January 25 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology has always been and still is, the subject of many sharp discussions – some believe in it (knowledgeable and ordinary people have the same feelings about this topic), others claim that it is not the science at all, and some other people like to use their horoscope for fun.

They all are right, and any persuasion is not needed in this issues that are based on the assumption that we all develop our own beliefs, for whatever reason. What cannot deny that astrology is present in the history of humanity since the past of times, and probably many times before, and some say that is the first science in the world – ancient people first look at the stars, before anything else. They sum all of that knowledge and created astrology, with all of its theories, symbolic, etc.

Todays, modern astrology has the roots of this ancient science of the stars.

Whoever believes –  believes, who does not believe – is all right, you lose nothing if you read a couple of these lines, and inform yourself more about the aspects of the Zodiac signs and information that birthdates provide. We will be bold enough to say that perhaps, birthdate offers more information than the actual Zodiac sign since the date of our birth is more precise.

Personality and Character

Personality and character of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 25 belong to the sign of Aquarius, and as you guess it, they are independent and like their freedom most of all – this aspect can be seen in all of their actions and deeds. They are polite and are not so irresponsible as, like other Aquariuses, they can meet deadlines, and can provide what is necessary for their jobs or families.

They are passionate, original, and full of confidence, sometimes overwhelming – but always noble and humane. And above all, they are intellectually thousands of miles in front of everyone, and this could be their advantage or their demise since they can be misunderstood in their societies, even close environment. People don’t like what they can’t understand, and this is true for all the people out there who are different, including those who are born on the January 25.

What attracts them is all that is new and unusual, and it doesn’t matter if they want new clothes or new job idea. Those people reconsider their ideas and are still able to retain faith in them no matter what the income in reality is.

Also, people of the January 25 are prone to futurism and science, even for fun, and this could be their occupation. This trait can transform into extreme stubbornness and once when these people form thoughts and ideas, they find it difficult to change, and they defend them persistently.

One more notable characteristic that is characteristic of all people who are Aquarius in the Zodiac system of signs is their eccentricity. Most of them (people of the January 25) are expressed mildly, only in front of their closest friends and families.

People who are born on the January 25 are good listeners, and they can suggest something quite new and just understandable to solve others people’s problems- this task they do successfully.

Sometimes it is quite difficult for them to establish a close connection with them, precisely because of this pronounced individuality. They often try to distance themselves from others and to stay locked in their worlds.

At the same time, they can be an enigma for others, because what is clear to them does not mean that their thought is open to others. No matter how extrovert and social they are – they have closed personality, and it is one fact.

In the end, they are not dreamers but are constantly open to what is to come – a brighter future. Attitudes of others can change it in a moment, but the most important thing for them is what they think and feel. At the same time, these people are thoughtful and intuitive, and they can use these traits to help others.

Love Compatibility

People of the January 25 have their dark side, and unfortunately, their dark side can be seen in their love aspects. The reason is that emotions frighten them because they show little interest in specific people, as individual lovers – they are more interested in life as a whole, and love emotion is something that belongs to the entire world. This is their attitude towards love and can be interference in love relationships.

They can be cold as ice or even cruel at times, especially to those who want to take away their freedom or hinder their privacy – these situations happen when they are young and when is possible to control them, in a way.

But they are the alphas in their relationships, thanks to their intelligence, but they are infamous lovers also, an even gentle at times, which is characteristic that is unexpected.


But also they can be very egocentric in a relationship, putting their needs in the first place, and partners in the second.

They are great friends with their lovers and are always ready to help and share problems -people of the January 25 know how to behave discreetly and at the right moment to provide the right advice.

But marriage is not always easy for them, and they need a partner who will tolerate their accentuated individuality and the need for “time alone”. They hate and will not tolerate possessiveness in any shape or form.

They need a partner who is modern, dynamic and unconventional, without prejudice, unrelated to tradition, and an ideal life is one where they live a happy life, without monotony, boredom, and banality. This goal is not easy to achieve, no doubt about it.

Purpose and Career

Leaders belong to this date of birth; it is the number of friends, social life, and aspiration. When they look for the job, or their life occupation, even hobbies, they will search for social and intellectual security. They facilitate and improve group activities, gambling with social changes. They are the people who like to set themselves as leaders who want to achieve the possibility of individual decision making, which is a condition for freedom as an individual, as well as society as a whole.

They only design the reasons for the revolution, secretly while they are doing their everyday jobs, maybe even in the office. They believe in fierce changes, but leave them to the others. This is not because of cowardice – but it is just not their nature. Their ideals are equality, love for all, search for truth, meditation in solitude – they will find the job that covers at least one of these requirements.

Symbols, Lucky Numbers and Colors

The ruling planets in the case of the people of the January 25 are, as in all Aquariuses sign are the Uranus and Saturn. The leading planet is definitely the planet Uranus is so called the unconventional planets, and so are they. The Aquarius, as well as the people who are born on the January 25, are the most significant individuals in the Zodiac system of signs.

This planet gives them individuality and wisdom, but also they are generous and happy to help other people. They do not seek in return to come back with the same measure. Quite the contrary, if this happens – it is surprising!

Their element is air, and their colours are turquoise, and blue; and stone-  Aquamarine.

Metal that symbolically describes them is Titanium, one of the strongest metals on the planet Earth.

Historical Events on January 25

In next few lines read all about the most significant events that shaped our lives as humans.

In the year 1579 – Northern Netherlands, Holland, Zealand, Utrecht, have proclaimed the Utrecht Union to oppose the Spanish authorities. In 1581, the Union was occupied by Spain, and Westphalia in 1648 received independence and then accepted the name of the Netherlands to the largest and richest province.

In the year 1831 – The Polish Parliament proclaimed Poland’s independence and abolished the Russian Emperor Nikolaus I of the Polish concession.

In the year 1878 – In the Russian-Turkish War, a Turkish ship was submerged after the Russians hit the torpedo.

In the year 1919 – The League of Peoples was founded, the forerunner of the United Nations.

In the year 1924 – The first Winter Olympics were opened in the French city of Chamonix.

In the year 1947 – The most famous American gangster Al Capone died. He was the criminal organiser in Chicago and the head of one of the largest gangster gangs. Authorities arrested him for tax evasion.

In the year 1961 – US President John Kennedy held the first press conference broadcasted by the television at the Washington Department in Washington, DC. Kennedy answered the 31 question.

In the year 1971 – General Idi Amin defeated Milton Obote by the military strike and proclaimed himself for president.

In the year 1983 – Chinese authorities have been converted to a lifelong prison sentence, a death sentence issued on the same day in 1981 for Mao Cedung’s widow Đang Chin.

In the year 1996 – The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has accepted Russia as a member of the organisation and despite harsh criticism of Russian military engagement in Chechnya.

In the year 1999 – A series of earthquakes in Colombia, hit the coffee breweries region, killed about 2,000 people and hundreds of thousands of people were left without homes.

In the year 2002 – Dorothy Karington, a British historian, anthropologist and writer, known for his books on the island of Corsica where he lived, died.

In the year 2005 – In a stampede during a pilgrimage to the goddess of Mande Devine in the west of India, at least 258 Hinduist pilgrims, including women and children, were killed.

In the year 2006 – At the first parliamentary elections in Palestinian Territories, the Islamic Radical Movement Hamas won, and formed a new government headed by the leader of that movement Ismail Haniyeh.

Famous People Born on January 25

730 – Leo IV the Khazar, a Byzantine car.

1627.- Robert Boyle, an English chemist.

1708.- Pompeo Batoni, an Italian painter.

1736.- Joseph-Louis Lagrange, a French mathematician and astronomer.

1759. – Robert Burns, a Scottish poet.

1874.- William Somerset Maugham, an English narrator and playwright.

1881.- Emil Ludwig, a German-Swiss author, known for his biographies and study of historical events.

1882.- Virginia Woolf, a British writer and idol of the feminist movement.

1894.- Mikhail Chiaureli, a Georgian director.

1904.- Géza Fried, a Hungarian pianist and composer.

1911. – Hugo Kras, a German General.

1912. – Jânio Quadros, a Brazilian politician and statesman.

1913. – Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, an Italian scientist and geneticist.

1926.- Youssef Chahine, an Egyptian director.

1927. – Antônio Carlos Jobim, a Brazilian singer.

1928.- Eduard Shevardnadze, a Georgian politician.

1933.- Corazon Aquino, a Filipino politician and a statesman.

1935.- António Ramalho Eanes, a Portuguese politician and statesman.

1938.-  Leiji Matsumoto, a Japanese comic book writer.

1942.- Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, a Portuguese footballer.

1951.-  Bill Viola, an American Artist.

1958.- Alessandro Baricco, Italian writer.

1967.-David Ginola, a French footballer.

1977. – Hatem Trabelsi, Tunisian football player.

1980.-  Xavi Hernández Creus, a Spanish footballer.

1981.- Alicia Keys, an American singer and songwriter

1982. – Noemi (born Veronica Scopelliti), an Italian singer

1984.- Robinho de Souza, a Brazilian Footballer.

1984.- Stefan Kiessling, a German footballer.

1985.- Acie Law, an American basketball player.

1987.- Mary Kirilenko, a Russian tennis player.

1988.- Tatjana Golovin, a French tennis player.

1989.- Henri Belle, Cameroonian footballer.

To describe people who are born on the January 25, we could say that they are the people who are approaching their problems scientifically; they will analyse them carefully and will not make mistakes! They have lush imagination, but that imagination serves them just to frame clear and precise thoughts. They know to be angry, but primarily to themselves, and believes that mistakes made by others can be prevented with their help.

They are not emotional and see people primarily as friends and are deeply emotionally attached to them. When falling in love, they will focus all attention on the person they love and will be incredibly faithful.