January 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If you are born on January 3, then you may be interested to know something about this day. Even though you may be Capricorn zodiac sign, you should know that there are some caracteristics that are specific for the day of your birth. That’s why we want to tell you something about this day and its meaning.

As we all know, January 3 is the 3rd day in the year in the Gregorian calendar. But, you may not have known that this day and Capricorn zodiac sign in general are connected to Earth. This element is considered to be very important for your own nature and your life. The planet that is ruling your zodiac sign is Saturn, but there is also a certain influence of Venus on your life, which makes you be a creative and harmonius person. Actually, people born between January 2 and January 11 are usually under the strong influence of Venus.

The astrological symbol of a Capricorn born on January 3 is Goat, which means that you are a simple and ambitious person, but you may be also stubborn in many situations. Actually, Goat is an astrological symbol for all people who are born between 22th December and 19th January. Of course, Capricorn is the Latin name for Goat.

There are also many other characteristics typical for January 3 zodiac sign, so you will have the opportunity to discover them in this article. First of all, you will see some of the most important traits of these people, as well as their love compatibility. We will also tell you something about their career and purpose in life. If you continue reading, you will see what are the lucky numbers and symbols of January 3 zodiac sign, famous birthdays on this day and many other interesting facts.

If you have your birthday on January 3 or if you know someone who is born on this day, then you will enjoy this article. It will be interesting for you because you will find out many new things that you didn’t know about January 3 and its symbolism. We are sure that you will enjoy and you will find many interesting facts about yourself or about any other person that is born on January 3.

Characteristics and Personality

If you are a Capricorn born on January 3, then your most important traits are you hard-working nature and your sociability. You don’t like to be alone and you are active in many social activities around you. You love to be in the center of attention and to make other people admire you.

Also, you are ready to give great attention to people around you, so they love you and you have a lot of friends in your life. You are a very persistent person and you never give up from your goals. You have self-confidence and you believe that you can achieve all your goals.

If you have your birthday on January 3, then you must be a very practical and well-organized person. You follow the rules and you love reliable people who will never deceive you. Of course, a Capricorn born on January 3 is usually very sincere and intelligent.

It is also important to say that people born under January 3 zodiac sign are usually very generous and caring. Also, they have high motivation, so they are usually successful in everything they do. People born on January 3 usually love traveling and they are very interested in the world around us and its secrets.

As we have already said, the element that is connected to your zodiac sign is Earth. Your basic connection with this element makes you be ready to start many situations in your life. Also, this connection makes you realistic and we can say that your goals in life are always approachable. You are a person who love to live in peace and harmony. You possess a great creative energy and you are usually adaptable to any situation.

However, there are some negative traits for this zodiac sign as well. People born on January 3 can be very pessimistic sometimes. Dark thoughts are typical for them and they are very suspicious. These people are not adventurous and they don’t like to take any risks in their lives. Also, they may be too naive sometimes, so other people can use them in many ways.

Now you will see something about love compatibility of this zodiac sign, which could help you manage your own love life. If you are a Capricorn born on January 3 or your partner is, then you should carefully read this article.

Love Compatibility

If you are a Capricorn who is born on January 3, then you must be a very reliable and also romantic person. You are looking for a partner who will be reliable as you are and also very intelligent. You are attracted by honest people who will give you support in any situation.

Even though people born on January 3 are realistic and they follow the rules, they may be also very passionate and they may surprise their partners. If you are born on January 3, you prefer long-lasting relationships, but you are never in a rush to commit if you don’t feel that it is the right moment for that.

As we have already mentioned, you may be pessimistic sometimes, so it would be good to have a partner who is always in a good mood and who will help you improve positive attitude and positive thoughts.

It is believed that people born on January 3 have great relationships with people born on 6th, 9th, 18th and 27th of any month. According to astrology, these people are compatible with someone whose zodiac sign is Virgo or Taurus. They have similar views and opinions, so they can have a successful relationship.


You may not have known but the zodiac sign that is completely opposite to Capricorn is Cancer. Even though these zodiac signs are different, their relationships can be very successful and long-lasting. It is also important to mention that these two zodiac signs can have a great success in all other fields.

On the other side, it is important to say that people born on January 3 usually don’t have a good relationship with someone who is born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Purpose and Career

People born on January 3 may be too idealistic sometimes, so it happens that they have many disappointments in their lives. However, these people usually have a lot of great opportunities around them and they just need to take advantage of these opportunities.

When it comes to your career, you should search for a job where you can show your creative energy and your hard work. Thanks to your creativity and your ability to work in team and to understand other people, you can make a great success in many different jobs. In most cases people who are born under January 3 zodiac sign are working in advertising, promotion, sales or maybe in administration. Many of these people are successful businessmen, but some of them may be also poets and authors. There are also some Capricorns born on January 3 who are very successful in medical professions. But, whichever job you choose in your life, you will certainly have success because you are ready to work hard and to be completely devoted to your job.

Now you will see which symbols are typical for Capricorns born on January 3. You may not have known, but these people have their own lucky numbers, lucky days, colors and other lucky things.

Symbols, Lucky Numbers and Colors

A day that is lucky for people born on January 3 is Saturday. Actually, this day is happy for almost all Capricorns and it is a symbol of their humorous and creative nature.

Lucky color for people born on January 3 is usually a brown color and other earth tones. Brown color is always a symbol of stability and something traditional, so it is typical for these people.

People born on January 3 also love a dark green color. If you are a Capricorn born on January 3, you can use any of these colors for decorating your house, in your clothes or you can have your own car in that color. Lucky numbers for someone who is born under January 3 zodiac sign are 7, 9, 15, 17 and 22.

The stone that is typical for people born on January 3 is the garnet. This stone is a symbol of reliability and friendship. Other birthstones that could bring luck to people born under January 3 zodiac sign are Topaz and Sapphire.

The lucky flower for Capricorns born on January 3 is a carnation, which is a symbol of romantic feelings and passion. Other flowers that are also typical for this zodiac sign are Ivy and Chrysanthemum.

Now when you know what are the lucky days, colors and other symbols for people born on January 3, we will mention a couple of events that happened on this day throughout the history.

Historical Events on January 3

1870 – The construction of Brooklyn Bridge was started. This bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn

1924 – the mummy of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was located in Egypt near Luxor

1949 – Colgate Theatre in Hamilton (New York) was borned and it exists even today

1959 – Alaska became officially the 49th state of the U.S.

1969 – The album of John Lennon called Two Virgins was confiscated and not alowed to be sold in the U.S. because it was considered to be pornografic

1977 – Incorporation of Apple Computer

2011 – There was a massive flooding in Australia, 200 000 people were affected

2014 – American president Barack Obama proposed gun control for people who have mental illnesses

Famous People Born on January 3

There are many famous people born on January 3. First of all, we will mention Mel Gibson, a popular American actor who is born on January 3 1956. A German racing driver Michael Schumacher is also born on January 3 (1969), as well as American actress Danica McKellar (1975).

Other famous people born on this day are Katie McGrath, Irish actress (1983), Erick Brian Colon, Cuban Instagram star (2001), South Korean actor Lee Wan and many others. We will also mention a famous Roman philosopher Ciceron who was born on January 3 106 BC. This day was also a day of birth of a popular English poet and writer J.R.R.Tolkien, who was born in 1892.

You have seen in this article that people born on January 3 are usually very imaginative and sociable. These people are lively and friendly, but sometimes they may be too pessimistic. They don’t love any kind of changes and they feel best when they are in their comfort zone. People born under January 3 zodiac sign are very ambitious and persistent, so they never give up from their goals.

We have told you what are the days and numbers lucky for people born on January 3. If you are also born on this day, we are sure that you will take into account all informations that we have told you about January 3.

We hope this article has been interesting and useful for you. It has certainly helped you understand some of your own traits and your own life in general. If you know someone who is born under January 3 zodiac sign, then you can certainly understand better all about this person and his/her behavior. If your date of birth is January 3, don’t forget that you are a fabulous person.