January 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

As we all know, January 2 is the second day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. People who are born on this day have a Capricorn as their zodiac sign. But, there are also many other interesting facts that we can tell you about this day. If you are born on January 2 or if someone who is important to you is born on this day, then you will certainly like this article.

First of all, we have to say that the element that is paired with Capricorn zodiac sign is Earth, which means that you are a persistent and hard-working person. This strong connection with Earth makes you determined to achieve all your goals. You are focused on something that is realistic and also very practical.

Another important fact is that Capricorn zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn, but people born on January 2 are also influenced by Venus. Due to the connection with these two planets, you must be a very disciplined and organized person, but also very sociable and ready for teamwork. Saturn and Venus have a strong influence on your life, both professional and private. They will affect not only your career, but also your relationship.

When it comes to numerology, the number of people born on January 2 is 2, which means that for these people most important is to have peace and harmony in their lives. Number 2 could symbolize balance and also a partnership.

The astrological symbol of this planet is Goat and it is usually related to people who are self-confident and strong both in mental and physical sense. A sign that is opposite to Capricorn born on January 2 is Cancer, but it is believed that these two signs can have great relationships.

Lucky day of people born under January 2 zodiac sign is Saturday, but below you will have the opportunity to read more about it. If you are interested to discover the personality, love compatibility, career and many other facts related to January 2 zodiac sign, then you should continue reading this article. We are sure that you will find something that could be interesting and useful for you.

Characteristics and Personality

People who are born on January 2 are usually very charming and sociable. They are also hard-working and they have their own plans and goals. They will never give up from their goals even though the situation may be too difficult. That’s why they have a lot of success at their work and also good relations with other employees.

If you are born on January 2, then your friends love you and they love to be in your company. Also, you are well-organized and disciplined, so you don’t like when you have to change your plans because of someone or something.

People born on January 2 are very active and they are always ready for work. They are full of energy, but sometimes they may be also calm and patient. They are ready to wait for great things to happen because they know that each success needs time and effort. Although these people are calm, they can also get very angry when they are disappointed or deceived from someone.

If you are born on January 2, then you must be a motivating person who is ready to give advice to some other people. It is important to say that January 2 zodiac sign is always ready to listen to other persons and to help them. They have also a great sense of humor and people love to be in their company.

Another interesting fact is that people born on January 2 are very good at managing their money. When they have a large amount of money, they know how to use it on the right way.

Even though most of characteristics of people born on January 2 are positive, there are also some negative traits that we can mention. Actually, people who are born under January 2 zodiac sign are usually very sceptical and they don’t trust people too much.

When it comes to their health, we have to mention that these people should pay special attention to their joints and bones. It is believed that these parts of their bodies can easily get injured.

Now you will have the opportunity to see something about love life and compatibility of people born on January 2.

Love Compatibility

When it comes to love, people born on January 2 are usually trustworthy and they can be very romantic. When they are searching for a partner, they want to find a reliable person who will support and understand them. They love affectionate and emotional partners and they enjoy romantic moments in their relationship.

What is important to say is that someone who is born on January 2 is usually faithful and he/she will never cheat on his/her partner. But, they don’t rush in a relationship. They prefer knowing well their partners before they start a relationship. People born on January 2 are completely dedicated to their partners and they usually have a strong connection with only one family member. They are ready to sacrifice many things and to do anything to protect this person. With remaining relatives that have almost no contact. The astrology says that people born on Jnauary 2 have the biggest love compatibility with people who are born on the 2nd, 5th, 14th, 20th and 27th.


When it comes to other zodiac signs, it is important to say that Capricorn born on January 2 has the best relations with someone who has Virgo or Taurus as a zodiac sign. They have similar opinions and attitudes in life. Very often Capricorns are looking for a sensitive and attractive person, so we can say that Cancer could be a great choice in that case. On the other side, we have to mention that Capricorn born on January 2 will have the worst relationship with Sagittarius. If you believe in astrology, then you should avoid having a relationship with someone who is Sagittarius. Capricorns and Sagittarius are not good combination when it comes to relationships.

Now when you know something more about love life and compatibility of people born on January 2, we will also tell you something about their purpose and career.

Purpose and Career

People born on January 2 have their goals and plans and they never give up from them. They have determinated plans and they always stick to them. Even though the situation may be too hard, they believe in their own abilities and strength.

We have already said that you are a hard-working person, but you are also very talented. You have so many abilities and you can choose a career you want. You are determined person, so you may be good in media or advertising. There are also many Capricorns born on January 2 who are successful in lecturing or teaching. Sometimes these people are devoted to television and films and they make great carrers in this field.

Also, there are many good musicians and artists who are born on January 2. It is important to say that people born on January 2 possess great creative energy.

Symbols, Lucky Numbers and Colors

As we have already said, a day that is lucky for people born on January 2 is Saturday. Actually, this day is a symbol of promotion and something constructive that you could do. This day could also symbolize careful nature of people who are born on January 2. Other lucky days for people born on January 2 could be Thursday and Sunday.

Some of the numbers that are lucky for people born under January 2 zodiac sign are 2, 11, 20, 38, 56 and 74.

A color that is considered to be lucky not only for people born on January 2, but also for all Capricorns, is brown. This color is the symbol of something conventional and safe, so it is typical for this zodiac sign. It is known that Capricorns don’t love any kind of changes and going out of their safety zone. However, there are also some other colors that could bring luck in the life of a Capricorn and these colors are usually dark green and some earth tones.

It is also interesting to mention that people born on January 2 have their lucky birthstone and it is usually Garnet. This stone has a specific energy that is typical for Capricorns. Garnet is a symbol of friendship and awareness, so it is good to have this stone in your bag or as a part of your accesories. If you cannot find this stone, you can opt for Sapphire or Topaz. Both of them are considered to be lucky for people born on January 2.

Some of the flowers that are typical for people born on January 2 are carnations, ivy and chrysanthemum. Of course, a carnation should always be the first option, because it is a symbol of passion and sensuality.

Among other lucky symbols for January 2 zodiac sign, we can mention metals like silver and lead which are considered to bring luck to people born on this day.

There are also many other interesting symbols that are typical for a Capricorn who is born on January 2. Now you will see some of the most important historical events that happened right on this day throughout the history.

Historical Events on January 2

1839 – A french photographer L. Daguerre made the first photo of the Moon

1905 – A satellite of Jupiter called Elara was discovered

1919 – Lithuania became independent

1921 – DeYoung Museum was opened in the Golden Gate Park

1942 – Manila, Philippines was oocupied by the troops of Japan

1960 – John Kennedy announced that he wanted to be a candidat for the U.S. President

1989 – Karyn White released a popular single “Superwoman“

2001 – Puerto Rico got the first female Governor Sila Calderón

2014 – The speech of Raul Castro in order to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Cuban revolution

Famous People Born On January 2

Now it is time to see which celebrities are born on January 2. You may discover that you have some common traits with these people, but it may also help you find the right career for you.

A young tv actor Alden Richards is born on January 2, 1993, as well as a popular tv actress Shelley Hennig, who is born in 1987. Movie actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is also born on January 2 (1968). Other Capricorns born on January 2 are a popular movie actor Taye Diggs (1971), soap opera actor Danny Miller (1991), YouTube star Bryan Silva (1991), soap opera actress Renata Notni (1995), a popular rapper Justin Brown (1995), movie actress Kate Bosworth (1983), YouTube star Slyvia Chan (1988) and many others. As you can see, many of these people are active in television and they have great careers in films. If you have also this talent, you can think of choosing this career for you.

In this article you had the opportunity to read all you need to know about January 2 zodiac sign. You have seen what are the main traits of people born on January 2 and also how their love life looks like. We have told you what is important for their career and we have also given you a couple of tips. We hope that this article has been interesting and also useful for you. If you are born on January 2, now you can understand better your own traits and think deeper of your life.