January 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrological signs that are an integral part of the Zodiac system, are signs that can help us explain the human destiny and character of people based on the position of celestial bodies such as Sun, Moon and other planets in astrological signs and houses and the exact location of planets and houses is calculated by the time and place of birth of some persons.

The Zodiac is an imaginary “belt” on the sky that has 360 degrees, and 17 degrees wide, through which the celestial bodies move from the Earth. It is divided into twelve characters, each of 30 degrees each. The signs have a symbolic meaning, and the names were given to the constellations of the same name.

So, every day in the month “falls” under a certain Astrological sign, but also has his “differentia specialis”. Every one of us has some same characteristics as other people, who are born on the same date, but we are all different, and that difference depends on many other factors.


People who celebrate their birthday on the January 17 are in the Zodiac system of signs – a Capricorns. They all share some similar characteristics but they are also specific in their terms – there are no identical people on this planet, even twins have their differences.

These are the people, who never waste their time, and they try to do the same with others; they could be called ambitious and persuasive.

What motivates them in pursuit of success and realising business ventures is that determination; but what makes them great organisers is their undisputed intellect, so they can be equally good in organising a party or participating in government.

These people whose birth date is January 17 they are serious, thoughtful, ambitious, but it is recommended for them to try to succeed in early years since they have more energy in their youth.

Everything they need to realise must come true, or they are unhappy. No obstacles are a problem for them; they put everything in front of you and stare at the goal. They do not trust their plans or feelings. They will quickly give up something they enjoy, but in return, they need to get more and better.

Undoubtedly these people are persistent, strong-willed, wise, spiritual, uncertain at some times, but also a materialist (they love money and know how to handle it. They usually get everything they want, only if they dedicate themselves to the certain goal; but are very good at controlling their feelings, even towards their children.

Love Compatibility

Like all Capricorns, people of the January 17 are those people who need a strong and safe love connection so that they can feel safe and complete. They will never give their hearts to a complete stranger; they are afraid that they would be the ones that get hurt first. These people need time to make sure that there is no danger of being rejected, so they will be the first to get to know their future partners.

Maybe the best way to describe them in love is that they are passionate people who are covered with cold, and calm behavior (this is not a realistic picture of them). When they finally surrender to their partners, they are fantastic supporters of the persons they love; they will do everything for them, nothing is too difficult for them.

In love they are real, and they are best matched with partners who want to create with them a small and loving paradise, where they will enjoy together with the passion and a smile.

In friendships, people who are born on January 17 like to have things under their control and demand that everyone in their environment to act appropriately.  They need friends who are solid like a wall, who are putting security and value what is truly important and useful.

Purpose and Career

Individuals who are born on the January 17 are ambitious and determined, so they need a job that provides the opportunity for real success, nothing smaller interest them, only top positions.

They are, in fact, people who like responsibility for almost everything, they are hard-workers, no doubt about it; and they are fantastic both as colleagues and bosses.

Before each new step, it will be good to calculate if they pay off to do something. They are fundamental and organised, they often manage everything they entrust to them. They want to be the best and be able to evaluate their possibilities. They do not go headlong through the wall; they wisely plan and go safely to their success.


As almost all Capricorns, a Zodiac sign that these people belong to, they also have excellent budget skills, can save money because they need to feel safe, and to be safe, they must have a significant amount of money in their pockets.

The job interests of these individuals can be police officers, soldiers, directors, financial managers, managers, artists, composers, painters, sculptors, and accountants.

Symbols, Lucky Numbers and Colors

As for all Capricorns, the ruling planet is Saturn, and it is the planet that brings coldness, darkness, constraints and renunciation, but also the changes that can be positive and affirmative. This is the reason why these people are calm and patient, and they can wait long enough to reach the goal they set their eyes on.

They are not ignorant of illusions; they are sober as cold as their ruler Saturn. But one thing needs to be mentioned, and that is the fact that their ruling planet Saturn never deprives them of spiritual uplifting, and insights.

Their color is black or white, and saying that could be applied here is that Capricorn is not dull, he is reliable. This is also true for the people who are born on the 17th day of January.

Historical Events on January 17

The recorded history of Humans is long, exciting, sad and happy at the same time; we could call certain days or years less fortunate, others more, but they all have an inevitable impact on Humans.

In the year 1377 – Pope Gregory XI renewed the papal seat in Rome and in that act he ended the “captivity” of the pope. The Pope’s position was relocated to Avignon (in France) for later years.

In the year 1562 – The Edict of Saint-Germaine (or in other words January Edict) came into force, which recognised the Huguenots (Protestants) in France. On the same day, the leaders of the Catholic Duke and the Cardinal of Lorraine formed the Union (later to be known as the Holy League), which blocked the implementation of the proclamation and caused religious wars. Those wars lasted 36 years in France alone.

In the year 1773 -the English sailor James Cook rescued the Antarctic Circle by boat “Resolution”.

In the year 1919 – Polish composer Ignati Jan Paderewski, a great pianist of his time, that in later years becomes Poland’s first prime minister that was established after the First World War

In the year 1945, Soviet troops and Polish patriotic forces liberated Warsaw from World War II, more than five years after the fall of Poland’s capital into the hands of German Nazis.

In the year 1959 – Senegal and French Sudan decided to form a federal state called the Republic of Mali. The decision came into force in April of that same year.

In the year 1961 – Patrick Lumumba, the former Prime Minister of Congo, the creator of the independence of that country, was killed, and he was remembered as a symbol of the struggle against colonialism and the “black Africa” ​​hero. He was removed from the position of prime minister on September 5, 1960, and was captured on December 1 by General Mobutu’s soldiers and taken to Katanga, where he was killed.

In the year 1966 – In a crash above Spain, an American bomber “B-52” and a Spanish fuel supply aircraft, killed eight people, and the attacker was forced to discard a non-exploding hydrogen bomb in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the year 1991, the US and Western allies carried out the second and third wave of mass bombing of targets in Iraq and Kuwait in the Gulf War; and in return, three Iraqi rockets “Scud” exploded in Tel Aviv.

In the year 1995 – In an earthquake that hit the broader area of ​​the Japanese city of Kobe, more than 6,400 people were killed, and material damage was estimated at $ 85.5 billion.

In the year 1997 – In Dublin, the court declared the first divorce marriage in the history of Ireland, based on the law approved in a referendum, which was vehemently opposed by the Roman Catholic Church.

In the year 2002 – In the volcanic eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the city of Goma and the surrounding villages were destroyed, the total death toll was more than 100 people, and tens of thousands lost their homes.

In the year 2002 – Spanish writer Kamilio Hose Sela, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, died in 1989. He is the author of the novel “The Family of Pascal Duarte”.

In the year 2005 – former Chinese Communist Party leader Jao Ziyang died, who in 1989 opposed the use of military force against students who demonstrated in the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, seeking democratisation of the country.

Famous People Born on January 17

These are some famous people that were born on the day 17 January. And if this is your date of birth, you will be happy to know who are the people who share your date of birth. Maybe you share some similarities with these people, who know, or they could use you as inspiration for your future progress.

  1. –  Pio V, Roman Pope
  2. –  Spanish playwright Pedro Calderón de la Barca
  3. – Benjamin Franklin, American scientist and politician
  4. – Stanislav II Ponjatovsky, the last Polish king
  5. – Vittorio Alfieri, an Italian poet and playwright
  6. – Anne Brontë, a British writer
  7. – Douglas Hyde, an Irish poet.
  8. – David Lloyd George, an English statesman.
  9. – Konstantin Stanislavsky, Russian theatre actor, and director.

1871.- David Biti, British admiral.

  1. – Brothers Chang and Eng, the most famous Siamese twins.

1880- Mack Sennett, an American film director, an actor and producer of Canadian origin.

  1. – Alfons Gabriel Al Capone, an American gangster.
  2. –  Eartha Kitt, an American singer.
  3. -Jean Barraqué, a French composer.
  4. – Dalida, born as Jolanda Cristina Giuloti (Italian Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti), is one of the most important French singers.
  5. – Muhammad Ali (born Muhammad Ali), taken as Cassius Marcelus Clay, Jr., American boxer.
  6. -Françoise Hardy, a French singer and actress.
  7. – Andy Kaufman, the American comedian.
  8. – Paul Young, an English musician.
  9. – Susanna Hoffs, an American musician.

1960 – John Crawford, an American musician.

  1. – James Eugene Carrey, a Canadian-American comedian and actor.
  2. – Kai Hansen, a German guitarist and singer.
  3. – Tiësto, a Dutch musician, DJ and producer.
  4. – Kid Rock, an American rock musician.

In these last few lines; we will sum up, all that we know about people who are born on the 17th day of January.

They could be described as quiet and stable people; they can sometimes enjoy their solitude, and other times they can be very communicative. This last usually occurs when these people want something.

These individuals also often put their jobs in the first place; and are people who like to know everything in advance and carefully plan every action. Rarely do they fall into the adventure, and a proposal to join the trip without a goal is considered the worst offence – they could not be called spontaneous people who want to have a lot of fun. But this also does not exclude their brighter side of the personality; they could be an enjoyable company.

They are reliable and faithful humans who will never reveal to anyone the secrets entrusted to them; they are always in business, only to earn enough money in time, which, according to his belief, will save him from misery and insanity under old days. They are honest in business and will not be deceived by anyone, and they will not fool anyone else, for that matter.

Additionally, these people can be described as cautious; they have analytical nature, and always strive for achievement; and this achievement is not reserved just for the area of material values, but also for spiritual ones.