January 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People are curious and want to know as many things as possible about our nature and characteristics, and why not, what will happen in the near or distant future. Astrology can be a useful ally in that process. But more specifically, these articles can help you in being more specific in this process, by relying on your birth date, and all that it brings to your life.

People who are born on the January 16 are the people who are Capricorn in the Zodiac system of signs, and they all share specific characteristics.

These people are in the first place very professional and love traditional values; it is considered that these are the people who like to deal with life in the most convenient way.

Some describe these people as the most serious people of all; those who are born on the January 16 naturally want independence that enables them to make significant progress both on the personal agenda and on the business plan.

Capricorn is an earthy sign, and it gives person need to have certainty in his life, and it is something that is also true for these people who are born on the 16th day of January.

They love traditions, families and all other things that will make life disciplined and in some way in order. These people are masters of self-control and can be excellent leaders or managers.

Characteristics and Personality

People of the January 16 can also be incredibly stubborn, and when they have specific intentions, they can do it no matter how hard it can be.  They try to reach success with their experience, but their seriousness and independence make them somewhat anti-social.

These people usually get very close to their associates, are very connected to their families, and friends; they are indeed people that you can rely on – whenever you need help they will be the first to jump for support.

On a more negative note, people who are born on January 16 find difficult to accept others’ differences; in such situations, they need to control people or impose their traditional values on them. It is in their nature to think that they are the only ones who know how to solve problems, but they have to learn how to forgive others, to allow them to be what they are and stop judging them.

Love Compatibility

As all Capricorns, people of the January 16 are serious lovers who like to do things lightly and thoroughly; they work through love connection in a way they go one step at a time.

They are all work, and not words; this is so characteristic of this sign/day. They take actions that will express their feelings, and people of the January 16 are always honest and have pure hearts.

Regarding friends and family, they combine strong emotions and humor, so they are incredible companions. Sincere and loyal, people often choose them for friends.

The best time for these people is to take a holiday so that they can be with friends and family in one place with a handful of activities. This is love for them, but their environment has to be consistent and honest. The emotional outbursts are not a common phenomenon in the people of the January 16th, but then they can always surprise.

You need to be an efficient person following the voice of reason; it is essential that in your life you seek solid support or material support for all of what you are dealing with. Show that too many excellent prices and love fantasies for you have a sweet taste because they are followed by a question: what is hiding at the end of the ballad? Capricorn from its partner expects complete commitment and respect of all traditional values, perfect fulfillment of a conventional role in the context of family or love life.

Do you know how many Capricorns are ambitious and persistent in their need for advancement in any respect, and especially on the business and social ranks? In this respect, they have very high standards, serious criteria and strictly defined goals.

So, activity and social affirmation are a prerequisite for harmony in family and love life. And above all, Capricorn insists on decent behavior and good education, and he expects you to develop highly developed self-criticism and a high level of responsibility. In a loving embrace and with the most beautiful smile, you two will surely walk on firm ground!


Purpose and Career

“Ambition” is the key word that we could use to describe their character, and it is true when it comes to their jobs, and life occupation.

Also the term “I use” is the keyword for success in their lives, they have the right talent to find the right tools both for the job and for the personal achievement.

They always set high standards for themselves, and since they have honesty, perseverance and dedication there is a significant chance that they will reach their goals. Loyalty and readiness to work hard are the characteristics that the people who are born on the January 16 appreciate very much.

Jobs in management finance, education and real estate are an excellent choice for these people but don’t be surprised if you see them in the beauty related profession.

On top of all these, almost all people who are born on the January 16 can manage their time and money very well.

Symbols, Lucky Numbers and Colors

Like everything in this world, people are also under the hidden symbolic, and we will discover here what that symbol is behind the birth date January 16.

Saturn is the dominant planet of the Capricorns, and also for these people, it is the planet that is connected to the restrictions, and it is the planet that helps to concretise and implement all abstract ideas.

What is the word that defines the – power, their weakness is that they are unforgiving, unpredictable, expecting the worst.

What they love is family, tradition, quality of work, beauty and music.

Their number is 10, and the day Saturday, and they correspond to all saturated colors, and they are recognised in tourmaline and onyx (stones), coal, resin and magnet.

Historical Events on January 16

As we all sometimes do, here we will take a look at the certain past events that took place on the January 16th through history.

In the year 1547 – Ivan IV Vasiljevich was crowned in Moscow as the first Russian emperor. He is known for the very significant reforms in Russia, but also the cruelty against the fighters he used in his efforts to centralise power and kill his son, which is why he was named Grozny.

In the year 1778 – France recognised the independence of the United States during the American War of Independence from the British Colonial Administration (1775-83). In February of that year, an agreement on the alliance was signed in Paris, and thousands of volunteers began to help the Americans.

In the year 1794 – English historian Edward Gibbon died, he was the famous author of “The Demise and Fall of the Roman Empire”, and he was considered to be the one of the most important in world historiography.

In the year 1864 – Austria and Prussia sent an ultimatum to Denmark demanding that it withdraw the constitution under which the Provinces of Schleswig and Holstein became an integral part of Denmark. In the war that followed the Danes were defeated.

In the year 1920 – in the USA the Prohibition started. It was the legal ban on the production and sale of alcohol.

In the year 1945 – The victory of allied forces under the command of General Bernard Montgomery (Montgomery) and Omar Bradley (Bradley) ended the German offensive in Ardennes, Belgium. In that operation, the Germans lost 220,000 soldiers, many of them were captured; and the allied forces of 77,000.

In the year 1957 – Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini died. He was one of the most important conductors in the 20th century. He conducted the Milan Scale and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

In the year 1969 – In Prague, Czech student Jan Palach (Palach) committed suicide by burning in protest of the occupation of Czechoslovakia, which, according to the order of the Soviet Union, was carried out by members of the Warsaw Treaty in August 1968.

In that same year Soviet cosmonauts in spaceships “Soyuz 4”, for the first time in history, merged two planes with the human crew into orbit around the Earth.

In the year 1979 – Iran’s chess Reza Pahlavi left the country under the pressure of the followers of Ayatollah Homini (Khomeini), who then took power.

In the year 1987 – The head of the Communist Party of China, Hu Yaobang (Yaobang), resigned, accepting the guilt for political mistakes caused by student unrest.

In the year 1991 – The US and Western allies launched a “Desert Storm” operation in the Gulf War with massive air strikes following military and industrial targets in Iraq and Kuwait, 19 hours after the end of the UN Baghdad ultimatum.

In the year 2000 – Ricardo Lagos was elected President of Chile. He was the first president of the Socialists after Salvador Allende, who was killed in 1973.

In the year 2001- President Loran Desira Kabil was killed in a coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), and his son Joseph was taken over as president.

In the year 2002 – The UN Security Council unanimously adopted sanctions against the Al Qaeda terrorist network and the remains of the Taliban in and outside Afghanistan.

In the year 2003 – A shuttle “Columbia” was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Just before landing in Florida (February 1st) after a 16-day mission, the shuttle broke into flames over Texas, killing everybody on the shuttle.

In the year 2004 – The Supreme Court of Spain has supported the ban of the radical Basque separatist party Batasuna, long believed to represent the political wing of the armed Basque terrorist groups ETA.

In the year 2014 – More than 1,000 people were killed in the two-week fighting, the worst since the beginning of the conflict between rival rebel groups in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced.

In the year 2016 – Tai Ing Ven (59) was elected as the first woman president of Taiwan as the leader of the Progressive Democratic Party (DPP), who openly advocates the independence of Taiwan from China. At that same year, on the January 16th, Iran sanctions have been abolished based on the agreement of them and six world powers (USA, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany) from July 14, 2015, limiting the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for the abolition of international sanctions.

And in the year 2017, on the 16th day of January, 37 people, mainly residents of villages near Bishkek died, when plane collapsed in the attempt of landing on dense fog.

These are only a couple of historical events that happened on January 16, and of course, there are even more, but they all show some view on the date January 16.

Famous People Born on January 16

1298 – Lajjin, Sultan of the Egyptian Mameluk

1728 – Niccolò Piccinni, an Italian composer

1841 – Vasily Osipovich Kljukovsky, a Russian historian and writer

1853 – André Michelin, a French tire manufacturer

1901 – Fulgencio Batista, a Cuban politician and dictator

1931 – Johannes Rau, German politician and president

1932 – Dian Fossey, a doctor and American zoologist

1933 – Susan Sontag, an American writer and journalist

1974 – Kate Moss, British model

1979 – Aaliyah, American R’n’B-singer

1987 – Piotr Żyła, Polish skier-jumper

In conclusion, we will say a few words about the people who are born on the January 16. The Love is a mental need for them; they are energetic and passionate, although his spiritual power is difficult to fade.

They are people who have faith and believe in traditional values in life; they are fantastic friends but have a problem with taking criticism.

They are looking for partners with higher values on passionate physical activities than on inner beauty and quality.

They are always cautious, and still get what they want, especially regarding financial level, but they are aware of his limits.

In a way, these people love boundaries, but they are not deprived of deep feelings.

People who are born on the January 16 are fundamentally honest people, who can find to be difficult to calm down and feel ready for bigger things in life; but they never stop being ambitious.