January 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Do you believe in horoscope, do you read it on a daily basis? There are not nearly daily newspapers, magazines, and almost no websites where you will not find at least one article about horoscope, and let us not start speaking about the mediums that are specialised about the astrology.

They are almost everywhere, but people are sometimes confused about what it represents (horoscope) and how much truth there is in it – maybe these are just words that we can use for fun.

The word horoscope was derived from the Greek word horoscopes which, in translation (simplified) means watch the time. And indeed it is the truth – Watch the time of your birth!

A horoscope represents a stylized map of the sky at the time of birth of a particular person. On this occasion, the birthday, the place of birth, the exact position of the planet and the position of the Zodiac signs are taken into account. Based on all of these data, we can find out all about the future of a particular person, and daily Horoscope will give you daily information about what awaits you day by day.

But more specific information can be seen in the overlook of our birthdate.

Personality and Character

People who celebrate their birthdays on the 29th day of the January are the people who are modern individuals of our society, they go a bit ahead of her time, but they are not against anything that is traditionalistic.

What they hate is when people behave vulgarly and rude, this is so repulsive for these Aquariuses(date 29 January belongs under the government of the Aquarius).

They are the people who need a lot of gentlenesses, even if they don’t show it very often, and it is understandable since they are in some shy and reclusive people. They will seek others understanding, and they always expect from others to accept them completely and if not they are disappointed and sad. What they love the most is when people can understand what it is that that interests them, but this is not the case.

What people of the January 29 hate is any infidelity of relations, and they are almost always spontaneous, and they enter any association with their open hearts and souls.

Like all Aquariuses, these people also have right intuition and know how to read between the lines, so their friends in them have a full understanding and no judgment.

They will do what they need and when necessary, without what are like circumstances – they can manage themselves in any situation and difficulties.

On top of the things, individuals who are born on the January 29 have developed community awareness and often take actions in this field. And their motto is that they don’t give sacrifice, but presence.

They are the people who respect theirs and others indepence and feel like everyone has the right to live by the rules they see are good. Because they consider it a prerequisite for a good community – everyone has their own beliefs, and it is ok as long as you don’t hurt any other human being. It is the law of logic and purity of the heart that people of the January 29 undoubtedly have.

Love Compatibility

Love of these people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 29 is something that can be hard but is also something worth waiting. It is worth it to wait for it because they have beautiful features that you will surely like.

They have to feel and understand their lovers; they love partners who have a passionate enthusiasm. The ideal love for them is a whole relationship full of understanding and support.

They love to spend time with their lovers in intellectual discussions for a long time, contemplating some of the principles of life, and how they can make it a better place.


One negative aspect in their lives is that they strive to the ideal love, but just because it is aware that it is a perfect roadmap and not a goal, they can accept partners with all the defects and virtues. This is great, love as acceptance in the fullest meaning of that word.

Purpose and Career

What to expect when we are talking about the purpose of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 29? First of all excitement – they hate boring, daily and monotonous jobs.

They are born rebels and destroyers of an existing order of things – they live at least 50 years ahead of their time and are very difficult to follow.

They get fascinated with everything that is new, extravagant and unusual and their find their career according to that.

Also, their life occupation needs to be in correlation with their moral principles, or otherwise they will not do it.

People of the January 29 are the people who can do the strangest jobs possible, but they need to find their harmony in that unusual job. They need to feel good, and cannot do anything that will take away their freedom, and they feel the best when they can take care of the environment.

Maybe the best occupation for these people is social service, or at the school where they can give those children the lessons of the school of life.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

For these people, government belongs to the planet Uranus that is the ruling planet of all people that belong to the Aquarius sign.

This is the planet that symbolically gives energy, but also sudden and sometimes aggressive nature, but also offers visionary qualities; they can perceive the future and know correctly what will work in five or ten years. Uranus gives these people who are born on the January 29 a power of fast and light transformation, so they are more famous as thinkers, progressives and humanists.

In a way, their number is 2, and in that way, they are the people of the groups and the couples, so they tend to be always surrounded by other people.

Their element is water and general nature with all its life, people, plants and animals and ensures that growth continues.

Historical Events on the January 29

Some events are so crucial for the human existence that would be a shame that these dates are forgotten and that they disappear for our minds, so it is good to remind ourselves what are those vents that marked date January 29th throughout history.

904 – By the election of Sergius III for Pope begins the so-called period of pornocracy.

1635 – This was the year in which French Academy was founded, one of the most famous in Europe. The academy was founded by Cardinal Richelieu, Minister of King Louis XIII.

1676 – Fyodor III became the king of Russia.

1814 – France defeated Russia and Prussia in the battle of Bryan.

1845 – “The Raven”, popular poem Edgar Allan Poe, was first published in New York Evening Mirror.

1850 – Henry Clay introduced the 1850 Compromise to the US Congress.

1856 – The first Victoria’s Cross was awarded, recognising heroic deeds during the Crimean War.

1861 – Kansas was admitted to the United States as the 34th US state.

1863 – The US Army defeated Shawnee in a massacre on the Bears River.

1886 – German engineer Karl Benz patented the first successful gasoline car.

1889 – Austro-Hungarian prince, the Crown Prince Rudolf, the only son of Franz Josef the First, was found dead with his mistress Mary Vetsera in the Mayerling Castle near Vienna.

1891 – Liliuokalani was proclaimed the last ruler and the only queen of Hawaii.

1896 – American physician Emil Grab first used radiation therapy in the treatment of lung cancer, using it on the Chicago patient Rose Lee.

1916 – In the World War I Germans for the first time bombarded Paris.

1933 – German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as German Chancellor. Hitler officially took office one day later on January 30th.

1942 – Peru and Bolivia ending the war in Rio de Janeiro in 1941 due to the controversial border territory between the two countries in the Amazon jungle area, but the controversial issue has not been resolved.

1942 – The Treaty of the Alliance was signed between the USSR, Great Britain and Iran.

1950 – Began the first in a series of rebellions in Johannesburg, caused by the racist policy of the Government of South Africa.

1959 – Danish passenger ship “Hans Hedtoft” sank, floating next to the coast of Greenland, into the iceberg and sank.  95 people died.

1963 – France vetoed the entry of the United Kingdom into the European Economic Community.

1964 – In Austria, Innsbruck Winter Olympics started.

1989 – After seven years of misunderstanding and international arbitration, Israel returned Egypt the city of Taba on the Red Sea, which occupied the Israeli-Arab war of 1967.

1996 – Venetian opera house “La Fenice” burnt in a fire, the second time in its 204 years of its history.

1999 – The Contact Group invited the authorities of Serbia and representatives of the Kosovo Albanians to join the peace talks in the French Rambouillet castle near Paris by 6 February.

2002 – US President George W. Bush told the US Congress that the war on terrorism is starting.

2002 – An old Afghan flag fluttered in Kabul, for the first time since the communist coup in 1978 that marked the beginning of the 23-year period of wars and crises in that country.

Famous people born on the January 29

As we go through the days of January, we often stay and take a look at some specific date, like January 29, and we get surprised by the information who are those famous people who celebrate their birthdays on that date.

1499 – Katharina von Bora, a German reformer and wife of Martin Luther.

1584 -Friedrich Heinrich (Oranien), a United Kingdom governor.

1688 – Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian and mystic.

1749 – Christian VII, a Danish and Norwegian King.

1773 – Friedrich Mohs, a German geologist/mineralogist.

1782 – Daniel Francois Esprit Auber, a French composer.

1843 – William McKinley, an American politician and president.

1860 – Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, one of the most important Russian and world drama writers and narrators.

1866 – Romain Rolland, a French writer and Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 1915.

1867 – Vicente Blasco Ibánez, a Spanish writer.

1872 – Gotse Delchev, leader of the national-revolutionary movement in Macedonia.

1881 – Kim Gyu-sik, a Korean politician, diplomat and poet.

1918 – John Forsythe, an American actor (most famous for his role in Dynasty).

1926 – Abdus Salam, a Pakistani physicist and the winner of the Nobel Prize.

1933 – Sacha Distel, a French singer and guitarist.

1939 – Germaine Greer, an Australian academic, writer and leader.

1945 – Thomas William Selleck, an American actor.

1954 – Oprah Gail Winfrey, an American TV presenter, actress and film producer.

1965 – Dominik Hasek, a Czech footballer.

1966 – Romário de Souza Faria, a retired Brazilian footballer and coach, and current Brazilian politician.

1975 – Sara Gilbert, an American actress.

1981 – Dario Lopilato, an Argentinean actor.

1984 – Athina Onassis, granddaughter and heir to Aristotle Onassis.

1990 – Grzegorz Krychowiakk, a Polish footballer.

In this last part, we will try to sum up all those exciting and meaningful things that depict the character of the person who celebrates its birthday on the January 29.

These people have many beautiful features that undoubtedly many people in their surrounding like. First, they are the people who are very interested in saving knowledge, and material things don’t interest them much, there are so many essential things in life. Secondly, they will never love you if you are not honest with yourself – they like people who real to themselves and who are open and honest no matter what are the circumstances.

They always measure you with their archetype and will analyse your psyche and secrets. If you pass their test, it could be an exciting experience. Do not be surprised when they listen to you carefully while giving you their advice, they love to help people and are humans of high intellect and wisdom, oriented towards humanitarian work.