January 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Each day in the month has its own characteristics that influence the formation of personality – choice of a profession, specific behaviour in the society, but also the secretive desires and ambitions, a selection of a life partner, and everything in between.  We can make a lot of decision – based on our birth date, and it is not a bad idea to look into some of these articles so that you can inform yourself about the characteristics of your date.

In short, you can enter the process of the determination of the destiny.

Personality and Character

On the one hand, people of the January 24, as all Aquariuses in the Zodiac system of signs, can be shy and very calm and reserved, and on the other hand, they can be extremely eccentric and energetic – in the character of these people, this second aspect is more prominent.

No matter what case is the dominant one in their lives, they are smart and intelligent human beings, who have a certain amount of wisdom even in the early years of their lives. They turn to make their environment a better place for all people; then they want to change the4 entire world, they are happy to help other people are knowledgeable and have a strong intuition.

What affects them the most is their energy field that can be under the serious impact of their environment – if the people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 24 are in the affirmative environment, and then they have that same energy. If the environmental energy is negative, so are they, and their lives can become destructive and dark, so they need to choose wisely their surroundings.

Often they need to escape from everything that occupies their life, to somehow secure themselves and renew energy, or they cannot move on any further. They use their most potent weapon in every situation, an intellect, but if there is no motivation or mental stimulation, it is boring for them, and they will not be able to achieve the best results.

The biggest problem for them is the feeling that they are in some way limited or twisted because their need for freedom and will always strive to ensure freedom of speech and movement. They also have the reputation of the people who are cold and inconspicuous, but that is just its defense mechanism against premature closeness.

Any gathering people to exchange ideas for them is the best work environment where they can flourish; and in later years of their lives, they can show leadership, vision, unconventionality and intellectual independence. These are the people who separate from the crowd and go their way, on top of the things they are always in awe of mental stimulation, continually discovering something new, forming an original opinion.

Their life motto is “Live and let others live”, but when they feel like it, they can be manipulative masters and adapt to almost every situation.

Love compatibility

Intellectual stimulation is the greatest aphrodisiac for the people who are born on the 24th day of January, and for love, there is nothing that can intrigue and attract them as much as an interesting conversation with someone who they like. When it comes to love, they are best suited to those who do not easily understand their sincerity.

Openness, communication, imagination, and willingness to risk are the best qualities that fit well into the prospect of the love life when it comes to these people who share similarities with Aquariuses sign in the Zodiac. Honesty and openness with their partner make crucial importance to someone who wants a long-term relationship with this dynamic person.

In any interpersonal relationship, these people are energetic and active, but there can be nothing fake and dishonest, everything to be clear and clean so that they could feel safe and comfortable.

Purpose and career

Individuals, who are born on the January 24, are like some members of the Aquarius sign, the people who can bring great enthusiasm to the job they do; and have the exceptional ability to use imagination for business purposes. A career that enables the development of concept and demonstration of creativity is best suited to them.

They are the people who have incredible and extensive knowledge about life, art science, etc. and they could use for succeeding in their life occupations.  High intellect combined with the readiness to share their talents inspires many who work in their environment – they are the people who push others to be better. This trait can sometimes be irritating for the colleagues who don’t want to be in that competitive business “game”. They do get involved in jobs that aim to make humanity better, and as all Aquariuses, they are focused, at least in one part, to the humanitarian and altruistic work.

When it comes to money, they have the talent to maintain a balance between revenue and expense as well as to save money – unlike large members of the Aquarius Zodiac sign. Most of them have a built-in style and are not afraid to show it. They are best suited to acting, writing, teaching, photographs or pilots. As unconventional guys, if they get a chance to show off talents, people of the January 24 can achieve great success.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

All of us have something that symbolically defines us, as our favourite colour or number; and this is also true for the people who celebrate their birthday on the January 24; they have some similarities in the case of the people who belong to the Aquarius sign, but there are some differences as well.


They are under the rule of the planet Saturn, and many astrologers believe that this is the celestial body that has warm nature that is at the same time airy and windy – like their nature. Saturn, symbolically casts a shadow, gives a sudden and sometimes aggressive life, but the representatives of this date also have visionary qualities – they can pronounce in the future.

Also, Saturn provides them with the power of rapid and easy transformation, which is why they are known as thinkers, progressives and manipulators.

They are also connected to the planets Venus and Uranus, and in one part these people belong to the smallest and warmest planet Mercury.

In some way, people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 24 can symbolically be described as nature, tall trees and running water, and the human body.

Their favourite colour is blue and numbers 6 and 55.

Historical events on January 24

These events marked January 24 through history on good and bad ways, but they indeed leave a mark and make us remember them. These events were so influential that some of them are recognised hundreds and thousands of years later.

In the year 41. – Members of the Praetorian Guard killed the Roman Emperor Caligula. He was the megalomaniac that has entered history as one of the most corrupt Imperial personalities.

In the year 1556 – About 850,000 people were killed in a strong earthquake in the province of Shaanxi, hundreds of objects and houses have been destroyed. This by a number of victims was one of the greatest natural catastrophes in the history of humanity.

In the year 1838. – Samuel Morse invented the telegraph which changed the telegraphic code – from the telegraphic system with the numeric code to the code for each letter.

In the year 1915 – British warships in the World War I in Northern Sea flooded the German “Blucher” cruiser, where 870 people died.

In the year 1924 – Former Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg, got its new name – Leningrad, honouring the leader of the October Revolution of Lenin.

In the year 1927 – The first film by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Pleasure Garden”, in England.

In the year 1946 – On the basis of the UN General Assembly resolution, initiated by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, the Atomic Energy Commission was established.

In the year 1972 – The Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi was discovered on the Pacific island of Guam, where he was hiding in the jungles for 28 years, after the World War II.

In the year 1983 – 32 members of the “Red Brigade” terrorist organisation were arrested in Italy. They were suspected of criminal acts, including the assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

In the year 1986. – The army of national resistance of former Uganda Defense Minister Yoweri Museveni entered the capital of Kampala and defeated the government of the General Tito Okel. On the 29 January, Museveni was proclaimed a new head of state.

In the year 1998 – 77 people died in an explosion that caused a fire in the coal mine  Zhangjiajing in Liaoning, in China.

In the year 1999 – King Hussein of Jordan signed a decree by which his eldest son Abdulah was appointed as his successor.

In the year 2002 – Former Lebanese Minister Eli Holbeck was killed in Beirut

In the year 2001. – Former banker Klara Furs was the first woman appointed for the director of the British Stock Exchange.

In the year 2006 – The Conservative Party (headed by Steven Harper) won the parliamentary elections in Canada after 12 years of liberal rule.

Famous people born on January 24

Admit it, how many times you showed interest in finding out who the famous person who is born on the same day as you are is? Probably, many times; and you still do such thing, for sure. A good part of this article we dedicated to this topic – famous people born on the January 24.

76 –  Hadrian, the Roman emperor

1534. – Setthathirath, a king of Laos, considered one of the great leaders in Lao history.

1535. – William Congreve, an English dramatist and poet.

1536. – Christian Wolff, a German philosopher.

1537. – Farinelli, one of the most famous Italian soprano.

1538. –  Friedrich II of Prussia, better known as Friedrich the Great, the Prussian King.

1539. – Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, a French dramatist.

1540. – Gustav III of Sweden

1779.- Elizabeth Alekseyev, the Russian Empress

1787.- Christian Ludwig Brehm, a German ornithologist.

1864. -Marguerite Durand, French journalist and women rights fighter.

1900.- René Guillot, a French writer.

1917.- Ernest Borgnine, an American actor.

1928. – Desmond Morris, a British zoologist and ethologist, as well as a writer of popular anthropological books.

1932.- Henri Nouwen, a Dutch Catholic priest, professor, writer and theologian.

1941.-Neil Diamond, an American songwriter.

1943. -Sharon Tate, an American actress and a model.

1944.- Klaus Nomi, a German countertenor noted for his wide vocal range and an unusual, otherworldly stage persona.

1950.- Daniel Auteuil, French actor

1959.- Michel Preud, a Belgian footballer and coach.

1961. – Nastassja Kinski (born Nastassja Aglaia Nakszynski), a German actress.

1962. – Guido Buchwald, a German footballer.

1970.- Roberto Bonano, Argentine football player.

1977. – Michelle Yvonne Hunziker, Swiss TV Director and model.

1978. – Mischa Barton, an American-English actress.

1979. – Luis Alberto Suárez, Uruguayan football player.

1988.- Jade Ewen, an English actress, songwriter and singer.

To conclude, these people have an extremely independent spirit, and it is something that defines them; and it is the aspect that can be seen in all of their life’s decisions. Maybe sometimes these people can have losses because of this attitude, but it is definitely something that people of the January 24 would not change for anything in the world.

Above all they are witty, smart, adventurous, never overly impulsive (there is the difference between being excessively independent) or jealous, not demanding or overly emotional.

Unmistakable they are craving for the excitement in their lives, as almost all Aquarius do. They are best companions, lovers and friends with the people who show them proper respect and treat them as human beings in the first place, no matter on their social status. They always want to have something in the form of their knowledge or idea, because they fear they will lose identity.

And the fact is that these people can never bond to one thing in life, their life and they themselves should live as they feel – free as birds.