuses have some hidden talents that can turn into successful careers, but the bad thing is that they sometimes don’t find that talent. In every Aquarius, a creative artist is hiding, that is one thing that is true, but another thing is they able to find that talent and make it profitable. Careful workers and critical thinkers – this is one sentence that can be used to describe these people. They belong to a rare brand of people who can do a lot of work at the same time.


They are overwhelmed by the harshness, perseverance and stubbornness that they can successfully achieve their goals.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

As all Aquariuses sign in the Zodiac system, these people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 31, are people who live under the Uranus, and the planet Saturn in one smaller part.

They belong to the air, their colour is green, and their numbers are 4, 7, 11, 22, and 29.

Historical Events on January 31

In the next couple of rows, you will be able to inform yourself about many exciting and important events that marked a particular era in the human history, which deserve to be remembered for the future generations.

1747 – The first clinic in the world that was developed to treat venereal diseases was opened in the Look’s hospital.

1808 – Napoleon annexed the Dubrovnik Republic. The annex was proclaimed by General Ogist Marmon. This stopped the existence of the Dubrovnik Republic, and the city of Dubrovnik was conferred on Austria in 1815 at the Vienna Congress.

1917 – In World War I, Germany published a “total war on the sea” with the intention of incurring unlimited submarine warfare for Great Britain to capitulate. The torpedoing of US ships suggested that the neutral US forces would enter the war against the Central Powers.

1918 – This was the last day of counting the time to the Julian calendar, and the next day the date was marked as February 14 according to the Gregorian calendar.

1930 – The London Maritime Conference began, which ended on April 22 with the agreement of Great Britain, the United States, France, Italy and Japan on the regulation of submarine warfare.

1950 – US President Harry Truman announced he ordered the production of a hydrogen bomb.

1958 – First American artificial satellite “Explorer I” launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

1962 – At the US initiative, at a rally in Uruguay, Cuba was excluded from the United States Organization, and a resolution banning trade with it was passed.

1935 – After then World War II, he published the map “Against Fascism”.

1964 – The Soviet automatic station “Luna 9” was launched to the Moon, which three days later softly lowered and broadcasted the first TVs of the surface of Meshes.

1971 – A limited telephone traffic was established between East and West Berlin for the first time in 19 years.

1974 – American film producer Samuel Goldwin, one of the founders of “Metro-Goldwin-Mayer” (“The Best Years of Our Life”, “Little Fox”, “Porgy and Bes”), died.

1990 – A first American fast food restaurant McDonalds opened in Moscow.

1994 – In the capital of Somalia Mogadishu, US marines escorting a convoy, in which US diplomats opened fire on people gathered at a food distribution centre and killed at least five civilians, and many wounded.

1996 – A Tamil suicide bomber landed in a truck full of explosives at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in Kolomb. In this explosion, 90 people were killed and more than 1,400 injured.

1997 – In the conflict between armed Albanians and members of the Serbian police at Vushtrri in Kosovo, three Albanians and three members of the MUP of Serbia were wounded.

2001 – After a nine-month trial, the Scottish court sentenced Libyan Abdel Baset al-Megrahi (49) for lifting the bomb on Pan Am, which collapsed over the Scottish town of Lokbury in December 1988 and killed 270 people. His accomplice Amin Kalifa Fahim has been acquitted.

2002 – The Catholic Church in Ireland agreed to pay $ 110 million in damages to people who spent their childhood in church orphans, where priests sexually abused them. The lawsuit was filed by 3,500 people.

2006 – Skot King died, she was the wife of Martin Luther (Luther) King, who after his death became the leader of the race for racial equality in the United States.

2007 – American novelist Sidney Sheldon died. He won the Oscar for the best Screenwriter for “The Bachelor” and some other comedies.

Famous people born on January 31

1543 -Tokugawa Ieyasu, a founder and first Shogun of Tokugawa dynasty that ruled Japan.

1673 -Ludwig Maria Grignion de Montfort, a French monk and founder of the Catholic Order of the same name.

1769  – Andre-Jacques Garner, a French finder of parachutes of non-ferrous materials.

1797-  Franc Peter Schubert, an Austrian composer.

1799 – Rodolphe Töpffer, Swiss writer, illustrator and cartoonist, “Father of the Comic”.

1865 – Henri Desgrange, editor of the French sports newspaper L’Auto and the founder of the Tour de France.

1865-  Patriarch of Moscow Tikhon, he was Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia immediately after the end of the October Revolution.

1868 -Theodore William Richards, the first American Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1914.

1872 -Zane Gray, an American novelist.

1872- Jane Sandanski, a Macedonian revolutionary.

1881 – Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballerina.

1881 – Irving Langmuir, an American physicist, and the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1932.

1883 – Emil Wyatt, the former athlete of the United Kingdom, was the first, last and only Olympic winner in a 5-mile run, which only existed at the Olympic Games in 1908 in London.

1884- Theodore Hoys, the first president of West Germany after the World War II, 1949 – 1959.

1901 – Vasily Kuznetsov, the three-times president of the USSR.

1902 -Tallulah Bankhead, an American actress.

1910 – Willibald Hahn, an Austrian footballer and football coach.

1911 – Vangeli Dimitrova, is more famous than Grandmother (Baba) Vanga, a Bulgarian prophet.

1921 – Mario Lanza, an American tenor.

1923 – Norman Mailer, an American writer, journalist, essayist, playwright, film-maker, actor, and liberal political activist.

1924 – Tengiz Abuladze, the Georgian film director.

1929 – Jean Simmons, British theatre, a film and TV actress and singer.

1929 – Rudolf Ludvig Mossbauer, a German physicist, Nobel Prize winner for physics in 1961, he shared with Robert Hofstadter.

1933.- Bernardo Provenzano, an Italian member of the Mafia and the first man of the Koza Nostra.

1935 – Kenzaburo Oe, a Japanese writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1937 -Philip Glas, an American composer of classical music.

1938 – Beatrix von Oranien-Nassau, a Dutch queen.

1947- Ken Wilber, an American philosopher.

1955 – Virginia Ruzica, a former Romanian tennis player.

1956- John Joseph Lydon, also known under the former pseudonym Johnny Rotten, a British punk musician.

1956- Guido van Rossum, a Dutch developer, author of the Python programming language.

1956- Stefan Majewski, a Polish football coach, former defender.

1964- Jeff Hanneman, an American guitarist, known as a founding member of the American thrash metal band Slayer.

1966- Dexter Fletcher, a British actor and director.

1969- Daniel Richard Moder, American cameraman, screenwriter and director of photography, husband of American actress Julia Roberts.

1970 – Minnie Driver, a British actress and singer-songwriter.

1971 – Patricia Velasquez, a Venezuelan actress.

1973 -Portia Lee James DeGeneres, born as Amanda Lee Rogers, is an Australian-American actress.

1976 – Traianos Delas, a Greek footballer.

1976- Simone Rosalba, an Italian volleyball player.

1977 – Kerry Washington, an American actress.

1980- Sergey Anatolievich Fedortsova, Russian Olympic champion in rowing in the discipline Quadruple Sculpture.

1980- Dan Milisavljević, a Canadian astronomer.

1981- Justin Randall Timberlake, an American singer, actor and pop star.

1982- Elena Paparizou, a popular Greek singer.

1982- Maret Ani, an Estonian professional tennis player.

1983- Fabio Quagliarella, an Italian footballer.

1984 – Jeremy Matthew Wariner, an American Olympic and World Champion in Athletics.

1984-  Vladimir Bystrov, a Russian footballer.

1985- Maria Kalomira Sarantis, a Greek pop singer.

1989- Joanna Atkins, an American athlete.

1989- Natalia Duco Soler, a Chilean athlete.

What is good about people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 31 is that they look at the world as a place a lot of opportunities where they can find their place and become better people.

They are the people who own particular type of harmony in their minds, and peace in their hearts, they seem (and are) relaxed people.